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Know How to Prepare for SSB Medical Test

Various Rules and Regulation, Tattoo Policy, Medical Standards and More.

Tips to Prepare Yourself for the Medical Test

ssb medical test

SSB Medical Test is as important as any other test during your selection in the Indian Army

In this article, we will discuss the necessity and how to fit enough to clear your ssb medical quickly.

It will help you to understand what is going to be checked by the medical board, soon after the recommendation of potential officers by SSB.

This article will help you understand some fundamental and genuine doubts in your mind, including women’s entry officers. ​

Also will help you guide yourself to develop medical fitness through your regular physical and extracurricular activities.

You will also come to know why medical fitness and medical checkup is an essential aspect of Defense.

It will undoubtedly avoid mental shock to accept that “I could not join in Defense due to being medically unfit”

SSB Medical Test Facts

It is prudent to say that only 40 % percent of NDA/CDS examination applicants reach SSB for a screening test.

Out 10-15 % will generally be eligible to attend the remaining days of the SSB test.

Average 7% or less than 7% of candidates will finally recommend & undergo Medical tests in Service Hospital.

I feel that it is a sad moment for any defense aspirant to be rejected medically from Service Hospital after a year-long hardworking & preparation of written examination & SSB.

It is also difficult for anyone to recommend & subsequently reject due to being unfit in medical after extensive preparation & spending a lot of money for classes, including coaching.

I have recently heard that some coaching institutes are extending medical test as a part of the coaching class for SSB.

Is it worth to spend so much money on medical in the initial period itself?

Maybe you should spend some cash on identifying your medical conditions and remedial action before SSB.

However, I feel that you should spend some time reading this article and make a decision as per personal choice.

Army Medical Exam | SSB Medical Test

1. Medical Fitness Importance in the Defense force

As you all are aware that the overall aim of any military of the country is to safeguard its border from external invasion and ensure the peaceful and happy living of the citizen of that Nation.

Most of you know that our country’s border are covered with high Mountain Terrain in the North region by Ladakh & Siachen Glacier and desert & plain area in the Western Sector.

The sea generally covers the remaining other sectors.

The average extreme climate of Mountaineering areas is more than minus 30-degree Celsius, where you may face common ailments like frostbites, white outs, hypoxia & hypothermia.

The weather conditions of the western border of India, especially the temperature of the desert sector of Rajasthan , vary from 35 to 50 plus degree Celsius in summer months.

This extreme heatwave will lead to dehydrating & heat stroke.

The armed force personnel is supposed to adjust the above climatic conditions and work accordingly.

He will also be capable enough to move from one place of climatic terms to other areas within a brief period.

To overcome and face challenges of climatic changes, he needs to be medically fit at all times.

Therefore, medical tests of the recommended candidates of defense forces will be conducted soon after the declaration of result in SSB for the suitability to perform his duties in the areas, especially mentioned above.

The medical checkup will be conducted in Service Hospital, where all medical specialists, including gynecologists (for women candidates), are available.

The Medical checkup will determine whether the individual is capable enough to sustain rigorous physical and combat training at training academies located in various parts of India.

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2. Medical Standards Expected Out of the Candidate.

You may hear that the medical test of recommended NDA/IMA or any other defense entry candidates are conductied at Service Hospital near SSB center soon after the declaration of the result.

In some cases, SSB will send the recommended candidates to RR Hospital in Delhi Cantonment

All expenditures on medical and stay, including transportation, will be borne by the defense authorities

​The specialists’ few fundamental medical standards expected out of a potential officer at the time of medical examination are as given below:

Expected Medical Standards

  • Recommended candidates should have a good physic and handsome look to see him confidently.
  • The selected candidates will be free from any disease & physical disability to perform military duties efficiently.
  • The military missions (in a layman language) is to carry out all kinds of combat duties and face physical & mental stress due to unfavorable climatic conditions
  • He should perform his tasks with care and without medical problems in any situation of climatic conditions/season in earth, sea & air.
  • There should be no evidence of weak formations of human body structures, including syndrome or malformations.
  • No hernia, swelling & disability of the body. No scars can impair the functioning and cause significant disfigurement.
  • No deformity due to fracture or depression of the bones of the skull. No hearing impairment & no impediment of speech due to any etiology.
  • No history or disability of heart & blood vessels. No disease of the digestive system.
  • No disease or history of mental & psychological disturbances, including family history.
  • No sub-standard hearing, ears, nose, and throat. No poor oral health, including bleeding from gums & loose teeth.
  • Height & weight are maintained so that the defense aspirants can perform physical activities most effectively.
  • 160 cm to 170 cm & 55 kgs- 63 kgs weight is the ideal height and weight. (specific 5 cm of relaxation is applicable for hilly area region, including Nepal citizens.)
  • Always remember that you should be average height & weight among your peer groups.
  • If you are gross underweight or overweight due to medical reasons or other reasons, you should find & solve it before appearing SSB.
  • The vision should be 6/36 for all Intermediate entries, 6/60 for all graduate entries & 3/60 for postgraduate/specific headings such as JAG & Education.
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Tattoos Policy

  • Candidates belonging to tribal communities/from tribal areas are permitted permanent tattoos on any part of the body based on a government notification

    They will submit a self-declaration certificate duly signed by appropriate government authorities(DC/DM or SDM of the District/Tehsil, where the tribe of the candidate is presently settled) on reporting in SSB
  • Permanent body tattoos are permitted on the inner face of forearms, i.e., from inside of the elbow to the wrist of both the hands and reverse side of the palm/backside of both hands for all other candidates
  • Only small innocuous tattoos like religious symbols, names of the near & dear ones are permitted. No Indecent figures, sexist & racist tattoos are allowed
  • Permanent tattoos on any part of the body will be informed & submit the requisite documents during reporting at SSB. (The receptionist in the SSB center will guide you in filling up the records)
  • Acceptance/non-acceptance of permanent tattoos will be vested with Commandants of SSB & Medical Board.

How to Prepare Yourself for the Medical Test

As I suggested earlier, the candidate who is sincerely and earnestly looking to join defense forces must go for an extensive medical checkup before appearing written examination or appearing SSB to avoid disappointment or surprise at the time of medical tests conducted by the board of officers of a medical board

This self-confirmation will increase self-confidence and peace of mind

If not possible to do through medical checkup, you can do yourself through the method of self-check by simple exercise as enumerated in Chapter 2 for at least three months

Your regular indoor & outdoor practices, sports, games, and other extracurricular activities will determine your physical and medical standards

If you are unable to concentrate your exercise or game due to pain of particular parts of the body, you will be given a alarm bell to meet a medical practitioner to identify your medical issues

You can check by standing in front of a mirror to see your body and determine whether you are looking for any difference with your friends & peer groups

You should play and participate in one or two outdoor games extensively for one or two weeks continually to find out your normalcy in heartbeat & physical conditions

Your regular running and indoor/outdoor exercise will tell you whether your body is troubling you with extra fat. Try to cut down by morning 2 km running and another overall body exercise

Your eyesight can be checked by yourself to continue and extensive reading in one stretch or any other simple methods available on you tube

Your ear, nose, tongue & teeth can be cleaned and looked after with a hygienic condition, and you will come to know yourself with a certain degree of self-assessment

If you have operated or done surgery for any significant or minor cases which are not life-threatening, wait for a year to recover completely

There is no point yourself making your life miserable, as I told earlier that defense personnel only fights for his existence with his physical & medical fitness

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Free from all kinds of ailments even in a temporary nature is essential and minimum pre-requisite requirement of defense aspirants because defense service demands a high level of medical fitness due to the peculiar nature of the duties performed in an unconducive atmosphere.

An ailing soldier can not fight a war even if he has the best equipment he holds. However, minor ailments, of course, can be cured in time and no need to worry about.

Remember that any medical inabilities and aliments will affect the overall performance of training in academies or subsequent service in different locations.

Therefore, the medical board will give the candidates to temporary rejection and time to report to the service hospital after 42 days for review of a medical examination conducted by them.

Your entire medical investigations will be carried out by a group of specialists consists of medical, surgical, Eye, ENT, Dental, and female candidates are examined by Gynecologist.

After examination by specialists, candidates have enough chance to represent individual cases if he needs to bring forward the medical team(board of officers) to verify and recheck all relevant details before declaring the result.

Developing mental stamina and physical fitness will undoubtedly boost your medical fitness standard to some extent. The details of spiritual strength will be explained to you in the next chapter for your benefits.

In the end, I will once again suggest you check & understand your body with different techniques explained above. In case you feel to have pain or uneasiness noticed by you, you must check before proceeding for SSB.

Lastly, there is no point or worth to become “UNFIT” in medical after so much time and effort put forward to clear SSB. I am sure your willpower & dedication will overcome even if you have a little disturbance with medical issues.

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