What Is TGC Entry Scheme? | Complete TGC-138 Entry 2024 Guide(Jan 2024)


Know What is TGC Entry and Apply for the 138th TGC Entry Jan 2024 Course

Check Eligibility, Process, Pay-Scale, SSB procedure, and More.

Step-by-Step Process to Join Indian Army as a Permanent Commission Officer through TGC Entry

New Courses Added to TGC 2024 Course

Joining the Indian Army as an Engineer Officer through Technical Graduate Course(TGC) entry for the permanent commission is quite a challenge but with a bounty of rewards.

In this article, you will learn What is TGC Entry and how to apply for the Indian Army technical graduate course (TGC Entry 2024- 138th Course )

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What is TGC Entry Scheme?

TGC Entry Scheme which is also known as Technical Graduate Course Entry is a type of entry through which an engineering graduate can join the Indian Army as an officer.

This entry is open to only male candidates who are pursuing an engineering degree from a recognized university.

Candidates can apply from their final year onwards for the TGC Entry Scheme

Why Indian Army Needs Engineers Like You?

Modern warfare is a technology-driven and knowledge-intensive arena.

The present Army of any Nation, especially India, offers a vast scope to grow and explore technology-based fighting spirit.

Your young and energetic mind can contribute immensely in the defence sector, notably the Indian Army through your engineering skills and aptitude in various means, which may never be explored in the civil stream due to limited growth potential.

Today the Indian Army defends high-end equipment, which is based on the Armoured, Mechanised, Artillery & Air front followed by Highly sophisticated communication, Electrical, Mechanical, and networking systems.

The logistic support of the Army Service Corps, Army Ordnance Corps also needs Engineers to accomplish their tasks in a fast-track manner to match with the Fighting troops.

Besides, the Engineering skills in Infantry, especially Para SF and NSG, have greater importance in the execution part of operational tasks in present challenging environments.

The Army is build of a variety of minds. Therefore there is a vast scope in Human Resource Management as well as Skill innovations and modification where an Engineer can contribute abundantly.

Therefore, all those interested in working away from their “9 to 5, weekends off, monotonous lifestyle”, can think about a new way of life, where you can undoubtedly get professional as well as self-satisfaction because you are going to serve the Nation.

what is tgc entry

TGC Entry 2024 Notification PDF

Indian army has released the official notification for the TGC Entry 136th Course, which can be downloaded from here.

Eligibility for Army TGC Entry 2024

Age Limit:

20 to 27 years as of 01 Jan 2024. (Candidates born between 02 January 1997 and 01 July 2004, both dates inclusive)

Education Qualifications:

All those who have already completed their BE/B Tech graduate or are in the last semester of the following engineer streams are eligible to apply:

(Vacancy Changes are given for reference. To show the changes in seats every year for a particular branch)

>> Civil Engineering (Vacancy: 09)

  • Civil Engineering
  • Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering )
  • Structural Engineering
  • Building Engineering and Construction
  • Building and Construction Technology
  • Civil and Rural Engineering
  • Civil Engineering and Planning
  • Civil Engineering (Construction Technology)
  • Civil and Infrastructure Engineering
  • Civil Technology
  • Construction Engineering
  • Construction Engineering and Management
  • Construction Technology
  • Construction Technology and Management
  • Geo Informatics
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Civil Engineering (Environmental Engineering)
  • Civil Engineering Environmental and Pollution Control
  • Environment Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Environmental Science and Engineering
  • Environmental Science and Technology
  • Civil Engineering (Public Health Engineering)
  • Environmental Planning
Course No.Vacancy Change

>> Architecture (Vacancy: 01)

  • Architecture Engineering
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Architectural Assistantship
  • Architecture and Interior Decoration
  • Architecture Assistantship
Course No.Vacancy Change

>> Mechanical (Vacancy: 06)

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanical (Mechatronics) Engineering
  • Mechanical & Automation Engineering
  • Advance Mechatronics and Industrial Automation Engineering
Course No.Vacancy Change

>> Electrical/Electrical and Electronics (Vacancy: 03)

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering (Electronics & Power)
  • Power System Engineering
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • Electrical & Electronics (Power System)
  • Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical and Power Engineering
  • Electrical Instrumentation Engineering
  • Electrical Instrumentation & Control Engineering
  • Electrical, Electronics and Power
Course No.Vacancy Change

>> Computer Sc & Engineering/ Computer Technology/ M. Sc. Computer Sc (Vacancy: 08)

  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Technology
  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • 3-D Animation and Graphics
  • Advanced Computer Application
  • Computer and Communication Engineering
  • Computer Engineering and Application
  • Computer Networking
  • Computer Science and Technology
  • Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Computer Science and System Engineering
  • Computing in Computing
  • Computing in Multimedia
  • Computing in Software
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Electronics and Computer Science
  • Electronics and Computer Engineering
  • Mathematics and Computing
  • Computer Engineering (Software Engineering)
  • Computer Science & Engineering (Networks)
  • Nano Science & Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science Programme
  • Nano Technology
  • Robotics & Automation
  • Automation & Robotics
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • M.Sc. Computer Science
  • M.Sc. Computer Technology
Course No.Vacancy Change

>> Information Technology (Vacancy: 03)

  • Information Technology
  • Information Science and Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Information Engineering
  • Information Science and Technology
  • Information Technology and Engineering
  • M.Sc. Information Technology
  • M.Sc. Information and Communication Technology
Course No.Vacancy Change

>> Electronics & Telecommunication (Vacancy: 01)

  • Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
  • Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (Technologynician Electronic Radio)
  • Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering (Technology in Electric Radio)
  • M.Sc. Electronics & Telecommunication
Course No.Vacancy Change

>> Telecommunication (Vacancy: 00)

  • Telecommunication Engineering
Course No.Vacancy Change

>> Electronics & Communication (Vacancy: 03)

  • Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering
  • Communication Engineering
  • Applied Electronics & Communications
  • Electronics & Communication (Communication System Engineering)
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering (Industry Integrated)
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering (Microwave)
  • Advanced Communication and Information System
  • Advanced Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • M.Sc. Communication
  • M.Sc. Microelectronics & Advanced Communication
Course No.Vacancy Change
Increased from one vacancy to three.

>> Micro Electronics & Microwave (Vacancy: 00)

  • Micro Electronics and Microwave Engineering
Course No.Vacancy Change

>> Aeronautical/Aerospace (Vacancy: 01)

  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Aero Space Engineering
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
Course No.Vacancy Change

>> Avionics (Vacancy: 00)

  • Avionics Engineering
  • Aviation Engineering
Course No.Vacancy Change

>> Fibre Optics (Vacancy: 00)

  • Fibre Optics
Course No.Vacancy Change

>> Electronics (Vacancy: 01)

  • Electronics Engineering
  • Power Electronics & Drives
  • Power Electronics
  • Power Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering
  • Electronics and Power Engineering
  • Digital Techniques for Design and Planning
  • Electronics Science and Engineering
  • Electronics and Control Systems
  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics Design Technology
  • Electronics System Engineering
  • Electronics Technology
  • Radio Physics and Electronics
  • Electronics and Biomedical Engineering
  • Optics & Opto Electronics
  • Electronics & Telemetric Engineering
  • Electronics and Telematics Engineering
Course No.Vacancy Change

>> Electronics & Instrumentation/Instrumentation(Vacancy: 01)

  • Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering
  • Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering
  • Electronics Instrumentation & Control Engineering
  • Instrumentation & Control Engineering
  • Instrumentation Technology
  • Instrumentation & Electronics
  • Instrumentation Engineering
  • Electronics Communication & Instrumentation Engineering
Course No.Vacancy Change

>> Production (Vacancy: 01)

  • Production Engineering
  • Product Design & Development
  • Production Engineering & Management
  • Production & Industrial Engineering
Course No.Vacancy Change

>> Industrial/Industrial/Manufacturing/Industrial Engg & Mgt (Vacancy: 01)

  • Industrial Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering & Management Engineering
  • Industrial & Production Engineering
  • Industrial Engg & Mgt Engineering
  • Industrial / Manufacturing Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering & Technology
  • Manufacturing Process & Automation Engineering
  • Manufacturing Science & Engineering
  • Manufacturing Technology
Course No.Vacancy Change

>> Automobile Engineering (Vacancy: 01)

  • Automobile Engineering
  • Automobile Maintenance Engineering
  • Automotive Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering (Automobile)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Industry Integrated)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Manufacturing
  • Engineering)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Production)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Welding Technology)
  • Mechanical Engineering Automobile
  • Mechanical Engineering Design
Course No.Vacancy Change

Total Seats = 40

Note: If you are not studying or studied above the category of Engineering, Your application will be rejected during online submission.

These vacancies are tentative and may be changed depending on organisational requirements. Hence, all defence aspirants should apply for TGC Entry Scheme


The Psychological Test requires a good amount of preparation to crack various SSB test

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Breaking the Code will help you prepare for all your Psychological tests with preparation for the Following personality tests conducted during your SSB: TAT, WAT, SRT, SD. Read a Short Review Here

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How To Apply For Indian Army Technical Graduate Course 138th (TGC January 2024)

It is a very simplistic procedure through online submission of the application(For First Timers) as details are given below:

1. Go to the Official Web site – www.joinindianarmynic.in

2. Click on “Officer Entry Apply/Login & Registration

(Registration is not required if already registered on www.joinindianarmy.nic.in)

3. Read Instructions and click “Apply Online”

4. A Page Officers Selection ‘Eligibility’ will open. Then click ‘Apply’ shown against Technical Graduate Course

5. Continue to fill all details in the “Application Form”

6. Check the correctness of your details and submit “Submit Now”

Last Date to Apply: 17 May 2023 at 1500 Hrs


Personal Particulars should submit based on the exact details available in the documents, e.g., Date of birth recorded in the Matriculation certificate is final

138th Course TGC Entry 2024 Cut-Off

TGC 2024 cut off will be updated here itself. Follow Indian Combat social media handles to stay updated

133rd Course TGC Entry 2021 Cut-Off

Engineering StreamsCut Off Percentage
Civil/Building Construction Engineering73
Electrical/Electrical & Electronics78
Computer Science & Engineering/Computer Technology/M.SC Computer Science75
Information Technology70
Electronics & Telecommunication62
Telecommunication Engineering60
Automobile Engineering72
Textile Engineering60
Electronics & Communication83

Significant Takeaways for Call Up at Service Selection Centers by Army HQs

  • Mark sheets of all examinations till the Engineering degree(including semester exam results).
  • Certificate issued by the Controller of Examination/Registrar of the concerned University regarding the formula for conversion of CGPA/Grades into followed by the University.
  • CGPA/Grades must be converted into Marks as per the method developed by the University for filling “Marks Obtained in Graduation” in the online application.
  • Your backlog of individual subjects & their marks will not matter if you have already passed an Engineer’s Degree.
  • Certificate issued by the Controller of Examination/Registrar of the University of Principal of the college regarding Cumulative Percentage of marks up to 6th semester for Engineering Degree course/2nd semester for MSc(Computer Science)/8th semester for Architecture as per Rules/Guidelines of the University which applies to the candidate.
  • All eligible candidates will be called for Direct Interviews based on overall academic and extracurricular (Including sports, NCC, etc.) for a two-stage interview.
  • No clarifications are entrained at this point & hence submission of the application online should be deliberate.
  • No additional application be submitted due to any reason.
  • Call up for an interview is at the discretion of the Defence authorities. However, You will get adequate time for the interview until or unless any significant problems arise due to unforeseen technical failure of the internet, which is very unlikely.


Final year Engineering students of academic year 2023-24 can apply if:-

(a) Proof of passing the Engineering degree examination along with mark sheets of all semesters by 01 Jan 2024.

(b) Able to produce original certificate of Engineering Degree within 12 weeks from the date of commencement of training at Indian Military Academy (IMA)

(c) Should not have any backlog of any semesters/year of examination.

(d) Not below-approved cutoff marks till the 6th semester.

5 days ssb procedure
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Documents Required at Service Selection Centre for Army TGC Entry

  • One copy of the printout of the application is duly signed & affixed with the self-attested photograph.
  • Proof of Nationality (Aadhar Card/ Passport/Pan Card, etc.)
  • All Educational Qualification certificates from Matriculation to BE/B Tech.
  • All extracurricular certificates/awards(NCC, Sports, or any other outstanding performance awards & certificates).
  • Final Year student(if applicable) certificate from Principal.
  • Service Certificate from the Commanding Officer for serving personnel appearing for SSB.
  • Original bus fare/train fare/Flight Tickets for reimbursement of the 3rd class railway fare for the fresher entry individuals.

Few Important Points for the TGC Entry

  • Technical Graduate Commission(TGC) from IMA is much better than the Short Service Commission (SSC) entry from OTA because of the permanency and service profile in a long and stable continued service.
  • The candidates who are in the third year of Engineering may have the opportunity to recommend to become Army Officers under University Graduate Entry(UGE).
  • TGC is another opportunity who missed out to join the Army through UGC or NDA/PCM(+2) Entry.
  • The candidates of the final semester students at the age of 20 to the individual who are presently working in multinational companies can apply till the age of 26 at present

    (Near about 6-7 months is required to complete all the formalities. Hence, those who just completed 26 years can also submit their application)
  • There are no cut off marks mentioned explicitly in any notification.

    However, cut off per cent is always based on the number of applications submitted for a particular time or may depend on vacancy.

    In general terms, you will be called in case you have obtained near about 65-70 overall marks in your semester examination (Only my assumption).
  • The backlog will not be counted as long as you have cleared & obtained the mark sheet.
  • The Technical Graduation Commission(TGC) Entry officer will get Anti-date seniority of one year.
  • This will facilitate the successful officer will assume as Captain on completion of one year from commissioned Date.

Stipend and Pay-Scale for TGC Entry Candidates

A fixed stipend of Rs 56,100/- Per Month will be given for one year of training at IMA(total 49 weeks training period).

The Salary of the Lieutenant will commence from the date of reporting at IMA with a pay band of Rs 56,100/- to 1,77,500/- per Month. The same will be paid on the completion of successful training.

An Ante date of seniority of one year along with salary and other allowance of Lieutenant be given to this entry officers.

Military Pay of Rs 15,500/- with all other additional payments will be given after getting commissioned.

cds apply online

SSB Interview For TGC Entry (Pre-Requisites)

Your Physical, Mental & Medical toughness or fitness/stamina should be evaluated on your own to avoid disappointment in the later stage of the interview process.

You should be physically active, mentally healthy, and Medically fit to sustain rigorous 49 weeks of training at IMA before becoming a Commissioned Officer awarded by the President of India.

Even if you are seriously studying for academics or working in the cooperative world, you must be prepared for physically robust, mentally healthy, and Medically fit to face interview.

No written test will be conducted for this Entry. Therefore, you should take care of your submission of the application and subsequent preparation for the SSB Interview.

Medical examination will conduct in your interest to facilitate your confidence and feel the right attitude throughout the interview.

Individuals suffering from significant ailments and recently operated/performed surgery should wait for the next attempt rather than rejection in Medical.

I highly recommend you to check out the below articles to transform yourself into a physically fit, medically sound & Mentally stable person within a few weeks

Tips On Reporting to SSB Center

Call up letter will be issued in the electronic medium to facilitate speedy information to you(Via Email & SMS).

Only shortlisted candidates based on the academic performance (Cut off percentage will be decided at each time/stream/or depend upon the application received)

You will make your arrangements to reach the nearest railway station/centre of Selection Centres as per the time specified.

No early or later entry is permitted for any administrative reasons. Hence try to reach in time.

I suggest you reach a minimum of six hours early at the station to take care of your peace of mind, including rest and a relaxed mind to attend the first day processes of the interview, i.e. screening test

Your educational documents in original, print out of online application & your NCC “C” certificate, or any outstanding academic & sports or any other eventful certificate, should keep for first-day verification on reporting at Reception at SSB.

You are advised to keep your original and photocopies separately in different files/folders to save you time in the initial registration time.

You should enter the Centre with complete peace of mind with cent per cent alertness to face SSB.

The SSB Test would eventually see if you have the Officer Like Qualities and can become a capable officer after undergoing academy training

This also requires you to have a good personality. Build an Officer Like Personality from Day 1 with the Officers recommended Personal Development Books

SSB Centre Activities


>> Officer Intelligence Rating(OIR) Tests

This test will conduct to know about the candidate’s level of intelligence and competence.

All objective type questions without negative marking. Hence, no need to panic to attend(Just like MCQs)

>> Picture Perception & Description Test(PP&DT)

You will be required to write a story based on the picture and participate in discussions within a group.

This group discussion and your participation is mandatory to clear the first stage.

You will be under the observant eye of a panel of the SSB team(Psychologist, Group Testing Officer(GTO), Interviewing Officer(IO).

Be calm, clear, and attentive to involve discussion. You will not try to be the superhero but participate in the way in the college to put across your point of view in a gentle, respectful & educative approach.

You should remember, that your group members are equally smart and kind in academics or other activities.

But what matters is your approach towards your subject matter, and approach towards your team (group) while agreeing & disagreeing and accepting & taking alone with your group.

So make sure you prepare well for your Screening Test well as this will determine whether you would proceed to the next stage or not.

Best Books To Refer:

The “SSB OIR & PPDT: Complete Guide To Stage 1” is a recommended book to help you prepare well for the Screening Test. Read our Short Review Here

>> Few Points For Those Who Screen Out

  • Your return plan to the home town is ready through reservation or local visit program in hand.
  • Keep your valuable, including an original academic certificate in safe custody.
  • Carry only the required cash in your hand and the password of the ATM card in your mind.
  • Take stock of your performance during QIR and subsequent tests in SSB and note it down for future reference. It is vital for the next SSB for your self-evaluation.
  • Self Evaluation is an essential requirement to get success next time.

    Most of the potential candidates will generally take less importance to this fact. Hence, most of them are facing the same fate as early as they received it.

    Not be disheartened, and in fact, you should be happy to get another opportunity to face SSB better prepared than today.

A lot of candidates fail during their SSB Tests due to small negligence shown in their SSB procedures.

It’s important to practice and prepare for the various SSB test and most importantly have complete knowledge of the SSB procedures.

Check out the Best Books to help you prepare for your SSB test effectively and efficiently.

Looking To Clear SSB In First Attempt?

Get The Best Guidance for your SSB under retired SSB officers who have been part of the Service Selection Board during their tenure. Click Here To Know More Details

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The next four days will be hectic to undergo, riddled with several tests under Psychologist, GTO, and interview officer independently.

Most of the tests may happen individually, especially in Personal Interviews.

I have already explained the type of tests that are going to be conducted in SSB for your better understanding.

The essential points to face these days are as follows:

  • What’s all in your possession?(Family background, awareness of National & International)
  • The factors in your bucket(Skills, Passion, Likes, etc)
  • Good Educational Background.
  • Adequate life experience(Good & Bad life experiences).
  • An aim in life & future outlook
  • Your strengths & Weaknesses
  • Your reliable willpower (Physical, Mental & Medical fitness)
  • Individual decision capacity and commitment
ssb screening test

How to be Tested?

  • Your independent point of view of each aspect/question is put across to you.
  • Your performance in academics.
  • Your point of view on local, national & international affairs affecting you.
  • Your plan in defence service, which includes your Plan “B” preparation for the future career in relation to your present job profile.
  • Your confidence, attitude, commitment, character, personality & Officer Like Qualities.
how to join indian army after graduation

The outcome of Your SSB

  • The selection team will expect you to contribute beyond your professional qualification in defence.
  • You will be much more motivated and gain a new perspective once you are through the interview.
  • You will be capable enough to face box challenges and make quick decisions in the future.
  • You will get a chance to interact with students/professionals who come from different ideologies, streams, and walks of life.
  • Finally, One should be satisfied despite the outcome of the interview, and it should not dishearten you from applying for any positions in Civil Stream in the future.
  • Please Understand, SSB never works with the vacancy of a particular course or year because the Army needs a leader for the team with commitment.

Medical Test

The Medical authorities will verify your medical health applicable for the training requirement of the defence at your age.

The four to six days of various tests on Medical, Surgical, Eye, Ent, Ear, Dental etc. will be conducted in the nearest Service Hospital under specialists/Head of the Departments.

You should be aware of physical standards, and limits, including height, weight, eyesight, tattoo(s) & surgeries(if any).

Fitness checks from appropriate medical specialists before attending SSB will reduce your rejection in medical.

Your cent per cent of medical fitness will be the essential mandatory requirement to join IMA for one year(Two Terms) of rigorous training.

However, you will be allowed to appear for review by the medical board after 42 days in case you have minor medical issues.

However, you should carry out an extensive medical check before looking at SSB if you are feeling uneasiness while doing physical fitness activities.


After Final Selection, the Recommended Candidates for the 136th TGC Entry Course will start their 49 weeks of training on 01 January 2024 at Indian Military Academy, Dehradun

ssb medical test

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1. Is TGC a direct entry?

Yes, TGC is a direct entry where engineering graduates can join the Indian Army as an officer by only clearing the 5 days SSB test

Q2. Can I join Infantry after joining TGC entry?

Yes. You will get an option to join Infantry, or you will get a chance to associate with Infantry life through Para, NSG, RR, UN Mission, etc.

Q3. Is there any exam for TGC entry?

The most significant advantage of TGC entry is the non-appearance of the UPSC Examination. Hence, You will be called for a direct interview based on overall marks/performance.

Q4. Is TGC permanent?

Yes, TGC Entry is permanent commission in the Indian army after successful completion of training from the Indian Military Academy

Q5. Is PCM or 12 standard marks compulsory for TGC Entry?

No. You are facing SSB based on your Degree certificate in Engineering. Your performance in SSB will only matter for the final selection to join in IMA

Q6. Can Engineering Degree in Petroleum, Biotechnology, Marine Engineering, or Chemical Engineering Degree holder apply for TGC?

No. A few non-listed or non-approved Engineer stream is not recommended for the TGC entry at present. I think it will be included soon

Q7. Can I join IMA through CDS after Engineering Graduation?

A5. Any science graduate or above qualification, including Engineers, can appear for UPSC examination and look for an SSB interview.

TGC entry is a permanent commission opportunity for Engineer Branches in the Indian Army.

However, if you are not able to join TGC due to any reason, you will try for CDS. In this case, you will not get Anti date seniority of one year and switch over to the Engineer category after commissioning.

However, you will permit to face SSB interviews while you are undergoing training at IMA as Direct Entry or CDS entry Gentle Man Cadet.

Q8. How do I prepare for TGC?

A6. Your direct interview procedure is as simple as someone preparing after the successful passing of the UPSC examination(NDA/CDS).

Your preparation based on the Engineering knowledge you acquired during college life.

Many articles are available in the media, including mine, which will guide you to start preparing. Professional, General Knowledge is vital to get success.

An “Officer Like Qualities” are reflected from your Personality, which you should work on from Day 1 to make a better impression on your interviewing officers.

Here are some of the Best personality books to build yourself as an Officer of the Indian Armed Force and as an Individual


Joining the Army as an officer after Engineering is comparatively easy because you have the advantage of age, language fluency, general awareness, and life experience.

You have a position in the decision capacity of your life where you need to visualize challenges, responsibilities & commitment.

At the same time, The selection system will certainly expect more from you as a knowledgeable person with a disciplined, high character & motivating personality with mental and moral courage.

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    I am studying in final year and due to covid-19 government haven’t conducted any exam for engineering this year.
    So, my question is,
    If I am having any backlogs of 3rd year, am I still eligible to apply the TGC?

    • You can apply for TGC-132 course(Jan 2021) and last date of online submission will be closed on 26 August 2020. The proof of the Degree course(provisional Degree) will submit by 01 January 2021 ie the day joining IMA for training. The original passing degree certificate from university will require to submit middle of the March 2021 at IMA.
      Your backlogs are not an issue for appearing the SSB Interview and same will be cleared in forthcoming examination in coming days.
      All the Best.

  2. Hello sir, I’m Aman and I am the student of Mechanical Engineering through Polytechnic. I’m eligible for TGC entry Scheme yes or no.

    • TGC Entry scheme is only available to candidates who are enrolled as a full time degree course in Engineering like B.E or B.Tech. from a recognized university. Polytechnic engineering students are not eligible.


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