How To Join Indian Army After Engineering (For Male & Females)


Know all about How to Join Indian Army After Engineering For Females and Males, including their Benefits in Army

Know Different Entry Schemes Available for Engineer Graduates

A Step by Step Procedure of Your SSB Tests to Become an Officer

Indian Army has been a dream career for many and if you are looking to Join Indian army after engineering, you are in the right place.

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By now you have either started with 12–16 hours of internship and working in a Big Business house or started as a startup project Engineer.

You may be looking for higher studies or MS from foreign universities, probably one of your friends got a call for an SSB interview.

So now you are confused to take a decision or have developed a keen interest to know about, what army life offers to you with an engineering degree.

In this article, we will touch upon a number of ways you can join Indian army after btech degree and its various procedures. Also for those looking for a direct entry in Indian army for engineers.

I would like to give you a small endeavor to provide some highlights about how you can join the Army after engineering, by requesting your attention for the undermentioned army officer photographs.

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Colonel Ashutosh Sharma, Commanding Officer of Rashtriya Rifles.

He was responsible for counter-insurgency operations in J&K and was killed during the operations at the age of under forty and left a wife and young daughter.

Mrs. Pallavi Sharma, the wife of the officer has expressed her wish to join the Indian Army.

I request to think whether as an engineer, who can earn a hefty monthly salary from the corporate world or big companies as CEO.

Is it worth joining the Army for the respect or what Capt Vikram Batra, PVC said “YE DIL MAANGE MORE.”

Think it over before reading further.

army after btech
Left: Captain Vikram Batra, Right: Siddharth Malhotra

Benefits of Joining Indian Army

There are a number of benefits if you will be Joining the Army after BTech:

  • You will be part of a most technologically vibrant organization where all type of engineers has its own role to play.
  • You will get work experience other than engineering caliber while dealing with the man behind the machine.
  • You will have very close, mature, and consistent interactions with other types of engineers who are looking at a different kind of engineering stream.
  • You will get an opportunity to pursue higher studies such as M-Tech from IIT or other deputed colleges during the service including short service officer too.
  • The Army will offer you decent financial support, including TECHNICAL PAY in addition to your pay & allowance.
  • The Army will also offer you huge responsibilities during Counter insurgency operations as same as an Infantry officer gets.
  • Your engineering qualification is always an advantage while working with a non-technical officer in the Army. You also get one-year of seniority and become Captain after one year of commissioning.
  • The engineer officer can apply for a combat role & Para SF and can do well due to their inherent knowledge of engineering and chance to become Army Chief.
  • All those interested officers can do well in sports, adventures, research works, teaching, professional etc.
  • The engineer officers will have deputation posting in Broader Road Organization, MES, other civil-defense organization such as BEML, HAL, Quality Controller Office etc.
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Entry Schemes To Join Indian Army After Engineering For Male And Females


There is No written test under UPSC. The Engineer Graduate will be selected through the service selection board under the given schemes

1. Technical Graduate Course (Permanent Commission) – Men Only

One of the best ways to join technical entry in Indian army after engineering is through the Technical Graduate Course.

This entry gives an opportunity to young engineering male students to join the Indian Army as an officer.

After being selected for TGC Course and completing engineering, you will be trained in Indian Military Academy for a period of One Year.

NotificationTwice in a year (Mar/Apr & Sep/Oct)
Age20–27 years
Martial StatusUNMARRIED (Not allowed during the training period too)
SSBDirect Interview and no written test (Mar/Apr & Sep/Apr)
QualificationEngineering from a recognized university
Commencement of trainingJan & Jul
DurationOne year
  • You will be commissioning with One-Year Seniority. That means you will become “Captain” on completion of the second year of service.
  • Final year Engineer students can also apply if already cleared all papers till 3rd year

2. University Entry Scheme (Permanent Commission) – Men Only

UES Entry scheme is a special entry for engineering graduates who are in their Pre-final year of Engineering.

If selected, the Indian Army will even pay for your final year college expenditure with certain conditions

Notification Jun/Jul
Age 18–24 years
Martial StatusUNMARRIED (Not allowed during the training period too)
SSBDirect Interview and no written test
QualificationPre-final year Engineering students as part of UES entry
Commencement of training From JULY at IMA, Dehradun
DurationOne year

3. Short Service Commission Technical Entry (SSC)- For Men And Women

The SSC tech entry gives an opportunity to both men and women to serve in the Indian Army after completing their graduation.

Notification Jun/Jul & Dec/Jan
Age 20–27 Years
Martial StatusUNMARRIED (Not allowed during the training period too)
SSBDirect Interview and no written test ( Jun/Jul & Dec/Jan )
QualificationGraduate from a Technical University
Commencement of trainingFrom April at OTA, Chennai
Duration49 weeks


Entitled to one-year seniority. Hence he/she becomes Captain after one year of commissioning.

Terms and conditions: 10 years extendable up to 14 years. NO PENSION BENEFITS. However, the probability of getting an M-Tech through IIT or deputed college.

4. Combined Defence Services Examination– For Men And Women

Combined Defence Services Examination(CDSE) is a written test that can be taken by any engineering and non-engineering graduate

So unlike the previous entries, this isn’t exclusive to engineering candidates and would require you to compete with other graduate candidates too.

Notification May/June & Dec/Jan
AgeIMA: 19 – 24 Years
INA: 19 – 22 Years
IAF: 19 – 23 Years
OTA: 19 – 25 Years
Martial StatusUNMARRIED (Not allowed during the training period too)
SSBInterview After Written-test
QualificationCandidates must be Graduate or at least appearing in the final year/semester
Commencement of trainingIMA & INA: 01 January
IAF: 13 November
OTA: 01 April
DurationFor Army, Navy, Airforce: 18 months
For OTA: 49 weeks

How To Prepare And Crack Your SSB Exams?

A Lot Of Entries After Engineering does not require a written exam, and you can go for direct SSB.

While this skips a step that non-engineering graduates have to go through, it is even more crucial and tough to crack the Service Selection Board exam.

We recommend you prepare for your SSB from Day 1.

If you are looking to prepare from the comfort of your home, with actual SSB assessors (who have been part of the SSB board during their service in the armed forces), you can check the below details.

Dream to Join the Indian Armed Forces?

Indian Combat brings curated Guidance under retired SSB Officers and Subject Expert Instructors from the comfort of your Home!


SSB Procedure to Join Indian Army After Engineering

  • Direct Interview – Shortlisted candidates will be called for SSB interview at various SSB centers situated across India
  • SSB Test conducted by a Psychologist, Ground Test Officer, and Interviewing Officer

You will be required to fill in a Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ) form soon after reporting or after the screening test.

It is the most important written document which would be assessed by your interviewing officer.

how to join indian army after engineering

Service Selection Board (SSB) Interview

Stage I

Screening test will be conducted on the day of your reporting and is the most important test.

Passing this test will decide whether you will be proceeding to the next stages or not.

It consists of Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) and Picture Perception & Description Test (PP & DT)

Best Books To Refer:

The “SSB OIR & PPDT: Complete Guide To Stage 1” is a recommended book to help you prepare well for the Screening Test. Read our Short Review Here

Stage II (4 Days)

Psychological Test
  • Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
  • Word Association Test(WAT)
  • Situation Reaction Test (SRT) & Self Description Test (SDT)


The Psychological Test requires a good amount of preparation to crack various SSB test

best book for ssb interview

Breaking the Code will help you prepare for all your Psychological tests with preparation for the Following personality tests conducted during your SSB: TAT, WAT, SRT, SD. Read a Short Review Here

For More, Check the Best SSB Book You Need to Crack SSB in First Attempt

  • Group Discussion (GD)
  • Group Planning Exercise(GPE)
  • Progressive Group Task (PGT)
  • Half Group Test (HGT)
  • Individual Obstacle Test (OT)
  • Command Task (CT)
  • Group Obstacle Race(GOR)
  • Lecturette
  • Final Group Task (FGT)
Personal Interview

This will be based on your submitted Personal details at the time of reporting at SSB

Note: Be truthful and frank while facing your interview with the Interviewing Officer. And most importantly enjoy your experience.

Interaction Time: 15 – 45 minutes

A lot of candidates fail during their SSB Test due to small negligence shown for their SSB procedures.

It’s important to practice and prepare for the various SSB test and most importantly have complete knowledge of the SSB procedures.


Fitness is an essential part of clearing SSB. Build Fitness at Home by picking the Best Treadmills Under 30000

Final Conference

Selected candidate to be retained for Medical Test

(Need Not Worry, if you are regular in games, sports, and extracurricular at your school)

Enjoy coming days with various tests held at Defence Force Hospital under specialized doctors.

A board of officers will declare your Medical Fitness (sometimes they may tell you to carry out some medical treatment, if required, and report to the service hospital for finalization)

ssb medical test


Personal care and physical fitness activities, including sports, are critical as your preparation for the SSB interview.

The medical test will be conducted soon after the declaration of the selected candidate.

Please remember that you should be physically fit and medically completely free from temporary and permanent diseases or disabilities.

You are advised to carry out a medical check-up and confirm your medical fitness before attending an SSB interview. It will save your time and effort.

On a personal note, you should also develop your personality from day 1. This would give you an extra boost of confidence to impress your interviewing officers.

You can read various recommended personality development books to build yourself into an Officer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q) Which should I choose among Army, Navy, and Airforce Technical Entry?

A) All three forces have a different role to play during peace and war. The professionalism and bravery are the same.

The method of working culture may be different. However, all three arms are vibrant, devotion, dictation, and sense of duty.

An Engineer in all three forces is an unlimited limit of avenues to perform. The sky is the limit.

Q) What are chances of getting permanent commission after completing ten years of service?

A) There will be proper Interviews and assessments of performance based on tasks performed and the performance of various courses.

The selection of permanent commission is on the basis of vacancies that exists at a particular point of time. It depends upon the time completed in his/her service and overall performance since he/she joins the armed forces.

Q) How can I (Technical Graduate) age 27 years join in the Army?

A) No, You are now not eligible to apply for technical entry scheme as an officer in the Army.

Q) Do I have to study a lot in the Indian Corps of Engineers?

A) Defence force is not a static functional organization. As you know, the world is changing every day and at the same time army too to face challenges.

You have to study and convert into practice a lot of engineering. Corps of Engineers is not an exception.

Q) Are Any Internship Offered for Engineering students?

A) Army is not offering any internship program for Engineering graduates at present. However, the new proposed entry “Tour of Duty” will give you a chance to join the Army as INTERNS.

Q) How can a girl join Indian army after engineering?

A) Female candidates can join the Indian army after engineering as an officer through the Short Service Commission(Technical) Scheme. This is a direct SSB entry (no written exam) and candidates selected for this course will undertake training in OTA, Chennai before being commissioned as an officer in the Indian Army.

Q) Which engineering is best for girls to join Indian Army?

A) Girl candidates who have a Btech/B.E degree in the field of Architecture, Computer Engineering, IT, Civil, Electrical, Marine and Mechanical can be some of the best engineering fields to pursue education, before joining the Indian Army

piq form


Now I hope you are well informed to understand the most the fundamental doubts regarding the Various Technical Entry scheme in order to Join Indian Army after engineering.

Since Defence service is voluntary, please take a call as per your desire.

If you or your friends stumbled upon this article or are looking for one, do share it for the benefit of your friends and peer groups.

In case you like to know more or put down your own views, feel free to share them in the comments down below to help other defence aspirants.


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    • Not all soldiers come from an armed force background, but all individuals who join are molded and trained to become their best selves. You won’t know unless you try.

    • Yes, Final year students can apply.
      The computer science students have the option to serve in the Armed Forces as an officer with multiple roles. He/She will be the leader of his/her troops & technical mentor of his/her subordinate & junior. He/She will get a wide range of opportunities to enhance his knowledge in the communication field based on his/her studies.

    • The technical entry seats vary depending on the requirement by the Indian armed forces. You can check the vacancies for different or specific entries, whenever an official notification is published.


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