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Learn How To Join Sainik School and its process

Step by Step Process on How To Apply Sainik School Admission Exam For Class 9 & 6

List of Sainik Schools With Their Web Addresses and Exam Cities

How To Join Sainik School?

Suppose you think that your child should study in an excellent residential school with discipline, safety and be part of India’s best & respected professions. In that case, Sainik School is the best option.

Admission to Sainik School is a matter of pride and an excellent opportunity to serve the Indian Armed Forces as an officer after completing the XIIth standard.

The Sainik School curriculum will mold the students’ personality and develop leadership qualities to becomes an officer of three forces(Army/Navy/Air Force).

The first Defense Minister, Mr. VK Krishna Menon, originated Sainik School across India to impart constructive and valuable English medium education from the junior classes.

The organized studies, including officer-like qualities, enable the students to prepare for the National Defense Academy(NDA) & Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala(INA).

The 33 Sainik schools across India are managed by a society(Sainik School Society)under the defense ministry and curriculum based on CBSE (English).

The Sainik school follows a residential pattern of living & studying which is the same as the Indian Military school, Dehradun & Military Schools.

This article enlightens the procedure to get admission for either VI or IX classes in Sainik School and assists the parents and children to know about Sainik School a little more

How To Apply Sainik School Admission Exam For Class 9 & 6

1. Candidates can apply for AISSEE 2021 “Online” only on the website

2. Only one application is to be submitted by a candidate.

3. Candidates must ensure that e-mail address and mobile number provided in the online application form are their own or that of their parents, as all information/ communication will be sent by NTA through e-mail on the given e-mail address or SMS on given mobile number only.

4. Instructions for filling Online Application Form:

Step 1:

Apply for Online Registration using unique Email ID and Mobile No.

Step 2:

  • Fill in the Online Application
  • Form and note down the system generated Application No.


Upload the following documents:

  • Scanned images of Candidate’s Photograph (file size: 10 kb – 200 kb) in JPG/JPEG format
  • Candidate’s Signature (file size: 4kb – 30kb) in JPG/JPEG format.
  • Candidate’s left-hand thumb impression. (file size 10 kb -50 kb) in JPG/JPEG format.

    (In case of any eventuality of left thumb being unavailable, right hand thumb impression may be used)
  • Date of Birth Certificate
  • Domicile Certificate
  • Caste/ Community/ Category Certificate
  • Certificate of service (for Defence category-serving) and PPO for Ex-servicemen, as applicable. (The certificates as detailed above: Filesize (100 kb to 400 kb) in JPG or JPEG format)

Step 4:

Pay fee using SBI/ICICI Bank/Paytm Payment Gateway through Debit Card/Credit Card/Net Banking/UPI and keep proof of fee paid.

In case the Confirmation Page is not generated after payment of fee, then the transaction is cancelled and amount will be refunded to the candidate‟s account.

However, the candidate has to make another transaction, in case the Confirmation Page is not generated.

Step 5:

All the 4 steps can be done together in one go or at different times

Note: Visit – before submitting online application

Pattern of Examination for Class-VI & IX

The Sainik schools are originated to identify intelligent and promising students from Class V & VII through a national entrance examination.

The Ministry of Education has established the National Testing Agency(NTA), responsible for conducting a written examination under the All India Sainik Schools Entrance Examination(AISSEE)

The AISSEE will conduct a written test once a year for admission in Class VI & IX. The details of admission procedures are as given below(All dates are tentative and prepared based on previous years experience):

Mode of ExaminationPaper & Pen(OMR Based)
Tentative Date of Examination10 January 2022
Paper patternMultiple Choice Questions
Exam fee(Non-Refundable)Rs 400/- for SC/ST
Rs 550/- for others
Submission of Online ApplicationFrom 20 October to 19 November 2021
Downloading Admit Card23 December 2021
Duration of examinationFor VI – Two & Half hours
IX – Three Hours
  • An applicant can submit only one application. All personal documents are required to be upload at the time of submission of the application.
  • 67% of the seats for candidates domiciled in the state/UT where the Sainik school is located.
  • 33% of the seats for another state candidate.
  • Each category of Home state/UT and other states, the seats will be reserved on the following lines:
  • 15% for Scheduled caste, 7.5 for Scheduled Tribe (ST), 27% for the category other backward classes.
  • 25% seats reserved for the children of serving and retired defence personnel.
  • However, the wards of Coast Guard/Assam Rifles not included this category of reservation

Age Criteria & Syllabus for Admission for VI Class

ApplyBoys & Girls can Apply
AgeBetween 10 and 12 years as of 31 March 2022
Medium of ExamEnglish or Regional language(Option for only one language)
The language for examination for the forthcoming yearEnglish, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odiya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu.
  • Candidates opting for regional language will provide an exam booklet in the language they opted for in the application form.
  • The candidate is free to choose the option of the medium of the question paper. However, the choice, once exercised, can not be changed

Sainik School Class 6 Syllabus

>> Marks-Wise Distribution

Mathematics50 Questions X 3 Marks = 150 Marks
Intelligence25 Questions X 2 Mark= 50 Marks
Language25 Questions X 2Marks = 50 Marks
General Knowledge25 Questions x 2 Marks = 50 Marks
Total125 Questions /300 Marks

>> Topics Covered in Class IV

S NoTopics  S NoTopics  
1Natural Numbers14Conversion of Units
2LCM and HCF15Roman Numerals
3Unitary Method16Types of Angles
5Ratio and Proportion18Volume of Cube and Cuboids
6Profit and Loss19Prime and Composite Numbers
7Simplification20Plane Figures
8Average21Decimal Numbers
9Percentage22Speed and Time
10Area and Perimeter23Operation on Numbers
11Simple Interest24Complementary and Supplementary Angles
12Lines and Angles25Arranging of Fractions
S. NoTopics
1.Questions on Intelligence will be based on analogies (mathematical & verbal), pattern (spatial and mathematical), classification, visual, logical, reasoning etc.
Language (English)
S NoTopics  S NoTopics  
1Comprehension Passage14Sentence Formation
5Verbs and Type18Interjection
6Confusing Words19Idiom and Phrases
7Question Tags20Collective Nouns
8Types of sentence21Number
9Tense forms22Gender
10Kinds of Nouns23Adverbs
11Kinds of Pronouns24Rhyming Words
12Correct Spelling25Singular/Plural
13Ordering of words in sentence  
Language (Hindi)
S NoTopics  S NoTopics  
1.गदययांश13क्रियय विशषे ण की ऩहचयन
2विशषे ण की ऩहचयन14िचन बदऱनय
3सज्ञां य के भदे ों की ऩहचयन15अर् थ के आधयर ऩर ियक्य भेद
4.महयिरेु16ियच्य ऩररिर्नथ
5श्रतर्समभभन्नयर्कथु  शब्द17सिनथ यम की ऩहचयन
6अशदधधशोधनु  (ियक्य)18कयऱ
7विऱोम शब्द19भऱगां बदऱनय
8ऩययथयियची शब्द20िण थ विचयर
9सधांध21ियक्य विचयर
11.क्रियय23िर्नथी शदधधु
Language (Regional)
S NoTopics
1.Questions in the language (regional) section will be based on topics dealt till Class V
General Knowledge
S NoTopicsS NoTopics
1Different Types of Scientific Devices Used in Daily Life.15Concepts on Mountain Terrain and Lifestyle
2Icons and Symbols of India: National Insignia, National Emblem, Sports, Animal etc. (Elementary awareness of such symbols)16Historical Monuments
3Major Religions of India (Elementary awareness about founder, place of origin, religious books and important ideas)17Shape of Earth and Gravitation (Basic concepts)
4Art and Culture (Music, Classical and Folk Dance); Renowned Personalities,  Instrumental and Vocal Music, Major Dance Forms 18Non-Renewable Energy Sources (Fossil Fuels)
5Defence (Equivalent Ranks in three services, Weapons, Aircraft, Missiles &Warships (Elementary awareness)19Food, Culture, Habitat, Languages etc of various regions (Basic concepts)
6Sports and Games (India & World).  Renowned personalities, major competitions and trophies associated with various games20Names of young ones of different animals
7Super Senses (How do plants and animals sense their surroundings)21Functions of Body Parts of Plants and Animals
8Relationship between Animals and Human Beings22International Organizations: Basic knowledge about structure, functioning and objectives of United Nations, World Bank etc.
9Taste and Digestion (Basic concepts)   23Indian Literary and Cultural Personalities: Names  and fields of achievements
10Cooking and Preserving Techniques24Indian Literary and Cultural Awards. (Names of the awards and recent recipients)
11Germination and Seed Dispersal25Natural Calamities (Flood and Earthquake)
12Traditional Water Harvesting Techniques26Evaporation, Condensation and Water Cycle (Basic concepts)
13Experiment with Water on Everyday Life27Life of Farmers (Farming techniques)
14Water Pollution and Microbial Diseases  28Tribal Communities and Forest Produce  


Prepare yourself with the best books for sainik school exam preparation for class 6:

1. Sainik School Class 6 Guide

sainik school book class 6

2. Sainik School Class 6 Guide Hindi

sainik school book class 6 hindi

Age Criteria & Syllabus for Admission for IX Class

ApplyOnly Boys Can Apply
AgeBetween 13 and 15 years as of 31 March 2022
LanguageHindi or English

Sainik School Class 9 Syllabus

>> Marks-Wise Distribution

Mathematics50 Questions X 4 Marks = 200 Marks
Intelligence25 Questions X 2 Mark= 50 Marks
English25 Questions X 2Marks = 50 Marks
General Science25 Questions x 2 Marks = 50 Marks
Social Science25 Questions X 2 Marks= 50 Marks
Total150 Questions /400 Marks

>> Topics Covered in Class IX

S NoTopicsS NoTopics
1Rational Numbers16Average, Median, Mode  
2Linear Equations in One Variable17Probability  
3Understanding Quadrilaterals18Pie Chart
4Data Handling (Bar Graph and Line Graph)19Direct & Inverse Proportions
5Squares and Square Roots20Factorizations  
6Cubes and Cube Roots21Introduction to Graph  
7Comparing Quantities (Percentage, Profit and Loss)22Unitary Method  
8Algebraic Expressions and Identities23Divisibility Exam  
9Area and Perimeters24Triangles (Angle Sum Property)
10Volumes and Surface Areas25Parallel Lines  
11Exponents and Powers26Simple Interest and Compound Interest
12Playing with Numbers27Time and Work  
13Visualizing Solid Shapes28Area and Perimeter of Circles  
14Triangles ( Pythagoras Theorem)29Algebraic Expression (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division)
15Euler‟s Formula  
S. NoTopics
1.Questions on Intelligence will be based on analogies (mathematical & verbal), pattern (spatial and mathematical), classification, visual, logical, reasoning etc.
S NoTopics  S NoTopics  
1Spotting Errors  17Sentence Improvement
2Comprehension Passage18Change of sentence as directed  
3Antonyms19Sentence Formation
4Synonyms20Types of Sentences
5Prepositions21Phrase and Clauses
6Articles22Kinds of Noun
7Types of Verbs23Adjectives
8Tense Form24Interjection
9Narration25Question Tags
12Confusing Words28Conditions
13Subject- Verb Agreement29Comparison of Adjectives
14Correct Spellings30Personal Pronoun
15Order of words in a sentence31Change of Gender
16Idioms and Phrases32Change of Number
General Science
S NoTopics  S NoTopics  
1Fossil Fuel: Coal and Petroleum14Micro-Organisms
2Combustion and Flame15Some Natural Phenomenon
3Cell Structure and Function16How to find calorific value of fuel?
4Reproduction in Plants and Animals17Electroplating and Artificial Jewellery
5Force, Friction and Pressure18Relation between types of friction.
6Sound and its basics19Cropping Seasons
7Reflection and Dispersion of Light20Agricultural Practices
8Metals and Non Metals21Conservation of Plants and Animals
9Synthetic Fibres and Plastics22Biosphere Reserves, National Parks and Sanctuaries
10Chemical Effects of Electric Current23Reaching the age of Adolescence
11Stars and Solar Systems24Changes during Puberty
12Pollution of Air and Water25Endocrine Glands and Hormones
13Global Warming    
Social Science
S NoTopics  S NoTopics  
1Revolt of 185720Interior of Earth
2Freedom Fighters21Climate Change
3Important Freedom Movements22Earthquakes and Major Land Forms
4Social and Caste Reforms23Types of Rainfall
5 Resources and sustainable development24Major Grasslands
6Rock cycle of water cycle25Types of Forests
7Pressure and Wind System26Means of Transport
8Land Soil and Water Resources27Communication
9Minerals and Power Resources28Life in deserts
10Indian Constitution and Secularism  29Panchayat System
11Importance of Parliament30Local Self Government
12Types of Agriculture31Law and Social Justice.
13Types of Government and different tiers of Government32Judiciary and Criminal Justice System
14Understanding Markets33Marginalisation  
15Elections34Public Facilities
16Role of Government in Health35Natural Vegetation and Wildlife
17Delhi Sultanate36Industries
18Mughals37Human Resources
19Bhakti and Sufi Movement38Changes in the Arts


Passing marks for admission – 25% minimum marks in each subject and 40% marks in aggregate of all the topics of AISSEE 2022.

No minimum marks for SC/ST candidates.


Prepare yourself with the best books for sainik school exam preparation for class 9:

1. Sainik School Class 9 Guide

sainik school book class 9

2. Sainik School Class 9 Entrance Exam Guide Book (AISSEE) With Latest Solved Papers

sainik school book class 9

List of Sainik Schools With Their Web Addresses and Exam Cities

Sl. No. State  Name of Sainik School  School Website  CitySchool codeCity code
1Andhra Pradesh  Sainik School, Korukondawww.sainikschoolkorukonda.orgGUNTUR12023120201
2.Andhra Pradesh  Sainik School, Kalikiriwww.kalikirisainikschool.comANANTAPUR12013120101
    YSR DISTRICT12013120107
3.Arunachal Pradesh  Sainik School, East Siang  http://www.sainikschooleastsiang.comITANAGAR13011130101
4.Assam  Sainik School, Goalparawww.sainikschoolgoalpara.orgDIBRUGAR14013140101
    EAST KHASI HILLS14013140102
    EAST SIKKIM14013140103
5.Bihar  Sainik School, Nalanda mlBEGUSARAI15023150201
    ROHTAS (SASARAM)15023150207
6.Bihar  Sainik School, Gopalganj
    SARAN (CHAPRA)15013150105
    VAISHALI (HAJIPUR)15013150107
7.ChattisgarhSainik School, Ambikapur mlBASTAR17013170101
8.Gujarat  Sainik School, Balachadi

Sl. No.
   CitySchool codeCity code
9.Haryana  Sainik School, Kunjpura
10.Haryana  Sainik School, Rewari
11.Himachal Pradesh  Sainik School, SujanpurTira
    SUJANPUR TIRA24013240107
12.J & K  Sainik School, Nagrota
13.Jharkhand  Sainik School, Tilaiya
    CitySchool codeCity code
 JharkhandSainik School, Tilaiya
14.Karnataka  Sainik School, Bijapur
15.Karnataka  Sainik School, Kodagu URBAN27023270201
    DAKSHIN KANNADA27023270204
16.Kerala  Sainik School, Kazhakootam

Sl. No
State  Name of Sainik School  School Website  CitySchool codeCity code
17.Madhya Pradesh  Sainik School, Rewa
18.Maharashtra  Sainik School, Satara
    MUMBAI CITY31023310207
19.Maharashtra  Sainik School, Chandrapur
20.Manipur  Sainik School, Imphal EAST32013320101
    WEST TRIPURA32013320103

Sl. No. 
State  Name of Sainik School  School Website  CitySchool codeCity code
21.Mizoram  Sainik School, Chhingchhip
22.Nagaland  Sainik School, Punglwa
23.Odisha  Sainik School, Bhubaneswar
24.Odisha  Sainik School, Sambalpur
25.Punjab  Sainik School, Kapurthala

Sl. No. 
State  Name of Sainik School  School Website  CitySchool codeCity code
26.Rajasthan  Sainik School, Chittorgarh
27.Rajasthan  Sainik School, Jhunjhunu
    SRI GANGANAGAR39023390203
28.Tamil Nadu  Sainik School, Amaravathinagarhttp://www.sainikschoolamaravathinagar.ed
29.Uttar Pradesh  Sainik School, Mainpuri
30.Uttar Pradesh  Sainik School, Jhansi
    KANPUR NAGAR44011440104

Sl. No. 
State  Name of Sainik School  School Website  CitySchool codeCity code
31.Uttar Pradesh  Sainik School, Amethihttps://sainikschoolamethi.comAMETHI45011450101
32.UttarakhandSainik School, Ghorakhal
    SRI NAGAR45023450209
33.West Bengal  Sainik School, Purulia
    PORT BLAIR46013460103
sainik school training


The Ministry of Education has established the National Testing Agency(NTA) for conducting written examinations for Cl-VI & Cl- IX under the All India Sainik Schools Entrance Examination(AISSEE)

The above article gives you a step by step process to apply for admission for class 9 and class 6 students and syllabus to help you join the sainik school

A list of all the Sainik schools has been put to help you join the Sainik school according to your preference.

if we missed something or you have any further queries, feel free to comment below and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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