How to Purchase Car From CSD in 2023| Step by Step Process


Know How to Purchase Car From CSD

Check CSD Car Purchase Eligibility 2023 according to Pay Level From GOI

Procedure for CSD Online Car Booking, Documentation, and More.

Owning a comfortable and economical car is a dream of many serving, retired and dependent personnel of the Indian Armed Force.

Due to service conditions and non-assessable to the dealers of CSD, many authorized individuals are not able to avail these Canteen facilities

Besides, purchasing a car through CSD is difficult due to the non-awareness of the complete procedure.

how to purchase a car from csd

The Canteen Service Department(CSD) of the Indian Armed Forces has recently introduced a new concept of online purchase of AFD items to overcome difficulties faced by the serving and ex-service/dependents of the Armed Forces.

This new concept of online purchase of AFD items is like what Flipkart or Amazon is doing in recent years.

The new idea of purchasing AFD items through online mode is user-friendly and benefits the defense personnel on duty or even away from their hometown or selected place of residence.

My sincere endeavor is to explain and familiarise you with one of the main AFD items, i.e., the purchase of a four-wheeler from CSD online based on my personal experience.

This article is prepared in a simple and user-friendly manner so that personnel serving, retired & dependents will understand each aspect and purchase the item without any outside assistance.

This article will also enable the reader to understand all the steps to get the most desirable and suitable Car within their own entitlement of the pay level specified by GOI (Government of India), starting from Registration on the CSD website to receipt of the Car at the consumer’s doorstep.

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What are AFD items?

According to the Canteen department, AFD or Against Firm Demand (AFD) is a paper sale. AFD item sale in the CSD canteen is a documented sale between customer and dealer.

Pay the selected item to CSD, and the dealer will supply the item to the doorstep directly. The CSD is a mediator and mentor to get the dealer’s item once the customer pays the total amount.

how to purchase a car through csd
Graphical Representation of Car Purchase From CSD

The canteen store department is attached to the defense Ministry as part of its personnel’s welfare of all three defense services & sister organizations such as Coast Guard, Assam Rifles, Defence service Civilians, etc.

Maj Gen Khanduri is the present chairman of the CSD. Through CSD, serving personnel and their dependents will get easy access to quality products of daily use at less than market prices.

List of AFD Items

The present list of AFD items is given below:

  • Four-wheelers
  • Televisions
  • Audio-video System
  • Refrigerators
  • Washing Machine
  • Two Wheelers
  • Cooking ranges(Ovens)
  • Air Conditions
  • Microwave

I intend to mention the purchase of Four-wheelers(Car) only in this article. But the procedure for all other AFD items mentioned above is the same way as four-wheelers other than the frequency to purchase the AFD items.

Hence, the readers can make use of this article as a guide for other things too.

How to Purchase Car From CSD?

>> CSD Car Purchase Eligibility 2023

The present eligibility criteria for purchase Car through CSD are as follows:

1. Pay Level 10-18 ( Serving Officers, Retired& widows (As Applicable)

The criteria for the purchase of a four-wheeler are:

Maximum 2500 CC and cost not exceeding Rs. 15 Lakh excluding GST or any taxes(Basically, manufacturing expenditures by the depot).

The gap between two similar items(Car) will be Once in Eight Years.

Serving Civilian officers(Pay Level 10-18) paid out defense estimates is also entitled the same as serving officers while in the service.

2. Pay Level 7 to 9 (Serving & Retired JCOs/Equivalent Rank including dependents)

The criteria for the purchase of a four-wheeler are:

Can purchase Car up to 1400CC & maximum of seven lakhs.

The eligibility for purchase of the first Car is an OR, the second Car is as JCO, and the third Car is at the time of retirement.

The direct enrolled JCOs like Religious JCO & Catering JCO can purchase their first Car after completing five years.

The gap between the two-car will be eight-year while in service or retirement.

Note: If the late husband had purchased a car each while in service and after retirement, the widow would not be eligible to buy a car.

Her late husband had purchased only one Car in service while, in turn, the widow can buy one Car through CSD after a gap of eight years from the last purchase date.

3. Pay Level 3A to 6(Serving soldiers below JCO Rank)

The criteria for the purchase of a four-wheeler are:

The minimum service for purchasing a car will be five years.

• The cost of the Car will be within six lakhs and 1400 CC engines.

He can purchase a vehicle during service and the second one after retirement. The gap between the two vehicles should be for eight years.

The widows/dependent can also purchase the Car if her late husband has not availed of the above facility.

(2023 Updates) New Proceedings for Taking Car Through CSD

1. Go to the showroom and book the vehicle of your choice, colour, model, etc by paying a token of advance.

2. Take the engine no and chassis number.

3. Take a quotation of the vehicle as per CSD price.

4. Take the availability certificate

5. Continue booking with the Canteen Online Portal discussed in the further article

CSD Online Car Booking Through Canteen Online Portal

Registration in the AFD CSD portal ( is very user-friendly and can be done with a CSD grocery card.


Regular columns are required to fill, including mobile number, grocery card number, etc., as per the details given below.

Fill in the basic requirements after login with Password as given below.

Name & ID Card (as printed on Grocery Canteen Card)

Chip No (as printed on the backside of the Grocery Card)( old cardholder should sign their canteen bill or obtain it from the canteen billing clerk).

Own Mobile No(Do not change mobile Number at least till purchase the CarCar)

Employment status(Serving/retired(ESM)/ Civilian/Deputation)

Organisation where he is serving(Army/Navy/Airforce/Assam Rifles/Coast Guards/GREF/other uniformed service & Civilians)

Date of birth & Date of commission/enrollment/appointment/retirement

Entitlement category (OfficerPay Leve -12 to18)/JCOs (Pay Level- 7-9) & OR (Pay level 3A to 6).

Username/email/password/confirm Password (You can make it as per your convenience)

Click the “Submit” button.

After that, wait for a day or two. Confirmation of Registration will be given in two or three days and sometimes within a day. However, be prepared to wait for at least two days

How to Login

Visit the official website with a username, Password, get mobile validation, and start searching for your interested Car within the price range and entitlement.

Identify the items to be purchased and their price, along with the dealer’s details

On the left side of the site, you can see the “Filter by Price.”

1. Decide your price range and start searching for the details of the Car. More than 350 varieties of vehicles are available with the CSD dealers, starting from smaller cars to SUVs. However, you can select the Car within the amount prescribed by the Pay Level mentioned in the eligibility column.

Note: There is maybe a chance that some of the four-wheelers may be generally available in the CSD at a lower cost during holidays/offer timing like Deepawali or regional festivals like Onam, Holi, etc.

2. Once you decide on the price, search for different types of Cars with the latest CSD rates. (My suggestion to determine the vehicle, you should explore some advantages/disadvantages of each Car and take the final call).

3. Find out CSD dealers near your residence. This can be checked from the website itself.

You should speak to or visit the car dealer and see preferred vehicles personally. Indeed, the test drive will affect the change of selection & opinion of the type of Car. Your family and best friends can guide you while selecting a car.

4. Discuss the availability of the Car with the Car dealer. You should ensure that the car owner’s dealership or name is in the website column(Name of the dealer).

5. Book your favorite Car by paying a cheque in advance so that the car dealer can book the vehicle by your name. You may get the chassis number of the Car once it transports to the dealer showroom.

Depending upon the vehicle, the waiting period for the Car varies from 15 days to three months. You can discuss the waiting period with the car dealer to avoid unnecessary hassles in the coming days.

6. You can now manage money and deposit it into your saving account or plan for a bank/AGI loan.

Speedy documentation and loans from nationalized/private banks are available within 10-15 days.

How to Get a Bank Loan for a Car

how to take a car loan for csd

All nationalized Bank and your DSP account bank will be overwhelmed to give car loans with very standard documentation, as shown below:

  • Statement of your bank account for the previous six months
  • 2 Passport size photographs
  • Identity proof Identity
  • Income Proof( Latest Salary Slip, Form 16 Income Proof: ITR for the last two years)
  • Serving certificate for serving personnel

Proof of Identity could be a copy of any 1 of the following:

  • Passport
  • PAN Card
  • Voters ID card
  • Driving License
  • Address Proof could be a copy of any 1 of the following:
  • Ration card
  • Driving License
  • Voters ID card
  • Passport
  • Telephone Bill
  • Electricity bill
  • Life Insurance policy
  • Service certificate

The documentation procedures are the same for all the banks/AGIs.

Hence, it is in your interest to negotiate to get a reduced interest rate like Canara Bank’s interest rate of 7.35%, whereas SBI’s interest rate is 7.50% at present (it can be different for other banks)

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Transfer of Cost of Vehicle

There are two ways of transferring: NEFT/RTGS to Head Office Main Account, Acct No 0062002100156092, Punjab National Bank Branch, Mumbai CSD

(a) The Bank will intimate your sanctioned amount based on your request.

The Car’s balance amount can be deposited in your bank account to facilitate the Bank’s transfer of the exact amount(as per the rate mentioned on the CSD website and the availability certificate issued by the Bank) to CSD Main Account PNB, Mumbai.

(b) If you have enough money in your savings account, you can do the NEFT directly.

Documents To Be Kept Ready To Upload In CSD Site “Shop”

csd army
  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan card
  • Identity card
  • Address proof
  • Canteen grocery card and Chip Number
  • Bank Account details & Loan details
  • Availability certificate from the car dealer
  • Loan sanction letter from Bank
  • Payment transfer certificate(payment receipt) from Bank
  • Personal information of the applicant
  • Mobile Number

Now is the time for uploading your Car’s demand details (the CSD site will give enough information on the Car’s cost, taxes, etc. You will upload a copy of your pan, Aadhar, availability certificate, loan sanction letter, payment receipt, etc.


It is suggested that uploading demand details to the CSD site should be carried out on the second day of RTG/NEFT into PNB Bank.

It is also suggested that even if you have taken less amount from the Bank, you can transfer your balance amount into the loan bank and let the Bank transfer the total amount to PNB. This will facilitate Bank to issue a single payment receipt.

Transfer the total amount to PNB through RTGS/NEFT and note down UTR NO with a printout. The same can be uploaded payment receipt column.

Note: Exact amount should be transferred through NEFT/RTGS from Bank (by Bank’s responsibility) or self saving account. Therefore, your CSD online rate and dealer’s amount will be the same

Local Supply Order

The car’s purchase order(Local Supply Order) will be issued within two/three days by the nearest Station Canteen Officer after verifying documents such as the Aadhar card, grocery card, and pan card.

You will be informed by telephone from CSD Depot and station canteen helping desk official well in time.

Upon receipt of the purchase order, you can submit the same to the dealer. The car agency will hand over the Car to your doorstep after obtaining temporary Registration along with insurance within two working days.

You should keep a separate amount for Registration, accessories, and insurance directly for car dealers. In normal circumstances, these requirements are met by the dealer only.

Temporary Registration will be issued by RTO immediately, and the same is mandatory for taking out the new four-wheelers from the showroom.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1. What is the effective date of entitlement of the four-wheelers?

The new policy has been effective from 01 June 2019. Serving/retired officers, serving civilian officer pay level between 11-18 who are already in possession of the Car before 01 June 2011 are entitled to purchase a new car at present.

However, the individual who has purchased the Car after 01 June 2011 will wait until the completion of eight years from the last purchase date.

Q2. How can I contact to CSD Help Desk?

If someone faces an issue while doing Registration, can contact on Helpdesk: 0120-4699923

Also, a Whatsapp helpline number created for any CSD related query where can send a message on 9321601308/9634092790 for any issue related to Product Price or availability

Helpdesk Email Id – [email protected]

Q3. How can relatives or friends of defence personnel buy products in unit-run canteens?

CSD or Canteen Stores Department services are authorized to only two categories:

The first category is the serving person herself or himself. The second comprises the dependants of the serving person.

This category is restricted to the spouse, biological/ legally adopted children, and, if eligible, parents.

There is no provision for other relatives and friends.

Q4. What are the CSD prices of vehicles?

CSD, i.e., Canteen Stores Department is under the Ministry of Defence Government of India. It is a retail chain that purchases goods in bulk and makes them available to personnel of the Armed Forces (active as well as retired).

Goods include household requisites, toiletries, general items, liquor, food and medicines, automobiles, and many more.
Check out CSD website: Canteen Stores Department.

Q5. How much discount will be applied if we purchase a bike from the CSD military canteen?

There is no discount given for buying items from CSD Canteen. It is only the tax differential that causes a lower price of things in the CSD.

Also, CSD is a welfare establishment, and hence, you may get a 10-15 percent deduction.

Q6. What is the difference in car price at CSD canteen and market?

CSD or Canteen Stores Department is where soldiers or veterans can avail of different high-quality products at a lower price than what is available for the market.

Approximately a 10 percent difference will be given while purchasing an item through CSD.

Q7. How can you purchase an AFD item through the CSD web portal?

It is straightforward and user-friendly as given below:

1. Open the site

2. Register yourself and get a user name & Password

3. Go shopping

4. Select the product, dealer, depot & Unit Canteen

5. Upload documents & make online payment

6. Upon depot’s confirmation, produce original documents to Station Canteen Officer

7. Obtain local Supply Order( purchase order) & submit it to the dealer

8. The booked AFD item will be received at your doorstep to complete documentation, whereas required like four/two-wheelers.


The newly introduced online portal for the purchase of AFD items from the CSD canteen is handy for the uniform force’s serving/retired/dependent personnel.

Documentation is the key to the entire process of purchase of AFD items. Hence, all documents mentioned in the article should be uploaded correctly, including the dealer’s availability certificate.

The details of the CSD website should be matched with the details given by the dealer.

The transfer of money to the CSD canteen main account, PNB Mumbai, only must match the entitled personnel records of the CSD. In case of any doubts, you can give WhatsApp message to 9634092790

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  1. The information on how to purchase cars and other CSD/AFD items has been
    explained in very simple language and the procedure explained that all categories
    of personnel could make use of this well brought out facility

    • Booked car is based on the availability certificate by the dealer. At the same time, sometimes, CSD depot is not willing to sell some type of car due to technical reasons.

  2. Sir/Madam,
    So as per this information, I’m assuming that we do not have to contact CSD before placing demand on the site. If procurement price is under my eligibility I can transfer the amount directly to the CSD account and place a demand the next day. Am I right?
    Assuming I have already received availability certificate.

    • The eligible person will register his name on the CSD website in the first step.
      The eligible person can find his authorised car (amount wise) from the CSD website.
      He should get an availability certificate from a car dealer as the same CSD website quoted.
      The eligible person can send the amount to NEFT to PNB, Mumbai & upload the UTR number.
      CSD Mumbai will accept his demand and forward the issue order through the station CSD canteen

  3. Recently I purchased a car through this process. It was very helpful and everything went very well. But I have a query, on the Purchase order, I can see a different amount than the Ex showroom price quoted by the dealer. This amount is higher than the ex showroom. Can you please help me to understand if showroom has taken extra money from CSD or it is ok? Showroom guys did not answer my query satisfactorily. Can I call you if it’s ok?

    • I think it is okay because CSD is the final authority to release vehicles to the serving and retired soldiers or dependents.
      However, if you wish, please send the details to us & we will try to find out from our sources.

  4. Hello Admin,
    We followed the process and raised Demand Entry and payment also done from our side. Now we got the Supply Order Released status. We have been asked to visit URC for the Scrutiny of the documents which we uploaded during the Demand Entry.
    My question is , within how many days we should visit the URC to collect PO ? After 4 days is fine ? Our URC is Air Force station, Tambaram , Chennai.
    Please guide.


  5. I am serving in Nagaland and my son residing in bengaluru want to purchase a car from bengaluru on my name from csd. He booked car n obtained availability certificate from dealer. I want to know wheather my son may collect purchase order from URC bengaluru on behalf of me on producing authority letter given by me. He has dependent identity card (issued by my defence unit) with him and he owns a house in Bengaluru. Please help me. Can I purchase four wheeler from any URC/depot out of serving URC?


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