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Know Which is the Best Book for SSB interview preparation in 2023

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The Service Selection Board (SSB) is a process that helps to identify an individual from different backgrounds, who after training can become successful Indian Armed Force Officer.

In order to crack SSB and get recommended, the candidate should have a thorough knowledge and preparation for their SSB test conducted in one of the Service Selection Board Centers across India.

This article combines a set of the best book for SSB preparation in order to get you complete knowledge of your 5 day SSB procedure, Clear various tests and prepare well for your interview.

best book for ssb preparation

Which are the Best Book for SSB Interview Preparation?

The present system of SSB adapt three different techniques, which are as under:

  • Interview technique
  • Group Testing Technique
  • Psychological Technique

Through the above three tests, SSB will try to find out the degree, level, and limitation of the person who has “Officer Leadership Qualities“.

The overall testing method of SSB is divided into two stages including the Screening Test due to a large number of applicants during the reporting at SSB.

The listed books contain guides to help you familiarise yourself about SSB, build your personality, help you crack various tests in SSB, and build an officer like quality from Day 1

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1. Best Book on SSB Interview

best book for ssb preparation

As the name states, “Best Book on SSB interview” is written by (Retd.) Commander RS Rathore who gives a complete in-depth overview of the 5 Days SSB Interview Process

It contains all your required topics from OIR, PPDT, CPSS/PABT, each test of psychology, GTO tests, and interviews.

Unlike other books, it contains over 30 important Group Discussion topics that could enable you to put across logical and analytical points. So when you face your own SSB interview GD, you will know exactly the way to put your points forward and discuss the same.

Cdr. Rathore brings a very easy and clear picture for SSB interview preparation by educating you on how to develop your character with general tips to be the best version of yourself.

If you want a complete knowledge of SSB Interview from scratch, you should definitely consider this book

2. SSB Interview: The Complete Guide

A lot of candidates are unaware of the SSB procedures and stages during the SSB Test. Which makes it difficult to clear the SSB interviews and various tests.

This is another great book that gives you a deeper insight into the various stages you would undergo during the 5 day SSB test and is also considered one of the best SSB book for NDA and other defense competitive exams.

ssb interview books

The Author of the book lists out different phases of the test which are conducted in a sequential manner, by sharing his own vast experience with you through this book.

It delivers the subjects in an easy-to-read and simplified manner in order to help you take necessary steps when approaching the Screening Test, Psychological Test Series, Group Testing Series, Interview Techniques, and Conference.

This will cover all your doubts about the SSB interview and will help you prepare better for your SSB Interviews.

3. Breaking The Code of SSB Psychological Tests

best book for ssb interview

Breaking the Code will help you prepare for all your Psychological tests with preparation for the Following personality tests conducted during your SSB:

  • Thematic Appreciation Test (TAT)
  • Word Association Test (WAT)
  • Situation Reaction Test (SRT)
  • Self-Description (SD)

These tests are important to clear your SSB and a good amount of preparation is required by every candidate to help you pass this in an efficient manner.

Breaking the code will teach you all the things you will require to crack all 4 exams during your psychological tests and is one of the best books for SSB preparation

The Only thing it asks from you is Practice!

4. SSB OIR & PPDT : Complete Guide To Stage 1

The screening test on reporting of Service Selection Centre is one most important academic tests to identify the basic intelligence of the candidate.

It is a verbal & nonverbal and quite a simple test for the average student.

However, the time constraint and the candidate’s urge to complete everything on time make it difficult.

Hence, I recommend ‘SSB OIR & PPDT: Complete Guide To Stage 1’ which is one of the best books for SSB screening tests, and suggest you practice on a daily basis till you appear for SSB.

best book for ssb screening test

This book will give you an insight into the First Stage of SSB i.e Clearing the Screening test

On Average, about 80% & above candidates are being screened out on the first day of reporting at Service Selection Centres due to many reasons including unprepared reporting for SSB.

This book will cover all major topics like Picture perception test, Narration, and GD in the utmost detailed form with a detailed explanation of each.

It also includes a good amount of practice sets which can be really useful to test yourself when doing practice tests.

It also comes with a link to download practice slides which you can download for free and complete your preparation to crack Stage 1 of SSB

5. The Practical Guide to Become an Officer

best ssb book

Often candidates neglect the idea behind SSB and perceive it as some kind of exam

As a matter of fact, SSB is a test of one’s personality and to see if the person is suitable to become an officer

This book gives you a practical guide to becoming an officer of the Indian Armed Forces based on ground and practical knowledge shared by the Author: Col MM Nehru (Retd)

Col MM Nehru(Retired) was an infantry officer and was Deputy President, 17 SSB, Bangalore.

The book contains a number of Essays that inspire the readers on various activities of human development including personality development and mental stamina.

It is very useful for SSB preparation including physical and practical intelligence.

Remember, that developing a personality and overcoming your shortcomings take time. It cannot be developed in a day or in a week before your SSB. The book will guide you to develop and transform you into an officer like personality

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q) Which Book is Best for SSB Interview Preparation?

A) Here are some of the Best Book for SSB interview preparation:
1. Best Book On SSB Interview by Cdr. RS Rathore
2. SSB Interview: The Complete Guide
3. Breaking The Code of SSB Psychological Tests
4. SSB OIR & PPDT : Complete Guide To Stage 1
5. The Practical Guide to Become an Officer

Q) How Can I Start My Own SSB at Home?

A) You can start your own SSB at home by going through a detailed process of SSB. Brush-Up on various topics of SSB by reading online or through a Book. SSB Online Coaching is also recommended if you want extra guidance to prepare for SSB at home

Q) How Many Days is Enough for SSB?

A) It is recommended to prepare yourself 30-60 days prior to your SSB. This will give you enough time to get a complete idea of various tests conducted in SSB. Know your weakness and work on them before your SSB comes by. And build good confidence before the Interview.


The Service Selection Board helps individuals who would be able to serve as an Officer for the Armed Forces.

Unfortunately, a lot of candidates get rejected in their initial days of selection which could be disheartening for many.

But clearing the SSB and becoming an officer requires a set of discipline, good knowledge, and leadership skills.

The above-mentioned list are some of the Best Book for SSB preparation which will help you prepare as well as practice in order to clear your SSB easily.

At the end of the day, you should always remember to never give up on your dream. Your hard work will always bear fruit in the end.

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