Important Tips to Prepare For SSB physical test At Home

The self-preparation of SSB is an essential aspect of the defense aspirants, even if he is preparing a written examination for NDA/CDA. An organized, well planned, and timely preparation of the SSB Physical Test, along with your studies, will facilitate a stress-free environment, a certain level of motivation as well as confidence.

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Self Preparation for SSB Physical Test

The self-preparation of SSB consists of

  • Physical fitness 
  • Mental stamina
  • Medical fitness

Besides, the defense aspirants should be inculcated three commandants such as truthfulness, Be natural and assess strength & weakness.

Understanding Officer Like Qualities(OLQ) is the most fundamental level of self-preparation, which enhances overall performance during SSB.

We will discuss each aspect one by one in detail in subsequent chapters of how to prepare for SSB in a very simplistic manner.

So that, no matter what level of educational, family, social & financial background you are from, you will be able to understand & follow along for fulfilling your desire and dream to become an officer of the defense service.

In this second chapter, we will discuss why physical fitness is vital for defense aspirants. ​

If you haven’t gone through the basics, i highly recommend you to check out the Chapter 1 of How to prepare for SSB

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Why Physical, Mental and Medical Fitness Important?

The primary role of the Indian defense service protects the Nation from external aggression.

And also carry out emergency administrative support to the welfare of the people of the Nation.

All military of this world is similar in aim, character, philosophy & way of thinking, although the implementation part is different.

To carry out the above tasks, the defense force personnel will face a challenging climate & terrain—most of the forward location is lack of connected roads and other communications networks.

The severe climate areas & terrain are the significant challenges to the defense service personnel, especially during winter in mountain and summer in plain & desert areas.

The Physical fitness of the serving soldier is the most critical parameter to sustain a more prolonged period/ difficult areas such as High altitude areas against our hostile neighbors. 

SSB Physical Test Details

The entire subject of SSB Physical fitness will be divided into following sub paras as per details given below:-

  1. Meaning & understanding of physical fitness.
  2. How to develop physical fitness through simple and practical steps
  3. ideas to develop Physical fitness.
  4. Physical fitness & defense force aspirants

ssb physical

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1. Understanding Concept of Physical Fitness for Defence Force Aspirants

  • Physical fitness is a state of the overall health of the human body and flexibility to carry out the required amount of physical activities.
  • It is also the state of willingness and feels good to perform daily tasks of the human being.
  • It is a state of capacity to carry out specified activities, including sports and extracurricular activities, without medical problems.​
  • To be capable of sustaining different climatical conditions where fewer facilities available for a human being sometimes in a limited period or extended period beyond once control.
  • Physical fitness in defense force denotes the capability of carrying his personal luggage, including weapons and capable of carrying wounded buddy in a long distance in case of emergency.​
  • It is mindful of carrying out long-distance patrolling in a problematic terrain, including high altitude areas.​
  • Defense Force personnel will be capable enough to keep his body for any flexible condition to sustain physical strain while performing the duties.​
  • Regular physical fitness activities, including physical training, sports & games, endurance training such as long marches, marathon, etc. are prevalent in the defense force.​
  • Defense force training academies such as NDA/IMA/OTA etc. are emphasizing more on physical fitness curriculum along with combat training for developing more stamina to face challenges in the future.
  •  Ground Tasking Officer will carefully assess the physical fitness of the candidates through various individual and group tests during SSB.  
  • Inadequate and insufficient physical aptitude individuals will be rejected during SSB even if he performs very well in psychological and interview tests.
  • Medical tests and confirmation of medical fitness are prerequisites for getting an entry into training academies to become an officer of the Indian Defense Service.

2. Tips on How to Prepare For SSB at Home

  • Most of you are from urban and semi-urban backgrounds. Hence, you are generally familiar with sports and games activities in school & college. You can pick up at least one game as per choice where ever you may be and participate in daily sports and games in the morning or evening at least four or five days a week.​
  • You can start work out in the gym or swimming pool at least twice a week to increase your stamina.​
  • Endurance and strength are two sides of the coin. Hence it would help if you start running very frequently to increase your physical strength & endurance.​
  • It would be best if you spent at least 45 – 60 minutes daily to improve your physical resistance by burn calories with some bodyweight exercise. ​

Simple Physical Fitness Exercises:

Exercise 1

Burpee with Press-up. Burpee with beer-belly banisher with your hands on the floor. Kick back and perform a press-up. Jump your legs back in and leap up. Repeat-only faster.

burpee with pushups

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Exercise 2

Switch Jump Lunge. Lunge with your left foot and sink so your right knee nearly touches the floor. Now jump and switch legs. Falling into an opposite lunge, Breathe & repeat.

jumping lunges

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Exercise 3

Side plank with rotation. Now to target your love handles. From a side-plank, raise your left arm, reach under your body and raise it again. Do 2-30 seconds each side to build rotational strength.

side plank

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Exercise 4

Squat Jump. This is a calorie burner. Drop into a deep squat, then jump, swinging your arms above your head.

jump squat

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Exercise 5

Standard sit up. This works your back and hips, as well as your abs. With your feet close to your backside, curl your elbows towards your knees.

sit ups

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Exercise 6

Forearm to a straight arm. In a standard plank, straighten your left arm, return it, then life the right-wing.

straight arm plank to forearm plank

Besides, you can do various frequent exercises to reduce in case of overweight and increase your physical stamina by multiple methods, as explained above in your everyday physical activities, including sports & games.

3. Practical Tips For Developing Physical Fitness

  • Physical fitness implies a sound and active mind in a fit and healthy body. 
  • There is ” no runner up in battle” & always “Man behind the gun.”  Therefore, physical fitness is the necessary foundation of defense force personnel to carry out his tasks effectively.
  • Whatever & wherever you belong to, you can find out at least one indoor or outdoor games such as badminton,  basketball, volleyball, baseball, etc. and start with your friends or neighbors.
  • You can even work in the field with your dad in case he is a farmer.  The aim of building good physic depends on your age & height, personal willingness & hard work.
  • You can start practicing dance, kabaddi, gym, Karate, swimming, etc. as ordinary in your native place. 
  • Some of the exercises for developing endurance like running, sit-up, aerobic, core exercise, Yoga, etc. can also very useful to build your flexibility and physical fitness.
  • Remember Army always says: the more sweat in peace, the less flow of blood in the field.  
  • Regular and continued exercise or game, even physical activities (helping your dad or mom in field/kitchen), are adequate to clear your tests in SSB.
  • You will get adequate and rigorous physical training at IMA/OTA during pre-commission training.

Note – You may refer Men’s Health magazine to enhance the knowledge & practical tips to increase your physical stamina.

ssb physical test details

4. Physical Fitness and Defence Force Aspirants

Indian defense force is one of the finest and professional military in the world.  

It is because Indian Armed Forces personnel are capable of sustaining different terrain and climatical conditions.  

They are well trained and adequately knowledgeable to carry out assigned tasks from time to time, depending upon the geographical area he serves.

  • The defense aspirants should practice for short and long-distance running at least two km within 5 minutes, under grip Balancing Beam, Pull Up, Ditch jump and Zig Zag balance, etc.  You will be observed very strictly during the ground tasking test to conduct in the SSB interview.
  • NCC & other organized groups and activities will enhance endurance and confidence level to face SSB.
  • Although the height and weight of the individual may differ, common & acceptable physical standards are required to carry out  GTO tasks.  
  • Remember that you will be trained in the Academy to become the leader of the men you command. Hence, you should aim to understand the integrities of games you play and the psychology of your team who plays with you.
  • The aim of learning of group games in the defense service is that it will develop coordination, team spirit, commitment, and combat readiness.
  • Indian defense personnel is one of the best performers in various National & International sports.  The talented Officers and men of defense forces are always encouraged to perform quite well to become National flag carriers.

how to prepare for ssb at home


The defense force aspirants should mentally prepare themselves to adjust & carryout various combat and professional tasks in the severe and unconducive climate & terrain.

The defense force training curriculum gives adequate importance in physical fitness at the beginning of the selection procedure.

Lackacity of the part of defense aspirants on physical fitness will cost badly of his year-long preparation of written & SSB interviews by permanent or temporary rejection in the medical board soon after clearing SSB.

The importance & procedures of medical tests soon after the recommended candidates of SSB  will be discussed in detail in the next chapter. 

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