6 Best Online & Offline SSB Coaching Centre in India 2023


List of the Best SSB Coaching Centre to Opt-in 2023

Advantages and disadvantages of joining SSB coaching

Is SSB Coaching Necessary? and how you can prepare for your SSB

best ssb coaching centre

Are you looking for the Best SSB Coaching Academies which will guide and help you to achieve your dream to join the Indian armed force?

In this article, we have shared some of the best institutes for SSB coaching which you should opt for if you are preparing for your SSB tests.

A lot of you might also come up with a question as do you even need coaching for the written and SSB examination of NDA/CDS/AFCAT or just some simple guidance, which we will touch upon later in this article

Most of you will agree that coaching is not mandatory or necessary to clear written examination & SSB.

However, there are a few facts which we should know when looking for a career in the defense forces:

  • Indian defence force is one of the biggest organizations that gives job opportunities to the young youths without looking for gender/caste/class every year starting from 10+2 to graduation/post-graduation, technical graduation including MBS/BDS/LAW, etc.
  • A large section of the students is submitting applications for jobs in the defense force.

    But most of this group has inadequate ideas about the entry, job profile and even some of them have very minimal ideas about the difference between officers and other ranks entries.

    Therefore, many of them could not complete the documents and miss out on the opportunities.
  • The UPSC written examination for NDA & CDS is purely academic which is same as preparing for JEE/Medical or IAS.
  • Hundreds of institutes are imparting classes, coaching, and guidance for the aspirants through offline or online methods of studies.
  • Identifying your strong potential and interest in the subjects will determine the scoring marks during the examination.

Although, If you are finding it difficult to study & understand the basics, it is advisable to join coaching for extensive and continued studies

So that you would be confident enough to clear the written examination and SSB, as the first step towards achieving the aim of joining defense service as an officer.

How to Choose the Right SSB Coaching Centre?

You should look for the following parameters if selected to attend SSB coaching:

Whether each one of you are treated as a separate and unique individual?

Are they able to encourage to find out and correct an individual’s shortcomings?

Do they identify the uniqueness of your personality?

Are Psychologist & interview officer ready to listen to the concerns of the candidate?

Do you separate your personality traits from others?

Disclaimer: The following coaching centres are listed based on extensive research and reviews. We are not affiliated with any SSB coaching centre

Best SSB Coaching Centre in 2023

1. Indian Combat SSB Online Coaching

indian combat ssb online coaching

Indian Combat SSB Online coaching was started with an initiative to provide the best SSB coaching from the comfort of your home

This is one of the best online coachings for SSB which is being catered by retired SSB officers who have been part of the service selection board during their service, so you get the best guidance

Often Other SSB Academies provide you with a specific package under which they give you guidance for all sections under a specific time slot. This would be a waste of time and money if you only wanted to improve a specific field

So if you are a repeater or someone who already has knowledge of a specific section like GTO & Psychology, you can skip these two and only focus your time with Interviewing Officer(IO)

Hence, if you know your weakness before enrollment in the course, you can take coaching for those specific sections.

2. Baalnoi Academy

Locations: Delhi, Jaipur and Dehradun

top ssb coaching in delhi

Baalnoi Academy is one of the top SSB coaching in Delhi

Baalnoi Academy was established by Major HS Kasi in Delhi in 1997 and has extended its branches in Jaipur(Rajasthan) & Dehradun(Uttarakhand) in recent years.

In addition to preparing SSB, the academy also provides coaching (offline/online) for all entries of the defense force.

This institute is also providing study materials for NDA/CDS/AFCAT etc.

Baalnoi Academy has its qualified & experienced Psychologists, GTO & interviewing officers to identify the strength of candidates and then work upon enhancing these qualities to make them confident to face SSB, as they claim.

Since it is located in Delhi, the capital city, and other cities are known to be the educational hub, the intake capacity is more for the preparation of written & SSB.

The duration of their SSB coachings & it overall expenditure for the SSB coaching are as under:

Duration14 days
Timings09 am to 04 pm
Fee12000/- + 18% GST
Hostel (Optional)Rs 400/- per day(including food)

Note: You can email or approach telephonically for your convenient study. Their contact and other procedures for conducting classes are available on their official web page

3. Minerva Academy

Location: Mohali, Chandigarh

best ssb coaching centre

Minerva Academy has its own infrastructure to impart theoretical and practical training for the candidates who are looking forward to attending SSB.

The academy has its own team of officers as psychologists, Interviewing Officer & Ground Test Officer who imparts guidance for various entries of the Army, Navy & Airforce.

This academy has a separate cell for written examination too.

It gives you a feel-good environment due to the adequate & sufficient infrastructures especially the Ground practice of the GTO test.

The qualified retired officers of the defense service are part of the training team to clarify the candidate’s doubts.

The course program consists of 100 hours of SSB coaching (including mock interviews and psychologists test)

Duration10 days, 100 Hours
FeeRs 17,110
Hostel (Optional)Rs 2890 + 4000(food)
CPSS+PABT Fees (for Airforce Candidates Only)Rs 2500

4. Siegwald Academy

Location: Kolkata

best ssb interview coaching

Siegwald Academy in Kolkata is one of the closest and one of the best SSB interview coaching centers for SSB, especially for the North-Eastern states of India.

This academy is offering online and offline coaching for SSB and written examinations for all defense service officers’ entry.

Siegwald Academy in Kolkata has its basic facilities for GTO, Psychologists, and interviewing officers guidance modules.

Most of them are a highly experienced and adequate amount of service in the field of the selection process.

This academy also has enough latest outdoor tasks and individual tasks layout in open space to give candidates an actual feel prior to attending SSB.

The two-week program of SSB coaching will enhance the knowledge and confidence through various lectures & Group discussions under the guidance of experienced instructors.

You can take two types of classes from this academy for SSB preparation:

1. Regular Classes

Duration2 weeks
FeeRs 13,500
PABT Fees (for Airforce Candidates Only)Rs 2500

2. Weekend Coaching Classes (Sat and Sun every week)

Duration4 weeks
FeeRs 10,000
PABT Fees (for Airforce Candidates Only)Rs 2500

Do note that the topics covered for SSB preparation are the same for both regular and weekend classes. So you can choose according to your convenience

5. The Cavalier

Locations: Bangalore, Trivandrum, Kochi, Pune, Lucknow, Secunderabad

best ssb coaching in bangalore

The Caviler Academy is located in various cities of South India and is also one of the best SSB coaching in Bangalore.

The academy imparts valuable coaching to the defense aspirants and has become a successful coaching platform in recent years

14 days of SSB practice will give opportunities to the candidates to expose their abilities to suit themselves into confident and adaptable personalities.

This academy is providing two interviews by separate IOs, Psychologist & Best outdoor facility to facilitate each candidate to understand their own strength & weakness.

The Caviler Academy will have a different schedule program of one week or two weeks offline programs to facilitate according to defense aspirants’ personal needs.

Free refresher courses are catered for the benefits of repeaters or other candidates who missed out on SSB.

1. Two Week Course

Duration14 days, 8hr/day
FeeRs 12,000 + GST
Hostel (Optional)From Rs 350 – Rs 450 per day
(Including Food)
PABT Fees (for Airforce Candidates Only)Free

2. One Week Course

Duration7 days
FeeRs 9,000 + GST
Hostel (Optional)From Rs 350 – Rs 450 per day
(Including Food)
PABT Fees (for Airforce Candidates Only)Free

6. No frills Academy

Location: Meerut

best online coaching for ssb

The No Fills Academy headed by Col Mani Mohan Nehru(Retd) has its own specialty of guidance that imparts to the candidate directly, one-to-one interaction.

This is another recommended best online coaching for SSB interviews and overall personality development depending on the package you opt for.

This academy empowers the students in improving verbal and written expression, time management & personality development.

A personalized approach in the field of physical fitness, diet, social behavior, improvement of personality traits is the main focus of the academy.

The No Fills Academy has no batch system for coaching classes and undergoes GTO, psychology, and interview techniques under the experienced defense service officers who have sufficient exposure to the service selection boards.

The academy provides three programs:

1. Online Orientation Program

Fees: Rs 1,500

For candidates interested in the Armed Forces but not clear about the SSB process and want to avoid the ill-effects of conventional coaching academies.

2. Individual Guidance Program

Fees: Rs 10,000

For candidates expecting their SSBs within a short period of time.

3. Individual Guidance Program

Fees: Rs 15,000

This course will provide an overall personality development, guide you to be physically fit and improve communication skills.

This is a long term course, hence candidates who are preparing for their written tests can enroll in this course

Is Coaching Necessary for SSB?

is coaching necessary for ssb

You may be confused about whether training in the coaching centers is necessary or not.

It is obvious that you will perform very little if you are unaware of the SSB procedures.

Time and speed decisions are very important and hence knowing each test is very important.

Hence, coaching to some extend is good and appropriate because of the competitions in the present situations.

Most of the OLQs can be developed through hard work and sincere preparations. Hence, it is your personal choice to select any coaching centers, if you feel to join.

If you are unsure about how you will perform during your SSB, you can always opt from one of the above coaching centers or your nearest SSB coaching centers.

Preparation of SSB

The defense aspirants should start preparing SSB well in time (at least six months before SSB).

So that he/she will be able to evaluate his own personality and prepare himself /herself confidently.

Best Books To Refer:

This also requires you to have a good personality. Build an Officer Like Personality from Day 1 with the Officers recommended Personal Development Books

SSB coaching is not again mandatory but guidance and practice by qualified assessors will generate confidence and correct approach towards SSB.

The knowledge about five days of SSB consisting of a screening test on the first day(OIR test, Story writing, narration & group discussion) and different methods psychological, GTO, and interviewing officer is very much necessary prior to reporting SSB.

Therefore, knowing the procedures and activities of SSB through coaching centers have its advantages and disadvantages.

So let us see what are the advantages and disadvantages,

Advantage and Disadvantages of SSB Coaching

There is indeed an enormous advantage in the case of a candidate undergoing coaching in a reputed coaching center.

A coaching center will facilitate a mentor with the right guidance, and provide you with a little bit of motivation too

In the end, it is all about your own time plan, motivation, and hard work. However, good and well-known coaching centers may assist your SSB preparation fruitfully

>> Advantages

advantages of ssb coaching

1. Familiarize yourself with the Procedure.

SSB will be conducted in two important stages, firstly screening test and secondly four days of the deliberate test.

At each stage, there is a number of activities. The candidate’s initial attempt on the OIR test PPDT will determine further days test.

Hence, familiarising each test in theory and practical are important and coaching centers will give an opportunity to understand in better form.

2. Develop confidence.

The SSB is all about testing the confidence of the candidate while dealing with various activities or tests conducted.

The confidence level of the candidate always determines the approach of each activity of SSB, GTO tests, and interviews by IO. These are well addressed during classes at coaching centers.

Best Books To Refer:

English Communication skills are an important factor in SSB, make sure you get it right with these recommended books

3. Organized program.

Most of the coaching centers are conducting their online/offline classes for two weeks or more.

Few of the coaching centers are charging for a total of hours of coaching.

What is important for the candidate is a specific time that will earmark with assessors. All mock tests are monitored and corrected then and there.

4. Medium for identifying shortcomings.

SSB is basically testing a candidate’s personality in day-to-day situations.

It is very simple but approaches towards dealing with these situations may be difficult because of unawareness of your own strengths, abilities, resources, and thoughts.

The coaching center may facilitate and address these aspects in a professional way.

5. Professional assistance.

Most SSB coaching centers have their own assessing team of officers who have sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge and experience about SSB Interview techniques and tests.

Their professional experience will definitely be useful for those preparing for SSB.

>> Disadvantages

disadvantages of ssb coaching

A few important disadvantages are noticed after being trained at an SSB coaching Centre

1. Stereotype answers

The trained candidates may have overconfidence and be ready for eating symptoms due to exposure to various SSB testing tools.

The independent views of the cases and discussion may be curbed due to over guidance and monitoring.

It will become a hurdle while getting out-of-box tasks and responsibilities.

2. The familiarity of tasks and answers.

There are chances that candidates will search for familiarity with tasks and responsibilities while attending various tests in the SSB program.

These familiarities will lead to non-attentiveness and non-interest during the briefing of SSB officials.

Lack of interest and concentration can cost a candidate very badly.

3. Developing & looking for perfection.

SSB is looking for potential officer materials after due training at military academies.

Due to extensive training and tips, the candidates may develop with the near-perfection of OLQs and extra decency, which spoils the originality of the individual.

Simple and Practical Tips to Clear the Written Exam(NDA/CDS/AFCAT)

tips to clear nda afcat cds exams

If you are still on the urge of clearing your written test, then here are a few tips to help you clear your UPSC exam:

Plan & organize for self-study at least six months in advance.

Try to clear all doubts about basic grammar, elementary maths.

Start reading newspapers like Hindu, Indian Express, CSR, Malayala Manorama Yearbook, etc

Obtain some of the best books for your defense exams such as NDA/CDS/AFCAT and start preparing.

Prepare a timetable and be strict with that plan.

Study all papers (English, Maths, GS) daily in a fixed time.

Prepare a note and revise it very frequently.

Do the mock test every week to test your level of understanding.

Do not hesitate to ask doubts from your friends, teachers, or any other people.

Limit to the search on the internet to save time

If you are not satisfied with your performance within the first three months of preparation, you should join a two/ three months course (online/offline) with deputed academies to ensure that you should pass the written examination.


The candidate should aim for cutoff marks and minimum marks for each subject.

There is no requirement to get the highest marks in each subject because the final merit list SSB is not related to your highest scoring of the written examination result.

It is easy to obtain cut-off marks for the SSB interview if the candidate can identify his own strength of each subject, (English/Maths/GS).


The coaching centers spread over India may be useful when the defense aspirants prepare themselves and identify their own strengths and weakness.

The knowledge & awareness of own personalty will enhance the chance of clearing SSB.

The above article gives you some of the best SSB coaching Centres you should opt for, the advantage and disadvantages, and should you opt for coaching or not.

A suitable coaching center under able mentor will definitely give a big boost and confidence while appearing SSB.

In a nutshell, organized and preplanned coaching prior to the SSB will benefit able than harming yourself to be screened out or conference out after taking too much self-preparation.

It is like a person who trains under a coach rather than self-train by watching the screen from TV or the internet.

“No man is a man until he has been a soldier.”

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