Smart Study Tips To Crack NDA(2) Exam 2022

The National Defence Academy(NDA) examination 2022 (2) will be held by offline mode on 05 September 2021 in selected cities/towns of India under the aegis of UPSC.

And before you go ahead and face your SSB interviews, you need to crack your NDA exam with good marks in order to ensure you not only clear the exam but have higher chances to make it on the final merit list.

This article will provide you with smart and a positive approach with tips to crack NDA exam 2022

tips to crack nda exam

An Overview of the NDA Examination

This examination will facilitate Male candidates, age between 16.5 to 19 years to join NDA in Jan 2022 after clearing SSB.

The candidate born not earlier than January 2, 2004, and not later than January 1, 2006 can apply for the NDA-2(2022) examination & its application can be accepted till 29 June 2021.(changes if any will be intimated).

Unlike other entries to join the Army, a physically and mentally fit male student from a science, maths, commerce & humanities background can apply for NDA (Army)

Whereas Physics, Chemistry & Maths( PCM) students can apply for NDA(Navy & Air Force)

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There are two papers to appear during the written examination ie Mathematics and General Ability Tests with a total of 900 Marks.

Mathematics carries 300 marks which consist of 150 objective type questions with 2.5 hrs time. At the same time, the General Ability Test covers 600 marks 300 objective type questions with 2.5 hr time.

It is possible to get more than 360 marks out of 900 for those who follow a positive and smart approach of self-study for the coming months ie till 04 September 2022 by spending at least a few hours per day

This positive and smart approach of study will enhance the knowledge and increase the confidence level to clear the NDA written examination.

Tips to Crack NDA Exam

>> The Positive Approach

Developing a positive approach is mandatory to crack NDA written examination because of its peculiarities as per details given below:

  • More than 50 percent of students are from rural areas and non-science backgrounds and therefore all the questions are based on 10th or 11th class level only.
  • The candidates from Physics, mathematics, chemistry & biology are not required for additional effort to clear the NDA examination.

    Because he can easily to get cut off marks from existing studies of 11/12 standard by following self-study & self-evaluation (including mock test).
  • The candidate from a commerce and humanities background should concentrate on the General Ability Test based on present studies and study mathematics with help of friends/relatives/teachers.
  • Army(NDA) wing with the highest in vacancies(ie 320 out of 400) needs 10+2 students and above from any stream of instructions.

    On the other hand, The Navy and Air Force Wing of NDA are looking for only Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics 10+2 students.
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  • The examination is based on the basic concepts of studying /studied till the 11th standard of school education.
  • The General Ability Test can answer either in English & Hindi. Opt for easy language either Hindi and English for General Ability Test to save time and energy to understand the questions better.
  • Cut off marks of 360 and above is consist of 60 Marks from Mathematics(20% of 300 Marks) and 120 Marks from the General Ability Test(20% of 600 Marks), which is mandatory to crack the NDA examination.

    Obtaining cut-off marks above 340 is the only requirement for the NDA examination.
  • The highest score of NDA will not guarantee to clear SSB. Be Aware of negative marks and there no point to attend the questions if you are not aware of the answer from the four choices given in the answer sheet.
  • An upper primary teacher or higher secondary friend can guide you regarding the basic concepts of Mathematics
  • Study regularly from day one to the end and divide the time as per your ability. Strict with time plan.
  • Your friends or classmates can clear your basic doubts about various concepts of maths and general science subjects &sufficient for preparing General Ability Test.
  • Hard work, determination, and time management by a positive approach and smart approach are only basic requirements to crack NDA written examination.

Energize and motivate yourself by reading “You Can Win” & keep one copy of it as a Bible. Your investment in this book will guarantee your success in the written exam and SSB interview

how to apply for nda

>> The Smart Approach

NDA examination can clear through smart study rather than hard study. The following tips can be developed through constant practice:

  • The exam will be conducted through pen and paper-based mode.
  • The exam will consist of two sections that are Mathematics and General Ability Test.
  • Two and a half hours will be given for each section, respectively.
  • The questions will be in English & Hindi for General Ability.
  • There will be negative marking, which is 1/3rd of the allotted marks to the problem.
  • Start to memorize formulas and basic concepts and study along with your 10+1 or 10+2 examination.
  • You will face a number of MCQs which may have four relatively similar answers which will be confusing.

    Hence, in case you are doubtful between two answers out of the four, its better to skip the question to avoid elimination due to negative marks
  • Aim to be above cut off marks from relative easy sub-sub-subjects of two the main examination.
  • Follow only the Pathfinder NDA book as a guide and attempt all previous year’s questions(continue mock Test) to increase your self-confidence.

Understanding Syllabus and Pattern of Examination

Subject CodeSubjectMarks
02General Ability600
Total Marks900
  • Questions Type: Objective Type Multiple Choice Questions.
  • Question Paper will be in Both English and Hindi Languages.
  • Time Duration is 2.5 hours for each paper.

Topic Wise Marks Distribution for NDA/NA Exam

>> Paper-1 : Mathematics

  • Total Questions: 120
  • Maximum marks: 300
  • For Every Right Answer: 2.5 marks allotted
  • For Every Wrong Answer: 0.833 deducted
  • Time Allotted: 150 minutes
Main Average Questions
  • Algebra & Vector Algebra: almost 40 questions
  • Trigonometry: Approx. 20 Questions
  • Determinants & Matrices: Approx. 10 Questions
  • Statistics & Probability: Approx. 10 Questions
  • Analytical Geometry: Approx. 20 Questions
  • Differential & Integral Calculus: Approx. 20 Questions

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>> Paper-2 : General Ability Test

  • Total Questions: 150
  • Maximum marks: 600
  • For Every Right Answer: 4 marks allotted
  • For Every Wrong Answer: 1.33 deducted
  • Time Allotted: 150 minutes

This section is further divided into two parts:

Part A English:

  • Total Questions: 50
  • Total Marks: 200

Syllabus: Vocabulary, spotting the errors, synonyms, antonyms, idioms & phrases, sentence completion & improvement, ordering of words & sentences, Comprehension.

The English Test covers vocabulary, grammar and usage, and comprehension.

This test evaluates the basic command a person has on the English language.

If your English is weak, there are a number of ways to improve the same:

  • Some traditional yet effective ways are reading English newspapers like Indian Express, The Hindu daily.

    You can refer to some of the recommended English books like Word Power Made Easy to learn new words
  • A more interesting way a lot of young defence aspirants would love is watching English movies.

    Watch English movies without the subtitles. This will help you learn, communicate better and give you more confidence in your English language
  • Lastly, you should also opt to practice mock papers for the NDA/NA English test

    As you need time management and doing practice on question papers will help you do well in this test.

Other Reference Books: Objective General English

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Part B General Knowledge :

  • Total Questions: 100
  • Total Marks: 400

General Knowledge has six sections with the break-up of 400 marks as below:

Section ‘A’ – Physics 100 marks(25%)
Section ‘B’- Chemistry 60 marks(15%)
Section ‘C’ -General Science 40 marks(10%)
Section ‘D’ – History, Freedom Movement (Social Studies) 80 marks(20%)
Section ‘E’ – Geography 80 marks(20%).
Section ‘F’ – Current affairs 40 marks(10%).

Tips to Get Marks in Part B
  • Read & note down important news about general awareness from at least any English Newspaper like Hindu.
  • Prepare and do self-study & mock test based on the previous year’s questions available in Pathfinder NDA Entrance Examination.
  • Learn to understand & memorize formulas of Physics, chemistry.
  • Commerce & Arts students should more concentrate on their specific interest syllabus of GAT.

Here are some of the best books to crack your General Ability Exam

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Image Source: Indian Airforce


The National Defence Academy provides an opportunity for male candidates to join the Armed Forces as an officer at a young age

UPSC conducts the NDA/NA exam every 6 months which brings candidates from across the country to apply for this entry.

The written exam is the first stepping stone towards achieving this dream and the above article gives you an overview of how a candidate should approach the exam in a positive as well as a smart way.

If you can put your hardwork along with smart work, the NDA/NA exam can be easily cracked with good marks in order for you to proceed towards Stage 2.

All The Best!

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