A Complete Guide: How to join NCC as a cadet, Associate NCC Officer, and More.

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Does a school or college student join NCC quickly, especially from a rural and lower-income or middle-class family?

Is it true that the educational and financial needs of the cadets catered by the NCC?

How to join NCC & participate in Republic Parade without spending money by parents of the children?

Does it guarantee that NCC cadet will get a decent job after securing “C” certificate?

Who is ANO, GCI, WTO and what their role in NCC?

These are some of the questions that might pop up while we watch about NCC on TV or read about it in Newspapers or for that matter of fact any social/public platform.

People, in general, are so ignorant about its facts and benefits that once when Rahul Gandhi, one of the esteemed political figures of our country, was asked about the prospects of NCC and its role in next-generation in an interactive session.

He admitted to be unaware of the same.

It is mandatory in many countries for the youth to serve in the defense services.

In this process, it not only models the youth of the country but also builds the foundation of a stronger more respected and responsible country, where the youth is capable and duly polished to be active citizens.

Our nation though has not made it mandatory provision but a similar runway ground has been set up for the youth to take flight and find their bidding.

NCC is one of the finest and youth voluntarily organization wholly sponsored by the Central and State Government.

Many of us sadly are unaware of the existence of this acclaimed youth organization in their School and college or where our children study

Unfortunately, many of us are missing out on the golden benefits it has to offer.

Hence this is my humble attempt to educate and encourage young children and their parents on the subject, as elaborately and simply as possible.

I will try my best to provide maximum information about all aspects of NCC in a series of articles along with my personal experience with NCC in the upcoming days

Benefits of Joining NCC

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>> To the Parents

  • Grace Marks & scholarships to their children’s studies
  • They are Disciplined, socially active, and overall acceptable (known person) in an educational establishment, i.e., School & College and surroundings.
  • Proud parents while seeing him/her in uniform without a financial burden(No expenditure required to pay), especially in the RD Parade and Foreign Visit Program of NCC
  • NCC cadets have Reservation in professional (Medical, Engineering polytechnical, etc.) colleges
  • Job opportunities in NCC and state institutions
  • NCC cadets have Reservation in Defense Force as an officer & and soldiers. Vacancies reserved for Sub Inspectors &and Constables in Central Armed Police Forces.
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>> To the Students (NCC Cadets)

  • Personality development and leadership qualities energies in a smart NCC uniform
  • An abundance of opportunities to participate in NCC activities including adventure & military training, social service, etc
  • The NCC offers a Disciplined life and Pride in the uniform and participation of prestigious attendance in the RD Parade
  • Grace marks & Reservation in professional courses
  • NCC will keep life experience with Pride, sense of responsibility, and adequate Reservation in all state & central government, Defense Force & Para Military Force
  • NCC “C Certificate holder has a high probability of becoming an Indian Defense Service Commissioned Officer
  • Financially secured, Socially accepted & well-respected life and enable them to support the near ones when they need it
  • Most parents and children are not aware of the potential of this magic of natural progress of life due to unawareness and limited exposure to the NCC at School and college

NCC is a voluntary student organization supported by central and state governments. However, many people still feel that the NCC cadet compulsorily serves in the defense force, and their training is tough.

So, You are either studying in the VIIIth (8th) standard of central or state board and below 21 years old(Some case higher age-limited accepted) or You are parents of children between age 13 to 21 years

You must read this article about NCC, which will give you a 360 degree perspective about NCC in a nutshell.

An Overview of National Cadet Corps

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National Cadet Corps was raised on 16 July 1948 under the Act of Parliament to help young youths grow with leadership, national unity & diversity, patriotism, discipline, and a sense of social service.

The Motto of NCC is “Unity and Discipline.” Three colors in the NCC Flag depict the three services of Defense service, Red for the Army, deep blue for Navy & light blue for Air force.

A lotus wreath encircles the letters NCC and the NCC crest in gold in the flag’s middle.

The first Director-General of NCC was Colonel (Later Army Chief) GG Bewoor & present DGG is Lieutenant General Rajeev Chopra, Param Vishisht Sena Medal, Ati Vishist Seva Medal.

“Hum Sab Bhartiya” is the NCC song liked by the millions of cadets.

The objects of NCC is to develop character, discipline and leadership and selfless service to the Nation.

The NCC is functioning under the Director-General of NCC commanded by Lieutenant General rank officer of the Indian Army.

17 Directorate under Major General/Brigadiers in various states, more than 95 Group Headquarters, near about 950 units(Army, Navy & Airforce),

NCC Officers Training Academies in Kamptee( For Men), Gwalior(For Women), Tambaram (Air force), Kochi(Navy).

​Army units are consisting of different types such as Armoured, Artillery , Signal, Engineers, R&V, Girls, Girls, etc. commanded by Army Officers of the rank of Colonel/Lieutenant Colonel (called Commanding Officer/ Officer Commanding) & his a deputy named as Administrative Officer).

Navy and Air Force units are specialized to teach with Navy & Air force equipment.

The Navy & Air Force NCC unit is working under Commander(Indian Navy) & Group Captain (Indian Air force), respectively.

Who Can Join NCC, and How to Join NCC?

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  • VIIth (8th standard) students (Boys & Girls) of State & Central school for Junior Division(Boys) & Junior Wing(Girls) for two years, ie, VIII to IX (8th to ninth standard).
  • XIth (+1) students can join NCC as Junior Division(Boys) & Junior Wing(Girls)
  • Medically fit, excellent in extracurricular activities, can voluntarily join NCC on Associate NCC officers’ recommendations & approval of Head of the NCC Battalion located to the School during enrollment in the month of June every year

The NCC Certificate examination of “A” & “B” conduct under NCC Battalion level and “C” certificate at Directorate level(state level)

The eligible students can join NCC as Senior Division(Boys) & Senior Wing (Girls) for three years during graduation level irrespective of subjects.

All those beginners will appear for the “B.” certificate examination and “C” certificate at the end of the final year of graduation.

“Open Quota” system is available for the interested students of neighbouring non-NCC colleges based on a specific condition.

MBBS/Engineering college students are also permitted to join NCC. They will get grace while applying in Competitive Examinations.

The teachers/lecturers/ professors are interested in serving as Associated NCC Officers will appoint with rank from Third Officer in Junior level and Lieutenant at Senior level.

They will undergo two to three months of “PRCN” course at Officer Training Academy(OTA), Kamptee & Gwalior.

The NCC “C” Certificate holders can be appointed as ANO (Associated NCC Officer) on selection by ADG itself.

NCC Curriculum

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Trainers of the NCC are Defense Service Officers, Permanent Staff(Defense service personnel below officer rank), Whole Time Officers(WTO’s), Civilian Gliding Instructors(CGI), Associated NCC Officers, Girl Cadet Instructors, and Civilian Staff.

Aim of NCC to develop character, comradeship, discipline & spirit of selfless service.

The Philosophy of NCC training is to make the youth “Potential leaders,” and Patriotic citizens.

NCC Several institutional training such as training in specialized subjects, defense and general studies of India & World, annual training camps( combined Annual Training Camp & National Integration Camps, Thal Sainik Camp) , etc.

Adventure & Sports, Social & Community Development & Youth Exchange Programme are also part of the training. Visit of foreign countries by NCC cadets.

Career Benefits from NCC

  • Army – IMA – 25 vacancies per course, i.e., January & July every year on completion of CDS written exam & SSB interview
  • OTA – (NCC Special Scheme) – 50 for Men & 5 for girls vacancies per course (one in a year) with a direct interview
  • Navy – Navy offers 05 vacancies per course with the direct Interview
  • Airforce – Airforce offers 10% vacancies for Men & Women per course with direct Interviews.
  • Number of incentives for joining Defense force Personnel Below Officer Rank including grace marks
  • The Ministry of Home Affairs has granted bonus marks to NCC certificate holders indirect Sub-inspectors and constables in Central Armed Police Forces as per details given below:

    a) NCC C Certificate holder – 5% of Maximum marks of the examination

    b) NCC B Certificate holder – 3% of Maximum marks of the examination

    c) NCC A Certificate holder- 2% of Maximum marks of the examination
  • 1000 Scholarships of Rs 6000/- each. 250 vacancies out of 1000 are reserved for cadets coming from Rural Areas.
  • Best 4 cadets in every group with cash award of Rs 3500/- every year.
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Additional Information

The interested and energetic youth can always approach ANOs of the NCC institution of CO of the nearest NCC unit to request entry into NCC

Filling of application for NCC can be made by itself. The application process is the same, whether in rural, village, and cities like New Delhi, Hyderabad & Mumbai

All expenditures regarding the training, camps & other activities, .etc., are borne by the Central & State Fund

The process of joining NCC as an Associated NCC Officers is easy and possible.


The opportunity to join NCC as cadet at early age of school days or Associate NCC officers in school/college is one of the rare opportunity because of limited vacancies.

So do not miss the opportunity to join, grow & explore the avenues offered by the nearest NCC unit in your home town. My subsequent articles will assist you to achieve the same.

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