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How to join Indian army after 12th has been a common question among the young and aspirants who wish to serve the nation and build a career in army after 12th

how to join army after 12th

​A smart looking and handsome Indian army officer as seen above is always an inspirational & motivational factor for all of us to join in the defence force especially during the time of young age. 

But Is it possible?

Yes….if you are:

(a) Highly motivated to work for society and country.​

(b) Looking for a quality and respectful profession.​

(c) Willing to take calculated risk in life & adventure with new ideas through technological avenues.​

(d) Physically fit and interested in sports, extracurricular activities.​

(e) Ready to leave home town, family, and friends for serving the Nation, whenever the organization asks.​

(f) Socially adaptive and free from permanent disease or physical inabilities.​

(g) Should be Male candidate.​

(h) Ready to sacrifices his own life for the noble cause, if called for.​

(j) Love, commitment and dedication to the “Olive Green Uniform”.

So, if you are ready & happy to join the Indian Army after reading the above mentioned required qualities, then I can guide the way and answer your question of “how to become army officer after 12th

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Exam date – Notification deferred, new dates later

How to Join Indian Army After 12th As An Officer

1. Through National Defence Academy (NDA):

indian army career after 12th

Qualification: Minimum 12th Std passed in any stream (No Bar for Arts & Commerce students) recognized by the state/central education board.

Method of selection: UPSC exam, SSB (Service Selection Board), Medical test (soon after the SSB)

Age: Between 16 and a half to 19 and a half years

Time of Apply: While studying in 12th Std (Must complete 11th Std) and after 12th std.

Nationality: Indian, Nepal & Bhutan.

Martial status: Unmarried (Compulsory)

Height: 152 & Above (5cm exemption for hilly people due to genetic reason eg; People from Nepali origin, Kumaon etc).

Weight: 42.5 kg and above depending upon the height of the individual

Medical fitness: Fit to undergo rigid and vigorous training activities in an extreme climate.

Not to be:

  • Permanent physical disabilities, physical disorders, deformity, infective & chronic skin disorders.
  • History of psychiatric disorders.
  • Obesity, abdomen medical issues and unfitness due to surgery.
  • Defects in Ear, Nose & Throat.
  • Problems in Visual standards (night blindness).

Note: You are advised to verify your physical standard & medical fitness before appearing Service Selection Board. It may be helpful to avoid medical issues. However, surgery and other medical treatment, temporary medical problems etc.. may not be an issue

If you are good at Physical, then read further

How to Apply For National Defense Academy (NDA)

1. Written examination conducted by UPSC twice in a year​

2. 5 hours test ( Mathematics – Two and half an hour & General Ability Test (GAT) – Two and half hours)​

3. Mathematics: Algebra, Trigonometry, differential calculus, vector algebra.

(a) 120 objective questions

(b) Base: From 8th STD to 11th STD studies​

4. General Ability Test(GAT): English, General science, geography, History, Chemistry & current affairs

(a) 150 Objective Questions.

(b) Base: Your studies including basic English & General Knowledge

5. The medium of examination: English /Hindi

Note: The Art stream students should preparation early( 11th Std itself) for preparation of written examination including Mock Test

Important Months To Remember For Hassle Free Preparation

1. Since there are two courses are being planned in NDA i.e January and July entry, note under -mentioned the points for your timely preparations:​

(a) UPSC Notification: Jan & Jun every year ( Please check through Employment News or other print media for correct dates). The written examination may be changed due to the administrative requirements of UPSC.​

(b) Written examination: April & September (Will be intimated by UPSC)​

(c) Declaration of the result of written examination: June & December (be informed by UPSC)​

(d) SSB interview & Medical test: August & February (Call up letter will issue by SSB centre)​

(e) Final result: November & May (will be intimated by Army Headquarters)​

(f) The course starts: July & January (By Army Headquarters / NDA)


Note: Dates of the Month or even Month may be shifted due to specific reasons (Eg: COVID-19). Hence, you can verify from your sources

Service Selection Board (SSB)

career in army after 12th

1. Four SSB centre – Kapurthala, Bhopal, Allahabad & Bangalore​

2. 5 days long procedures​

3. Stage I (Screening Test):

(a) Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) tests​

(b) Picture Perception & Description Test (PP&DT)​

4. Shortlisted on the basis of combined tests as above​

Note:- Most tough…..prepare thoroughly & Confidentially

5. Stage II​

(a) Psychology test : (Conducted under a Psychologist) Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), Word Association Test (WAT)​

(b) Situation Reaction Test (SRT), Self Description Test (SD)​

(c) Group Testing Officer Tasking (GTO Tasks): Group discussion, Group Planning Exercise, Progressive Group Tasks (PGT), Half Group Tasks, Individual Obstacles, Group Obstacles Race or Snake Race, Command Task, Lecturette & Final Group Task​

(d) Interview: Personal interview (Formal in nature but most relaxed personal conversation with a Senior Most Army Officer (Interviewing officer)(YOUR PERSONAL DATA FORM IS THE MOST IMPORTANT).​

(e) Conference (5TH DAY): A formal Interaction with Selection Board Members (Be cool & confident)​


(a) A bonafide certificate from school should be kept with you for the SSB who are still in 12th Std.

(b) Be smart, well dressed, confident & happy while at SSB.​

6. Finally, the Announcement of the Recommended list by SSB.

Happy……….smiling face…or trigger for weeping….


7. The Young Man who lost …slowly will be vanished for his home town with determination to come back ??? it is not an end of the journey. Note down whatever happened during the last five days and assess it. Probably, you will get an answer. It is really difficult. But work hard….Possible…See you next time bye.

8. A smiling face will remain there for the next step ie, Medical Test.

9. See as above (high standard of physical and mental health).

10. Undergo thorough & detailed Medical Tests under various specialists for the next few days.

11. Finally, you will be called by the Head of Medical Board Officer & Sign it with thumps up as you are Medically Fit to undergo Training at NDA/ OTA (GAYA).​

Training At NDA Khadakwasla

how to join army after 12th

1. Three years of full time residential undergraduate academic studies under Jawaharlal Nehru University. You will become a graduate in BA/BSc/BSC Computer

2. In addition, you will study and get:​

(a) Military studies, outdoor skills, Sports & Games, learning and self-improvement through a number of activities (including hobby & club), Foreign language studies…etc.​

(b) Free ration, accommodation and training infrastructures…etc (Some charges may be levied due to certain cases).​​

Training at Indian Military Academy(IMA), Dehradun

how to become army officer after 12th

1. One year Military training at IMA (Lot of studies on combat and tactics, sports, academic….etc)​

2. Converted into a disciplined and responsible Commissioned Officer as Lieutenant. ( Passing Out Parade scheduled on 2nd Saturday of Jun/Dec every year)​

Some Comforts For You While in NDA & IMA (Applicable to TES Entry too)

1. All basic comforts including bathroom attached room even small items like electric kettles and room boy (depending on requirement) are available for the cadets during the training period.​

2. Allotment of arms, including Para SF, & services are depending upon the overall performance of cadets during training at NDA & IMA.​

3. Adventure activities and academic studies including research studies through various professional courses are part of the training in NDA as well as IMA.​

4. Correct planned & focused studies are important to achieve the choice of arms including PARA SF.​

5. Remember – Correct dress, correct time and correct place.​

6. A stipend of the cadets starts from IMA and not from NDA

10 + 2 Tech Entry (Technical Entry Scheme)

how can i join indian army after 12th

1. Application to be submitted online on completion of 12th Std​

2. A minimum aggregate of 70 % mandatory in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics​

3. Male candidates only​

4. SSB is held for shortlisted based on the cut off merit list​

5. Advertisements in print media in May/Dec every year​

6. SSB procedure and Medical Test as the same as NDA (already explained above)​

7. The course starts in Jan & Jul at OTA Gaya for the first-year term​

8. Next Four years degree course (Engineering) either Secunderabad, Pune or Mhow​

9. Commissioned and become Lieutenant on successful completion of the fourth year (One Year in OTA Gaya & Three Year in Engineering Academy)​

10. However, he will continue at Academy to finish the fourth year of Engineering​

11. Free food, stay & training including Engineering Degree from recognized technical university (Few expenditures may be borne by the individual)​

12. The total years of the training period are Five years

Very Important Points For Technical Entry Scheme (TES) (10+2 PCM)

(PHY/CHEM/MATHS)- Read Again Before Applying Under This Scheme

1. Minimum aggregate of 70 (seventy) Percentage marks but cut off percentage will be decided based on the total application received in a particular batch. Highest marks preferably more than 85 per cent (I guess) and above​

2. Mark sheet of 12th is the basic requirement of applying for this Entry​

3. Direct SSB & No written examination like NDA by UPSC​

4. Trg schedule – First One year at OTA, Gaya, next continued three years in the Training Centre, Pune/Mhow/Secunderabad and few weeks at OTA, Gaya for Passing Out & the Fourth year in Training Academy​

5. TES entry cadets become Graduate in Engineering and will serve in Armed Force as Engineering qualified Officer​​

What You Get Finally If You Become An Officer

indian army after 12th

1. Job Satisfaction & Job Security​

2. Social status and social respect​

3. Quality of life and professional advancement​

4. Variety & adventure

5. Ultimate & highly respectful and decent life for you, your family​

6. The organization will look after your family while you are away on duty because Army life is a career & way of life​

If you note any changes of above information’s pertaining to these subjects, you are most welcome to give your opinion. If your friends are looking for this information, Share it.​


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