Best General Knowledge Books for Competitive Exams

A lot of competitive exams demand candidates to have a thorough knowledge of current affairs and general knowledge of both national as well as international interests.

In order to crack such exams and gain the right knowledge, we have listed some of the best general knowledge book for competitive exams.

These books are well updated every year to bring you all current affairs in a systematic and well-listed manner.

These books also cover the majority of the subjects you would need to crack your UPSC, SSC, RRB, and other competitive exams.

best general knowledge book for competitive exams

Which are the Best General Knowledge Book for Competitive exams?

1. Lucent’s General Knowledge

best book for nda general knowledge

Lucent’s General Knowledge is a comprehensive guide that covers an exhaustive range of topics which is build to help students clear competitive exams.

It covers all the topics from Social Sciences with Pure Sciences, and the content list includes subjects like Geography, History, Indian Polity, Indian Constitution, General Sciences, and Indian Economy.

To make sure you don’t get overwhelmed with all this knowledge, the author has put all the information in a systematic and organized manner and this is one of the best book for cds gk and other competitive exams

2. Competition Success Review

best general knowledge book for competitive exams

Even though Google is a reliable source of information for all of us, most of this knowledge is scattered around the internet

This is why Competition Success Review is one of the most reliable and updated book to help you increase your general knowledge and your awareness

This book covers all major events and even gives solved papers for the CDS exam.

This Monthly magazine is very useful from starting your written exam to SSB preparation(purchase last one-year copies only)

3. The Malayala Manorama English Yearbook

best book for mns entrance exam

The Malayala Manorama English Yearbook is another good book in our general knowledge recommended books.

If you want a full run-over of all the updates which cover topics from Current affairs, Politics, Indian History, and much more, this yearbook will be a good suit.

4. Arihant General Knowledge

arihant general knowledge 2021

Arihant General Knowledge is an updated book that covers all subjects with miscellaneous topics and recent affairs.

This book is designed in such a way that it will not only give conceptual knowledge but also help in cracking competitive examinations and is one of the best book for NDA general knowledge

It is a massive amount of book which has categorized topics to help you understand better.

It gives you all the latest updates in the form of one-liners, figures, graphs, and tables.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: How can I Improve my General Knowledge for competitive exams?

A: Reading Newspapers and GK books like competition success are a great source to keep yourself well updated and increase your general knowledge for competitive exams.

There are a number of online services including Google News which can notify you of everyday important news and updates.

Q: Which newspaper is best for GK?

A: There are a number of papers that deliver all important updates. I Highly recommend “The Hindu“. When choosing a newspaper, make sure you are paying for the news and not just a newspaper filled with loads of ads and designs.

Q: Which publication is best for competitive exams?

A:Arihant Publications” and “Lucent Publications” are some of the best publications for competitive exams.

Their books like General Knowledge 2021 and Lucent’s General Knowledge are some of the best general knowledge books to refer

Q: Which book is better Lucent GK or Arihant GK?

A: While both books are best to refer to, I found Lucent GK to be a little better over the Arihant GK. It covers most of the major subjects put in a systematic manner for your competitive exams.

best general knowledge book
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Q: Is Lucent GK enough for CDS?

A: Lucent GK covers most of the topics covered in your school using NCERT Books, with updated information. So the book is enough to help you pass your General Studies Test of your Combined Defence Services Exam (CDSE)

Q: Which book is Best for General English for competitive exams?

A:Word Power Made Easy” and “Wren & Martin High School English Grammar and Composition Book” is some of the best books for general English and improve your communication skills

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General Knowledge is a crucial subject for various government and non-government organizations to access candidates.

The above-given books would give cover all major topics and syllabus to help you crack your gk test in competitive exams.

More importantly, you should also have a habit of reading newspapers to increase your knowledge about current affairs.

You can refer to The Hindu or any paper available for your area.

Having good general knowledge will not only help candidates to crack their UPSC or any other competitive exams but will be beneficial in future interviews for both government and private firms.


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