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associate ncc officer

Who is Associate NCC Officer?

The Associate National Cadet Corps Officer(ANO) is an essential link between cadets and defence service personnel in schools and colleges.

The ANO is selected from the educational institution’s teaching staff and becomes the second tier of NCC training staff.

He will be commissioned into NCC & become a part-time officer after completing the Pre Commission(PRCN) course.

The credit for the NCC’s successful functioning as an organization largely depends on these motivated ANOs.

Joining NCC as an Associate NCC Officer( ANO) is one of the cherished dreams of the NCC cadet and the individual looking forward to contributing to society and his profession.

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After three months of physical & academic training at Officer Training Academy, Wearing an NCC uniform is a transformation of his overall personality

The continued participation of various training and social activities of the NCC with cadets is a matter of pride & self-satisfaction.

In this article, you will get familiar with the procedure to become an ANO of the NCC unit in the school/college, if the institution has the vacancy of the caretaker or ANO.

This article will orient the NCC volunteer teaching staff to know about the procedure to join NCC as an ANO.

Types of NCC Organization


>> Senior Division (SD)

That Division of NCC, to which male students from Colleges(including technical educational institutions) and Higher Secondary( Plus Two) educational institutions (XI and XII classes) are enrolled, is referred to as a Senior Division (SD).

>> Senior Wing (SW)

That Division of NCC, to which female students from Colleges(including technical instutioins)and PlusTwo institutions (XI and XII classes) are enrolled.

>> Junior Wing(JD/JW)

That Division of NCC, to which male students from schools (of 12 Years or more of age& VIIIth standard) are enrolled, is referred to as a Junior Division (JD), whereas female students from school under IXth class are enrolled as Junior Wing(JW)

Authorization Of The ANO In NCC Institutions

>> Army

SD/SW – One ANO for every 160 Army Cadets(Company)

JD/JW – One ANO for every 100 Army Cadets(Platoon)

>> Navy & Airforce

One ANO for every 200 cadets

What is the Eligibility for NCC ANO?

The salient features to become ANO needs undermentioned eligibility criteria. The list is as under:

  • Should be citizens of India & Nepal.
  • Should be a permanent/regular teaching staff of the educational institution.

In the case of temporary teaching staff, a certificate must be submitted by the Head of Institution stating that the candidate will likely be made permanent.

  • Be good physical and mental health( free from any physical handicapped).
  • Should bear a good character. No discipline/vigilance case is contemplated/pending against the candidate.
  • Should not be a member of any communal or political organization or organization believing in violence/disharmony.
  • Both male & female candidates should not be below 21 years of age or above 45 years of age as on the last date of receipt of applications(Exception is given for the overaged (up to 48 years of age)individual who desires to join NCC as ANO on approval of DG NCC)
  • Should be a Caretaker of the NCC in place of existing vacancy of the ANO of the educational institution.

The appointment of a caretaker is mandatory to become an ANO of the NCC unit. The caretaker is an ad-hoc arrangement for one year to orient himself/herself to understand NCC’s functionalities.

The caretaker appointment is also mandatory for appearing selection board under State NCC Headquarters.

Caretaker allowance and other privileges will authorize during this time. However, he/she will be required to attended and passed on a two-week orientation course under Officer Commanding of the NCC unit.

This appointment of caretakers can be extended to one more year based on the individual application. The third-year extension is only an exceptional case require to submit to the DG NCC for approval.

associate ncc officer salary

What Is The Procedure To Become An ANO?

1. Any school/college Permanent/temporary, Adhoc & Probation teachers, Physical Teaching Instructors, PETs, DPEs, Sports Officer & Demonstrators, Librarians, Principal/Headmaster, will submit a personal application for initial appointment as caretaker of the NCC institution(school/college)

2. Personal application should be signed by the individual, including the willingness to attend the PRCN course, and submit along with an educational certificate to the Head of Institution for recommendations.

3. The application will process through the NCC battalion, Group Headquarters, and finally approval by ADG/DDG state directorate.

4. Based on the approval as a Caretaker, he/she should apply and face a personal interview of the Selection Board which is organized at state level NCC on a half-yearly or required basis.

ANO Selection Board

The Selection board under the ADG/DDG(the senior-most defence service officer of the state NCC) will scrutinize each candidate’s eligibility and carry out the personal interview to ascertain the candidate’s creditability and suitability to become a potential ANO.

Selection: Composition Of The Board Of Officers

Chairman: Vice-Chancellor of University/Director of Public Instruction/Dy DG.


  • One Officer representative from all Wings(i.e., Army, Navy, and Air Force)
  • One Lady representative from Women’s College.
  • One representative from Higher Education Dept.
  • One Independent from Area/Sub Area HQ(Normally detailed from this Directorate)

Note: The Selection Board is usually conducted once in a year

The board is also responsible for verifying the candidate’s personal, educational documents, and physical fitness.

Upon recommendations of the panel, the same will be approved by the DG NCC.

All those above 45 years of age candidates should get advance approval from DG NCC for appearing selection board.

Several documents need to be submitted by the candidate/caretakers.

The same documents require to be vetted by the Unit Officer Commanding and Group Commander before submitting to the state Directorate.

ano rank in ncc

List of Documents For ANO NCC Submission

  • The original ink signed application form II/III duly affixed with a recent photograph duly recommended by the command chain.
  • The signature and stamp of the presiding officer of the selection board should be appended on application form II/III.
  • The last date of receipt of the application should be mentioned in application form II/III.
  • Wing/Division in which commission is to be granted should be written the application form II/III.
  • Official stamps of the BOO and signature with a date to be affixed on board proceedings (IAFD 931)
  • Summary of selection to be enclosed along with board proceedings
  • Documents must consist of Notification and Convening Order
  • Waiver of age relaxation from 45 yrs to 48 yrs to be taken in advance from DG NCC
  • PTI, PET, Sports Officer & Demonstrator is selected for a commission as an ANO in the male division by the board of officers.
  • A certificate to the effect that the chosen category of personnel is considered to be a member of the teaching staff by the concerned Principal of College/School must be attached along with the proceedings of the selection Bd sent for approval of DG NCC.

Note: Over Weight Trainees. Grossly Over Weight candidates are not selected during the screening/selection.

Checklist While Applying to Become ANO

☑️Application form II/III duly affixed with a recent photograph duly recommended by Head of the Institution, OC and Gp Cdr

☑️Permanent Employee Certificate issued by Head of the Institution and countersigned by OC

☑️A political Certificate issued by Head of the Institution and countersigned by OC

☑️ Certificate (Refer to HQ DG NCC letter No 0162/Del/NCC HQ/MS(D) at 20 Sep 2000)

☑️Suitability report

☑️Duty Assumption Certificate

☑️Authority letter of Caretaker Appt/Extn

☑️Affidavit made in a stamp paper

☑️Medical /Fitness certificate duly signed by the Govt Medical Officer and countersigned by OC.

☑️Attested copy of SSLC Certificate for verifying date of birth

☑️Attested copies of Educational Qualification Certificates

☑️Certified copy of appointment order

☑️Attested copies of NCC Certs, if applicable


The recommended candidate of the selection board will be liable to undergo three months of Pre-commission(PRCN) training at Officers Training Academy(OTA), Kamptee for men(Junior/Senior Division), and OTA Gwalior for women(Junior/Senior Wing).

Naval & Airforce caretakers must attend the Naval Academy, Kochi and Air Force Academy, Tambaram respectively

The three-month training consists of physical & weapon activity, NCC-related classes, personality development, leadership workshop, etc.

The training expenditure, including travel, accommodation, food, is borne by the state and central government. An advance claim can be prepared at the NCC unit level itself.

The entire period of absence from the school/college will consider as a duty.

All medical and administrative support is again looked after by the defence department during the PRCN course period.

On successful completion of training at OTA Kamptee/Gwalior, the candidates are commissioned as Associate NCC Officer(ANO) with the rank badges of Lieutenant (Senior Division/Senior Wing) and Third Officer (Junior Wing/Senior Wing).

The power to grant commission is vested only with the Director-General NCC, New Delhi.

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Ranks and Scales of Substantive Promotions of ANOs

1. Senior Division Officers(SD/SW)

Type of WingCommissioned RankAfter 3 Years of ServiceAfter 8 Years of ServiceAfter 15 Years of Service
Army WingLieutenantNo changeCaptainMajor
Air WIngFlying OfficerNo changeFlight LieutenantSquadron Leader
Naval WingSub LieutenantNo changeLieutenantLieutenant Commander

2. Junior Division Officers(JD/JW)

Type of WingCommissioned RankAfter 3 Years of ServiceAfter 8 Years of ServiceAfter 15 Years of Service
Army WingThird OfficerSecond OfficerFirst OfficerChief Officer
Air WingThird OfficerSecond OfficerFirst OfficerChief Officer
Naval WingThird OfficerSecond OfficerFirst OfficerChief Officer

3. Promotions to the Higher Rank

Promotions to the higher Rank shall be made provided:

  • The officer is considered fit to hold that Rank.
  • A vacancy in the higher Rank exists in the unit or part of which the officer has been appointed.
  • All promotions shall be made by the Ministry of Defence, Government of India, on the State Government’s recommendation.

Honorarium, NCC ANO Salary and Other Allowances

Certain types of Honorarium and allowance are entitled to the ANO as per the Rank. The details are as given below:

Type of Allowance
Daily allowance₹135/- (during camp)
& ₹213/- (PRCN & Refresher course)
Outfit allowance₹5000/-(every seven years)
Outfit maintenance allowance₹1800/per year
On Parade (refreshment allowance)₹45 (JD)
& ₹90 (SD)
Caretaker Allowance(Per Month)
Honorarium (As Per Rank)₹(Per Month)
Lieutenant (SD/SW)₹2,000
Captain (SD/SW)₹2,500
Major (SD/SW)₹3,000
3rd Officer (JD/JW)₹1,800
2nd Officer (JD/JW)₹2,000
1st Officer (JD/JW)₹2,200
Chief Officer (JD/JW)₹2,500
Rank Pay (During Camp, Courses, etc)(Per Month)
Lieutenant/Sub-Lieutenant/Flying Officer (SD/SW)₹16,000
Captain/Lieutenant/Flight Lieutenant (SD/SW)₹18,600
Major/Lieutenant Commander/Squadron Leader (SD/SW)₹22,600
3rd Officer (JD/JW)₹6,500
2nd Officer (JD/JW)₹8,800
1st Officer (JD/JW)₹10,800
Chief Officer (JD/JW)₹13,200

Responsibilities of the ANO

Due to the introduction of compulsory NCC training in 1963 and the non-availability of JCOs & NCOs from the regular Army, the commissioned ANO has become the second tier of training staff after the permanent staff of the Armed Forces. Some of the critical roles of ANO is as under:

  • Assist the unit staff for enrolment of cadet
  • Assist the unit permanent instructional (PI) staff in organizing instructional training for cadets.
  • Ensure proper and adequate safety precautions during camp/routine training.
  • Ensure maximum NCC cadets attend the NCC parade and will maintain the attendance register.
  • Responsible for submitting attendance parade state to the unit through PI staff.
  • Assist PI staff in distributing refreshment and washing allowance of the cadets after obtaining a signature of the cadets.
  • To obtain signatures from college/school authorities on the bill for refreshments and submit it to the unit.
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Documents To Be Maintained by the ANO

  • Long roll
  • Parade attendance/mail register
  • Camp attendance and proficiencies
  • Promotions
  • Certificate examination Records
  • Standardized training program
  • Training conducted
  • Washing allowance bill file
  • Cadets eligible for scholarships
  • Avenues and career opportunities folder
  • Publicity folder – social service activities
  • Clothing issue card, Bill Register/ Pubicity Register
  • planning & conduct of institutional training


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) What are the benefits of being an officer in NCC?

The teaching staff of the educational institution can become Associate NCC Officer after completing the PRCN course.

He/she can wear quite similar uniforms to the regular officers. However, these ANOs operate out of their respective institutions and oversee the cadets in their colleges.

They report to their Commanding Officer (regular officer).

Q) Can an ANO (Associate NCC Officer) purchase a car through the CSD?

No. However, the Associate NCC officers can purchase the grocery items from the nearest or dependent CSD canteen as per authorization. This is one of the facilities extended to the ANOs for their noble work in NCC.

Q) Are Associate NCC officers exempt from paying tolls?

Yes. He is part of regular NCC activities and travels under an authorized defence person who accompanies him.

A required certificate should carry with him and produce before the counter of tolls for the verification.

Q) How can I officially complain against an Associate NCC officer who has been harassing me?

Please go and report to the Principal of the Institution or, during NCC Parade, report the matter to the Commanding Officer of the NCC unit.

Q) What is it like to be an Associate NCC officer (ANO) working in college?

As far as I know, all ANOs do feel good while working in college. Moreover, they have a lot of leisure time as SUOs, and other cadets are present there for their help.

As compared to other Army postings being into NCC as ANO is easier.

Q) What is the policy to appoint Principal/Headmaster?

The principal/Headmaster can be appointed or continue as ANO if he/she is certified as a member of the teaching staff by the concerned State Education department.

Q) Who is responsible for the conduct of NCC activities in an institution?

The ANO is responsible for NCC activities in an institution. He is in control of the cadets and is responsible for planning and organizing training with the assistance of the Permanent Instructional (PI) staff, detailed by the NCC unit.

Q) NCC Officer (ANO) is the primary essential function of NCC in Colleges/ Schools. What role does the Head Master/Principal play in implementing this program?

Since NCC is a part of the educational program, the primary responsibility rests with the Principal/ Headmaster.

Their close association with all the sub-unit activities in their institution will facilitate the former doing well.

The Headmaster or Principal of the educational institutions can do the following actions, namely:

  • Periodic visits to parades.
  • A formal inspection of the subunit once a month on a fixed day
  • A visit to training camps

Q) What sort of remuneration does an ANO get in NCC?

Remunerations received are:

a) Monthly Honorarium.

b) Outfit Allowance.

c) Outfit Maintenance Allowance.

d) Travel and Messing Expenses for Pre-commission and Refresher courses.

e) Rank Pay during Camps.

f) TA and DA for journey for a move to/ move back from camps.

ncc ano salary


Due to the introduction of compulsory NCC training and non-availability of JCOs & NCOs from the regular Army, the volunteered teaching staff of the school/college, who are keen and motivated enough to undertake the noble task of nurturing the youth, can become ANO.

These educational teaching staffs have to undergo PRCN course at OTAs and learn about NCCand they become commissioned with Rank as same as regular force.

An ANO is entitled to an honorarium during institutional training and Rank during the camp.

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    • The ANO can retire after 15 years of service or till superannuation from the educational institutions. The ANO can retire based on personal/domestic or medical requests also. The retired ANOs can do numerous ways to serve the society based on long year’s experience of ANOs. He/she can be forefront and instrumental for the overall development of society. The service of ANO will energize dedication, motivation, and sincerity towards society too.


  2. A direct commission ANO have necessary to join a refresher course for promotion to the captain rank? Refresher course was the year 2014. The year of commission was 2013.

  3. Please clarify that, If the name of ANOs Nominated by the institute management of a member of teaching staff those are appointed against unaided post in the Govt Aided Institute are applicable to withdrawal the Honorarium , Outfit allice , Camp rank pay & any other allice from Punjab Govt through govt treasury. It is also intimated that fully salary sources of the ANO in the institute on the professional post is institute management.

    • The ANO should be part of the permanent teaching staff approved by the Govt/School Management. All financial entitlement of the ANO from state/central department based on appointment by whom(either state/central funded institution). Self Finance Scheme ANO can be claimed their financial entitlement from their institutions only.

    • All financial entitlement including honorarium for CTO/ANO can be claimed through contingent bill from the state department if you are part of teaching staff of government/government aided school/college. if not, you may claim the same from your school/college management.

    • The policy states that ANO should be part of educational staff where one NCC sub unit exists. So, librarian or any other category of teaching staff may be appointed as Care Taker Officer/ANO on approval of competent authority.


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