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The Indian Army Dental Corps is a specialized department that primarily provides dental service to the serving personnel and their dependents, including veterans throughout India and abroad.

If you completed your BDS Graduation and have been asking how can i become a dental officer in India through Army Dental Corps India, this article will help you out

The Army Dental Corps Officer, commonly called a Dental Surgeon in civil has a significant role to play in the life of serving personnel as far as their physical health and overall combat performance is concerned

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Although the army dental jobs states medical treatment in the Dental Department of Military Hospital of the Indian Army, he/she will also get an opportunity to be involved in the force’s combat activities.

The Indian Army Dental Corps Officer will become part of the overall force multiplier as and when required.

This extra opportunity of active participation with combat force and other military activities will increase self-confidence, pride, self-esteem, and motivation in everyday challenges compared to his/her counterparts.

The service of Army Dental Officer is well looked after with a handsome pay package and other facilities extended to the defense officers like an infantry officer of the Army.

Joining Army Dental Corps as an officer with commissioned rank as Captain with anti-date seniority is one of the best professional career options soon after BDS/MDS by Men & Women from recognized Dental Colleges in India.

There is no disparity in vacancies for male and women candidates. The selection procedure is a transparent & selection in vacancy allotted in a year.

Therefore it is natural that the selection process is robust and competitive.

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How To Join Army Dental Corps After BDS

In this article, we will discuss the options and techniques to join the Army Dental Corps after BDS or MDS. For easy understanding, the section will be divided into the following parts.

  1. What is it like to be a dentist in the Indian Army or why Army Dental Corps is worth it?
  2. Pre-requisite to join as Dental Surgeon in the Army Dental Corps
  3. Procedure to apply for the job
  4. Self-preparation and procedure for selection at the Special Selection Board
  5. Other Important information including clearing doubts

1. What is it like to have a Dental Surgeon Jobs in Indian Army or Why Army Dental Corps is Worth it.

>> Exposure to Army life

Army Dental Corps officer will perform his professional job in field or peace and actively involve operational commitment like as an infantry officer while serving in different parts of India, especially in field locations.

>> Combat Training

He will undergo all combat training(drill, weapon, survivability technique & leadership, etc.) the same as Other Officers of the Indian Army(in a short period)

indian army combat training

>> Professional Experience

Even a new Army Dental surgeon will get an opportunity to work under an experienced senior Army Dental Surgeon in a bigger Dental Hospitals adjacent to Military Base Hospital.

>> Professional Enhancement

The organization will ensure that the officer will allow studying further, especially Post Graduation and get posting in India and abroad (including UN Mission)

The Army Dental Officer will get anti date seniority from six months to 42 months on joining. This anti date seniority to give enhanced pay and perks, including promotions till Lt Gen.

He will get commissioned as Captain the day he appointed.

>> Man Management & Administrative Experience

He will get ample opportunity to know the functional aspects, including man management, stress control, decision making, and regulatory and financial planning.

>> Status

The Status of the Army Dental Officer is the same as any officer of the Indian Army officer.

No discrepancies exist between male and female officers regarding posting, transfer, employment, Promotion, and other training aspects.

2. Pre-Requisite to Join as Dental Surgeon in the Army Dental Corps

>> Educational Qualifications

BDS with min 55% marks aggregate of all subjects in the final year & One-year Rotatory Internship.


BDS course with Four and Half years studies along with six months internship.


Five years of BDS course with internship



And mandatorily to have appeared for the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET(MDS)-2021 conducted by the National Board of Examinations(NBS), New Delhi, on 16 December 2020.

>> Physical & Medical Standard

  • Physical fitness standards of Army Dental aspirants are the same as any other Army entries.
  • Minimum Height for Men will 157.5cm, and Women will 152cm
  • The minimum weight for Men is 49.5Kg & Women is 42 Kg
  • Medical standard, including Tattoos policy for Candidates of the Army Dental Corps, is also the same as any other defense entries.
  • You are also advised to read Medical Standard & confirm that you are free from all kinds of diseases and fit to join in Army Dental Corps.
health and fitness

3. Procedure to Apply for the Dental Jobs in Indian Army

>> Application Form

  • Through Online Submission.
  • Last date to apply for this year: 18 May 2021 (Apply Today)

>> Age limit

Maximum 45 years as on 31 December, 2021

>> Commission

The commission as Captain with six months anti date seniority for BDS candidates and maximum of three years(some case 42 months) of anti date seniority for MDS candidates from the date specified in the offer letter issued by the competent authority.

>> Probation

One year’s probation period will be considered from commissioning and can be terminated the service under disciplinary grounds.

>> Proof of Original Documents

All personal identity and educational qualification Proof, including NEET(MDS) -2021 admit card & scorecard(for BDS candidates), are compulsory while submitting the online applications.

4. Self-Preparation and Procedure for Selection for Army Dental Jobs

>> Shortlisted Candidates

A Call-up letter will be issued to those shortlisted candidates based on the marks scored in the National Eligibility-cum-entrance Test(NEET-MDS-2021).

>> Special Service Selection Board.

1st Step:

They will verify documents including All personal documents such as Aadhar Cards, Proof of Nationality and Education Certificates, etc. with original copies.

2nd Step (SSB)

The Special Selection Board consists of eminent and experienced professionals from the Service Selection Board(Psychologist, Ground Tasking Officer/Technical Officer & Interviewing Officer).

A highly qualified Army Dental Corps Officer ( Major General) will interview you on completion for documentation.

A lot of candidates fail during their SSB Test due to small negligence shown for their SSB procedures.

It’s important to practice and prepare for the various SSB test and most importantly have a complete knowledge of the SSB procedures.


SSB requires a good amount of preparation to crack various test

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3rd Step (Method)
  • It is more about-face to personal face interviews by the above team of officers.
  • The candidates should be well prepared to face the interview board in a stress-free & relaxed way.
  • Since the competition will be more and sturdy, be ready to answer the following questions:
  • Your family, studies, extracurricular activities, interest, hobbies, etc.
  • Your general awareness about the national &internal affairs and your frank opinion about the recent developments.
  • As assessment questions related to Officer Like Qualities, including your personality.
  • Your theoretical and practical knowledge of core subjects in BDS/MDS.
  • Your thought process about the option to select a defense career rather than civilian life.
  • Your positive attitude and leadership qualities are evaluated through small verbal situation reaction tests and psychological tests.
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5. Other Important Information

>> Permanent Commission

All officers are eligible to apply permanent commission after two years of service(The officer will not attain 30 Years (for BDS) and 35 years for 31 December of the application year).

>> Post Graduation

Short service officers and recommended permanent officers will be detailed for Post Graduate studies depend on the service conditions.

>> Promotion

BDS officers are commissioned as Captain on entry and eligible for promotions as Major after four years and half months

Lieutenant Colonel after 11 years and six months of service.

MDS commissioned officer is likely to become Major on completion of one and a half years.

All other promotions will be based on performance & other service conditions Non-Practicing Allowance (20% of Basic Pay) and specialist pay for Rs 2,250/- per month for MDS Degree holders.


SSB requires Candidates to have a Good Personality. Build an Officer Like Personality from Day 1

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The professional satisfaction for service to the Nation through the Indian Army is one of the golden opportunities for any energic and enthusiastic Youth.

The Army Dental Corps offers well-trained professionalism within the framework of pride, tradition, and spirit of the olive green uniform.

The organization will take care of the officer’s needs financially and emotionally when needed. Because the Army is not merely a job, but it is a way of life who always ready to face the enemy with courage and pride.

In the end, I wish all aspirants of Army Dental Corps a success and best of luck in life. In case you are enjoyed to read this article, you can share it with your peer groups.

Lastly, not least, I suggest that all eligible readers should apply and experience of SSB.

It may change your thought process and get more self-confidence even if you don’t want to join the defense force.


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