What is NCC Special Entry 2024 in Indian Army | Apply Online, Eligibility, SSB Tips, and More


Learn What is NCC Special Entry 2024

Steps to Apply for NCC Special Entry 55 Course (April 2024)

Online Application, Benefit, SSB Procedure, and Tips for NCC Special Entry Candidates

Applicable for Boys(Senior Division) & Girls(Senior Wing)

What is NCC Special Entry in Army?

NCC Special Entry Scheme is one of the recognition of ex-cadets of the NCC for their contributions and rewards of their valuable time towards society.

It gives an opportunity for NCC cadets to Join the Indian Armed Forces as an Officer through a direct selection process of SSB

This has been a matter of pride and continuation of what he/she has learned from NCC as a cadet.

This article aims to understand the eligibility conditions of applying for the NCC Special Entry Scheme for Ex-NCC Cadets of the Senior Division/Senior Wing

ncc special entry

The Ex-NCC Cadets Alumni

Captain Manoj Kumar Pandey was adjudged the best cadet of Uttar Pradesh Directorate and was awarded Param Vir Chakra(Posthumously).

Captain Vikram Batra, ex-senior Division NCC Cadet from Punjab, was again awarded Param Vir Chakra(posthumously) is the best example of ex-NCC cadets’ contribution to the Nation by joining Army as an officer.

“Yeh Dil Mange More” of Captain Vikram Batra, an ex-NCC cadet, is the source of inspiration for the younger generation even today.

ex ncc cadets
Captain Manoj Kumar Pandey (Left), Captain Vikram Batra (Right)

NCC training provides ample opportunities for the youth of our country for their Personality and character development.

It also offers adequate exposure and training of physical fitness, weapon training, and adventurous activities through various camps, including the RD parade.

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose had his basic military training through NCC(earlier called University Training Corps(UTC)) and later led the Indian National Army in the freedom struggle.

Over the years, the NCC has been contributing immensely to the value of secularism, national unity, and selfless service.

ncc activities
NCC Activities in NCC Kerala

Eligibility for NCC Special Entry 2024

NCC Special Entry scheme is one of the easiest and simplest formats to join the Indian Army as an officer cadre without UPSC written examination if you fulfil the following primary conditions:

  • Born between 02 Jan 1999 to 01 Jan 2005(both dates inclusive).
    (19 to 25 years as on 01 Jan 2024)
  • Minimum 50% marks in graduation.
  • Should have served for a minimum of three academic years in the NCC.
  • Should have obtained a minimum “B” grade in NCC’ C’ certificate exam.


All final year appearing candidates whose final year/final semester exam will be scheduled after 1 April 2024 are not eligible to apply for this course

Advantages of Joining the Indian Army through NCC Special Entry Scheme.

1. The institutional training of NCC is a stepping stone to Army basic military training at Officers Training Academy.

2. The familiarity with physical and weapon training of NCC and OTA.

3. A matured and balanced personality trait groomed by NCC adds the advantage of personnel joining the Indian Army as an officer.

4. Free from UPSC Written examination hassle and its cut-off marks to get a call-up letter for SSB interview.

5. Mentally and physically fit, self-confident, disciplined, and highly motivated team members & leaders(with appointment) of ex-cadet will have numerous opportunities in the defence force.

6. Option to take the permanent commission after fulfilling specific terms and conditions.

ncc special entry scheme

Vacancies for NCC Cadets

Every year, the Indian Armed Forces Keep reserve seats for NCC Cadets in every course.

The Indian NCC Special Entry scheme allows candidates to join via OTA, Chennai which has a Vacancy of 100 (50 in every course/ year)

Vacancies For NCC Men

For Wards of battle casualties of Indian Army Personnel5

Vacancies For NCC Women

For Wards of battle casualties of Indian Army Personnel01

This is a Short Service Commission (Non-Technical) Course.

NCC Cadets can also apply under other courses such as CDSE and Get Permanent Commission in the Army.

The NCC Vacancy in such courses is 64 (32 in every course/ year)

This gives the NCC candidates a better opportunity to get recommended and Join the Indian Armed Forces


Join the Armed Forced with only a Direct SSB Interview: Short Service Commission (SSC Tech Entry)

How to Apply for NCC Special Entry Online

1. Applications will only be accepted online on the website www.joinindianarmy.nic.in.

2. Click on ‘Officer Entry Apply/Login’ and then click ‘Registration’ (Registrations are not required, if already registered on www.joinindianarmy.nic.in).

3. Fill out the online registration form after reading the instructions carefully.

4. After getting registered, click on ‘Apply Online’ under the Dashboard.

5. A page ‘Officers Selection – ‘Eligibility’ will open.

6. Then click ‘Apply’ shown against Short Service Commission NCC Special Entry Course.

7. A page ‘Application Form’ will open.

8. Read the instructions carefully and click ‘Continue’ to fill in details as required under various segments.

9. Personal information, Communication details, Education details, contact Numbers, and details of previous SSB.

10. ‘Save & Continue’ each time before you go to the next segment.

11. After filling in details on the last segment, you will move to a page ‘Summary of your information’ wherein you can check and edit the entries already made.

12. Only after ascertaining the correctness of all your details, click on ‘Submit Now’.

13. Candidates must click on ‘Submit Now’ each time they open the application for editing any details.

14. The candidates are required to take out two copies of their application having Roll Number 30 minutes after the final closure of the online application on the last day, i.e : 15 September 2022


Application can be submitted from 05 July 2023
Last date of submission: 03 AUGUST 2023 at 3 PM (1500hr)

Lt Gen Tarun kumar Aich
Lt Gen Tarun Kumar Aich (33rd Director General of National Cadet Corps)

Documents Required For NCC Special Entry

  • NCC “C” Certificate in original.
  • Marks sheets from 12th standard & graduation (of Provisional Degree sheets).
  • Marks sheets of all years/semesters.
  • College Principal certificate stating the Candidate is waiting for final examination/result.
  • Proof of Nationality.
  • Individual declaration on non-submission of original certificates beyond personal capacity.

Process for SSB Interview NCC Special Entry Scheme

The Service selection board(SSB) is an inter defence & Defence Civil Organisation responsible for recommending potential Indian Armed Force Officers.

The SSB consists of qualified & experienced Interviewing Officers, Ground Tasking Officers & Psychologists.

They will conduct various tests, both written & oral/practical, to evaluate the Officer qualities(OLQ)

The recommended candidates(Men & Women) become officers after medical examination & training at various academies in different parts of India.

ssb recommended
SSB Recommended Candidate

>> Stage I

Screening test on the day of reporting ( MOST IMPORTANT TEST) –

Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) and Picture Perception & Description Test (PP & DT).

>> Stage II (3-4 Days)

Psychological Test

  • Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
  • Word Association Test(WAT)
  • Situation Reaction Test (SRT)
  • Self Description Test (SDT)


  • Group Discussion (GD)
  • Group Planning Exercise(GPE)
  • Progressive Group Task (PGT)
  • Half Group Test (HGT)
  • Individual Obstacle Test (OT)
  • Command Task (CT)
  • Group Obstacle Race(GOR)
  • Lecturette
  • Final Group Task (FGT)

Personal Interview

This will be based on your submitted Personal details at the time of reporting at SSB

Be truthful and frank while giving your personal interview. Enjoy the same with your Interviewing Officer.

The interaction time would be between 15 to 45 mins


Final Conference

All candidates have the opportunity to meet in a formal interaction with the complete team of officers responsible for selecting the potential officer.

Medical Examination at Defence Hospital.

The selected Candidate would be retained for Medical Test

In most cases, if you are regular in games, sports, and participant in college activities, then you don’t really need to worry.

You can give your medical test with a relaxed mind which would be held at a Defence Force Hospital under specialized doctors.

A board of medical officers will declare your Medical Fitness and pass on your recommendation.

Note: Sometimes they may tell you to carry out some medical treatment, if required, and report to the service hospital for finalization


national cadet corps

Avoid These Mistakes Before Your SSB

As you all know, more than 95% of NCC Special Entry scheme aspirants could not make SSB after a long and continued self-study or coaching

A few of them could not be recommended due to a lack of medical fitness

Some of them are not entered in the/OTA due to the low merit list

Why is it happening?

In most cases, due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of self:

Let us check the reasons which most of the candidates fail to achieve to fulfil the dream due to the following causes:

1. Non -understanding of the correct perspective of the selection procedures.

2. Inability to communicate real and actual ideas/thoughts during the time of testing.

3. Un-planned & non-prepared answers to the interviewing officer.

4. Over-trained & highly polished responses and activities in SSB.

5. Try to hide your natural behaviours, habits, and characteristics.

6. Try to project or emphasize self-overconfidence whenever he gets a chance to associate with peers.

7. Non-observant nature and lack of knowledge of surroundings.

8. Reluctance to change or non-flexibility to accommodate viewpoints of others and patterns of behaviour.

9. Show off, a lack of acceptability & non-adjustability of others’ point of view.

10. Intent to join in Army for the sake of job opportunity rather than commitment & devotion

11. Fundamental nature of non-sharing, lack of human behaviour due to family born and brought up.

12. The confused state of mind and aimless future

13. Difficulties in leaving comfort zones

We all are human beings and, most of the above points can be identified and corrected before the appearing Selection Service Board.

It may need a deliberate attempt, and some candidates need time (six months & maybe one year) to mould their attitude & character

Looking To Clear SSB In First Attempt?

Get The Best Guidance for your SSB under retired SSB officers who have been part of the Service Selection Board during their tenure. Click Here To Know More Details

indian combat ssb coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) How many times NCC Special Entry come in a year?

A) The NCC Special Entry Scheme comes twice a year. This gives candidates to join via OTA with a total vacancy of 100 (50 in every course/year)

Q2) What are the chances of NCC students clearing SSB through NCC Special Entry?

A) NCC Cadets have always got an upper hand over regular candidates coming for SSB. But the NCC Cadet should also have the potential which the SSB is looking, in a future officer.

If he/she can meet the requirements, they will make it from any kind of entry in the Armed Forces, may that be from NCC Special Entry, CDSE, AFCAT or other entry schemes.

SSB focuses on the personality of an individual and one should make an effort to improve it over time before they go for their SSB Test.

If done right, there is no one stopping you from getting recommended.

Q3) How Many Applicants Apply for NCC Special Entry Scheme?

A) On average, more than 5000 candidates are given SSB call letters to join the Armed Forces through the NCC Special Entry Scheme

These include about 4000 candidates called to join the Indian Army, while the rest 1000 are candidates called to join the Airforce and Navy.

An NCC C Certificate A/B grade holders from the Airforce and Navy Wing are allowed to apply for the Army as well.

But A NCC C Certificate A/B grade holders from the Army can only apply in the Army.

The Indian Army has a vacancy of 50 for every course under the NCC Special Entry Scheme


Official Notification for NCC Special Entry 2024 (April 2024)

You can read the official NCC Special Entry April 2024 below.


NCC Special Entry Scheme gives candidates from the National Cadet Corps an opportunity to join the Indian Armed Forces by applying for a direct interview through SSB.

The above article gives you a direct overview of Ex-NCC Cadets who have been selected and continued to deliver service to the nation, the benefits of joining, vacancies, eligibility, and SSB Tips to help you crack SSB.

If you are an NCC cadet or wish to join through NCC, I would recommend you to start building yourself and qualifying yourself as an NCC “C” Certificate Holder.

Even if you are unable to join via the special entry scheme, the Armed Force always keeps vacancies for NCC cadets on all the different entry schemes.

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