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Learn how to fill OMR sheet correctly in 2022

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how to fill omr sheet

OMR(Optical Mark Recognition) sheet is one of the most important documents to be filled during the time of any national level examination like NDA, CDS, JEE, NEET and others.

Correct and neat writing or filling the OMR sheet is very important as this document is one of the technological drawn and is completely error-free.

The proper endorsing of personal information as per admit card in the initial time and darkening the bubbles as part of filling right answer of the exam are the mandatory requirements each candidate is supposed to know.

This article aims to assist the candidate to fill OMR form correctly without any mistakes. Of course, you will also have the instructions printed on your Admit card & OMR sheet.

What is the Full Form of OMR and Its Importance?

OMR stands for Optical Recognition Technology which is used in various national exams across the world. OMR sheets help to capture the human-marked data from the bubbled sheets.

This kind of technology is considered to be quite fast and efficient when evaluating exams which could potentially have over lakhs and lakhs of candidates

To save one’s time and bring results faster, the OMR sheet is a great solution implemented for MCQ type questions which also has a high level of accuracy.

This standard way of conducting exams is well accepted across the globe and if you are looking to write any kind of national exam, you will be encountered to take the exam on these OMR sheets.

The answers are marked in circular bubbles using a pen by the candidates when marking the right answer. The circle is one of the easiest and fastest ways to mark in comparison to other shapes, hence increases the efficiency of candidates to attempt the paper faster and easily

Details to be filled in OMR Sheet 2022 For NDA, CDS, JEE and Others

The following details will be filled in OMR by students:

  • Roll Number
  • Name
  • Test Number
  • Exam date
  • Darken the answers
  • Test booklet number

How to Fill Name in OMR sheet?

A lot of candidates make the major mistake of writing their names on the wrong platform. You might write your name in a cursive running hand manner.

This is not the best practice, as the name could be hard to read if you don’t have good handwriting or some small letters are misread during the evaluation

The best practice is to make sure you write your name only in Capital Letters.

E.g: Your name could be “Peter John”.
Rather than writing in cursive writing i.e “Peter John”, you should write your name as “PETER JOHN” i.e in All capital letters

how to fill name in omr sheet

How To Fill The Circles in the OMR Sheet

I am sure you all are already familiar with what an OMR sheet looks like. If not, you can download one and take a look given in the further part of the article.

While this might sound easier too, filling in the OMR sheet with your correct answers can be a little tricky

By now, you would have understood that OMR is evaluated with the computer. Hence making this method quite accurate and even efficient

While we have the benefits of OMR, a computer is a computer after all. Which comes with its own set of rules.

And such rules should be known to you, so you don’t miss getting your deserving marks just because you didn’t follow the right way of marking on the OMR sheet

1) Always start filling the circle from outside to inside.

It’s quite important for you to fill the OMR sheet circles by going from the outside to the inside.

Don’t go from inside darkening the circle to outside. This is a little inefficient way of marking in the OMR sheet.

Also as a rule you are required to not go outside the circle. Going outside the circle could end up your answer getting rejected by the computer system

You might commit such small mistakes if you are trying to darken the circle from inside to outside. So always follow the good practice of starting from outside to inside.

2) Avoid Smudges

Another mistake could be smudging your OMR sheet answers and getting the ink all over your sheet, or even outside the circle.

This could also be treated as rejecting your correct answer and putting it into the wrong answer.

So ensure you use a good Black Ballpoint Pen and do not smudge your OMR sheet due to sweat, water or anything else.

Ensure you are submitting a clean and well-marked OMR sheet at the final of your examination. This will ensure you don’t get marked wrong for any external reasons

3) Verify the correct options

I have often seen students creating this blunder when marking answers on the OMR sheet.

For example, you have question no. 23

Q23) How many Moons does Mars have?


And you know that there are 2 moons for Mars. And later on, you go back to the OMR sheet to answer the question.

You remembered that the Q23 answer is 2. But you forgot that “2” is the “C” option. And you went ahead and marked option “B” thinking it was 2nd.

And that’s a big mistake. Because now you cant go back and change that. Hence losing such easy and well-deserving marks.

So make sure you don’t do this and be very well aware of the answers and its options

4) Some Practices to Avoid

  • You are always required to completely darken the circle with your black ballpoint pen. Do not leave it with half dark circle or circle only in the middle
  • If you circled a little in the middle of the wrong answer, and later changed it by circling well on the right answer. It could still be considered a wrong answer. So avoid doing so.

    If you are unsure, just circle a little with your circle, so you can always change it back. Again this could be time-consuming, so do it only if and when required
  • The circles should not be ticked or crossed. This will also be considered a wrong answer by the computer system
how to fill omr sheet correctly

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Various Methods on How to Fill OMR Sheet Correctly

>> Don’ts While Filling OMR Sheet

1) Filling OMR after Solving Complete Paper

A lot of candidates do the major mistake of sitting down in the examination hall and start solving all questions in one go.

While this might help you utilize your time well to solve a lot of questions, this doesn’t help you at all. As those answers are required are well supposed to be marked on your OMR sheet as well

And when you keep only 10-15 min to fill all your answers at the end of the examination, you either run out of time to fill all your answers or end up marking wrong answers for some questions because you were in a hurry

Worst case scenario is marking answers of one section like General knowledge inside the Physics part, which could be such a big blunder

As once the answers are circled, you cannot go and make a change on it even if you knew the right answer to it. If you mark another answer, it will also be considered wrong. Hence losing all your deserving marks

2) Filling OMR after Solving Every Question

Another inefficient way of marking answers on the OMR sheet is solving one question, going back to the OMR sheet and trying to circle the right answer

While this will help you mark a lot of questions, you will have half of the questions done after an hour exam, unlike the previous method. This will still waste a lot of your time.

Candidates find themselves trying to cope with the time when using such a method. The majority of students miss solving questions that could have helped them squeeze some extra marks.

And as you know, every right answer matter as it can make a difference in the selection in an elite college of your choice or cracking your dream job.

So never indulge in such practices and make yourself inefficient when filling OMR sheets

>> Do’s While Filling OMR Sheet

1) Filling OMR on Time Basis

In this method, a candidate can mark the questions on a time interval basis.

So you can solve all the questions you can in a 15-30 min time interval. After that time interval, you can come back to your OMR sheet and fill in all the answers that you have solved.

This way you ensure solving all your questions and also make sure you don’t miss on putting down all the answers in due time.

2) Filling OMR Based on No. of Questions

This is one of the best methods I recommend you to take. In this, you can specify a particular amount of questions i.e 10 questions.

You can solve these 10 questions and then mark the answers to these 10 questions on your OMR sheet.

Then you can go on to solve the next 10 questions and mark the answers in the OMR sheet after completing them.

You can repeat this till the time you complete your paper. This will increase your efficiency in solving and marking the OMR sheet

Also, note that you don’t necessarily need to solve just 10 marks and put them on the mark sheet. You can increase or decrease this number.

Just make sure you don’t choose too less or a lot of questions in one go. Keep it between 6 to 12

3) Filling OMR Based on No. of Pages

You can also fill the OMR sheet after solving a particular amount of pages in your question paper

Every question paper has a lot of pages, sometimes over 16 pages in one paper. While this might be a lot, you can divide these pages into small sections

So say you have Physics questions combined in 8 pages.

Take the first 3 or 4 pages and solve all questions on that page.
After solving all the questions on that page, you can then proceed to mark all these answers on your OMR sheet

You can always increase or decrease the number of pages to answer before going back to the OMR sheet

Do make sure that if you are left with one page, before moving to a new section. Finish this one page and mark it on the OMR sheet.

So you don’t mix marking the questions in some other section.

omr sheet 100 questions

Some Important Set of Instructions

These are some of the important sets of instructions stated by the UPSC while marking your OMR Sheet/ answer booklet:

  • In the answer sheet, mark in BLACK BALL POINT pen, your exam centre, subject, and the test booklet series in the appropriate space provided on top.
  • Then, mark or encode your booklet series (A/B/C/D), subject code, and roll number in the circles provided there.
  • If the booklet series is not mentioned on the test booklet or the answer sheet is not numbered, immediately get the test booklet/answer sheet replaced by the invigilator.
  • Any changes in marking the roll number should be done with the initials of the candidate and the invigilator. It should also be countersigned by the supervisor.
  • Immediately after the exam starts, please check if the test booklet has any unprinted or torn or missing pages or items. In such a case, you must get the complete test booklet replaced with a booklet of the same series and subject.
  • In the space provided for rough work in the answer sheet, you are not supposed to write your name or any other information other than what is required for answering the questions.
  • The answer sheet is not supposed to be folded or mutilated in any way.
  • You are also not supposed to write anything on the reverse of the answer sheet.
  • The OMR is going to be evaluated by a computer. So, you must take extreme caution while marking the answer sheet. Since you cannot erase the answers once marked (with a black ballpoint), please take care to mark them carefully.
  • The questions will be printed in the Test Booklet. It contains questions under each of which four choices will be given. You have to mark the answer in the Answer Sheet (OMR Sheet) against the appropriate serial number.
  • You have to mark the correct answer choice in the answer sheet by completely darkening the circle against the correct choice (a/b/c/d) with a black ballpoint pen.

OMR Sheet PDF Download

You can use the following OMR sheet to practice for your national levels exams like NDA, CDS, JEE, NEET and others.

You can take multiple printouts of this OMR sheet and get a brief idea of how to fill the OMR sheet correctly and efficiently. Please keep in mind all the points discussed above.

The given OMR sheet is for NDA exams, but you can refer to the same for other kinds of OMR exams like CDS, JEE, AFCAT NEET and others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Can I use blue pen in NDA?

A) As the instructions stated by UPSC, you are required to use only a “black ballpoint pen”. So suggesting to you the same and avoid using a blue or any other colour pen.

Q) What pen should be used for OMR sheet?

A) Generally, you will be required to use a black ballpoint pen to use on the OMR Sheet. You can get a good pen from here for your practice and final paper

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