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You will learn about What is TES Entry in Indian Army, Eligibility, Procedure, SSB, and More

JEE Mains is compulsory for The 10+2 Technical Entry scheme 49 July 2023 Course.

So Take This Golden Opportunity and Apply for the TES-49 Entry

Being an Indian, 17 is a crucial age, it demarks and decides your future in many perspectives, you are out of school life ready to pave the path for your goal and aspirations.

Harboring a dream to Join the forces requires great determination as well as support from your parents & well-wishers.

The 10+2 Technical Entry Scheme (TES Entry) can be the answer to your dream.

Indian Army has now published the TES 49 Notification where candidates can apply for the 10+2 Technical Entry scheme 49(July 2023)course

Also, it’s a time when many may feel confused and uncertain in finding a goal as per their own aptitude or a Meaningful & Purposeful aim in life.

I think TES Entry (10+2 PCM) will give a definite answer to the above doubts in mind. So this article aims to explain one of the best entries as an officer of the Indian Army.

Parents of candidates who are interested in their wards joining the Army, should read this article carefully and understand the risk in their life while serving the defense force.

Service of the Nation as a soldier is one of the highest and most respectable positions, one can imagine holding.

Leading from the front, along with men in uniform into war for protecting the Mother Land, is always one of the most extraordinary life one can follow generation after generation.

If you and your parents are looking for a respectable, stable, and secure lifestyle (rewards against risks) in the Armed Forces in general and Army in particular, Technical Entry Scheme is one of the best suitable professions & ways of life.

Some important facts & figures of two entry schemes available in the Army after completing 12th standard to becoming an Indian Army Officer.

Table of Contents

National Defense Academy Vs Technical Entry Scheme

National Defense Academy (NDA) 

Technical Entry Scheme (TES) 
 1. UPSC examination conducted twice a year  1. No Written Exam  
2. Any 10+2 stream students can apply  2. Only PCM (Physics, Chemistry & Maths)  
3. No Cut off marks for 12th std  3. Cut-off Marks for the interview (Above 70%) 
4. Approximately one-year process  (From submission of application) 4. Maximum of six months  (From submission of application) 
5. Final Year students can apply 5. Based on the basis of 12th Std
6. Three training at NDA & One-year training at IMA 6.  One Year of Military Basic Training at OTA, Gaya & Four training at Engineering Institute  
7. Degree offered by JNU University with BSc, Computer Science, BA. 7. B Tech Degree from Recognised Tech Science 
8. Last year at IMA for the last part of Trg   8. Passing out at OTA, Gaya( on completion of third-of-year engineering) 
9. Join the unit as a commissioned officer(Lt)  9. Become an officer with Lt Rank & continue his studies final year of Engineering. 
10. Candidate will undergo an Engineering degree after two or three years of  service
(for the officer who joined Tech Arms like Engrs, EME & Signals. 
10. Candidate will be nominated to attend M Tech after a few years of service.  

Moreover, TES Entry Scheme Candidates will generally do well in the various professional courses such as Staff College because of the initial advantage of an Engineering Degree over NDA officers.

Getting into either of the above schemes, entry is possible if you decide which entry suit you in long years.

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Why Should You Opt for TES Entry?

1. The Engineer Degree

You will receive an engineering degree from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi.

You can opt to pursue Engineering Degree from the undermentioned Army’s deputed Training Academies as per the details given below:

a) MCTE(Military College of Telecommunication Engineering), Mhow

For Engineering in Computer Science & Engineering in Telecommunication.

b) MCEME(Military College of Electronics & Mechanical Engineering), Secunderabad

For Mechanical Engineering and Engineering in Electronics

c) CME(College of Military Engineering), Pune

For Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

2. Basic Military Training

  • Only for one year at OTA, Gaya(Bihar)
  • Consisting of Physical training, Drills, Weapon Training, Military Tactics, Sports & games, and Extracurricular activities (hobby club, shooting club. etc)

3. Technical Training

a) Pre-commission Training

You will spend 3 years at CME Pune under the Technical University studies of Jawaharlal University), MCTE, Mhow & MCEME, Secunderabad.

(b) Post-commission Training

You will spend 1 year (4th Year of Engineering)

4. Cost of Training

Free charge of all expenditure on Engineering and free accommodation, Food & other educational spending.

5. Stipend

A Fixed Stipend @ Rs 56,100/- per month for the fourth year of the training or the Third of the Engineering Degree.

6. Insurance Coverage

Rs 15 Lakhs insurance coverage will take care of any unnatural happening, if any, during training.

7. Commission

You will become Lieutenant on completion of three years at Engineering, and passing out parade will conduct at OTA, Gaya.

8. Salary & other entitlement as an officer

Your monthly salary and other benefits such as DA, Tpt allowance will start from the date of commissioning from OTA Gaya(On completion of the fourth year).

9. Service Seniority will also consider the day of the commissioning

10. Sports & games and extracurricular activities

All three Engineering colleges have an abundance of high-standard training infrastructure available.

Besides, these colleges have enough facilities for developing individual caliber in sports & games and extracurricular activities, including Golf.

11. Option to join fighting arms

The PCM Engineering Graduate entry officers have a choice to prefer Armed, Mechanised Infantry, Artillery, Infantry(SF, Para) over conventional Engineering departments such as EME, Signals.

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TES 49 Eligibility | 10+2 Technical Entry Scheme – July 2023 Course

1. Age Limit: 16½ years and above 19½ years on the first day of the month in which the course is due to commence i.e not born before 02 January 2004 and not after 01 January 2007 (Both dates inclusive)

2. Academics: Minimum Aggregate of 60% marks on Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics from recognized educational institutions & JEE 2022 Main score sheet.

4. Indian, Nepal Nationalists & All those eligible citizenship certificates issued by Govt of India.

5. Class Xth Marks sheet & Certificate in original showing Date of Birth.

6. Class 12th Standard Marksheet & Certificate issued by the education board.

7. ID Proof in Original(Aadhar Card)

Starts: Online Application registration from 01 December 2022

Last Date to Register: 30 December 2022 till 3 PM (1500hours)

Note: Carry this to SSB Centre to verify originals & keep one photocopy separately along with adequate self-photographs.

Indian Army has made it compulsory for candidates to have appeared for the JEE Mains for applying in the 2023 TES Entry (Course 49)

TES 49 Cut off

The 2023 Technical Entry Scheme will consider your 10+2 marks for shortlisting the SSB Interview.

The TES 49 expected cut-off could be well over 80%. Here are previous years cut off marks for your reference

TES Entry Scheme Course No.TES Cut Off Marks
TES 48Anywhere from 78%-85%
TES 47Anywhere from 78%-85%
TES 46Anywhere from 78%-85%
TES 4580%
TES 4488%
TES 4379%

Prerequisite to Apply For Technical Entry Scheme in the Army

1. Physical Fitness & Medical Health state

You should be physically active and in a medically fit state, for the last one year as the Army demands a lot of stamina for the training and subsequent service condition.

The Army needs fit and excellent individuals rather than physically unfit and mentally weak candidates.

So make sure you follow these Important Tips to Prepare For SSB physical test At Home and become physically active before your SSB Test

2. Mental Toughness

It is mandatory to carry out tough mental tasks as a leader and as a team member.

A lot of candidates are unaware of their mental state condition unless tested.

Which is one of the main reasons why 60% of candidates get rejected during their SSB Test.

Even if you lack mental toughness, you can always improve it over time which will not only give you a better edge on your SSB test but be beneficial as an individual.

Here are the top tips to increase your mental stamina

3. Officer-Like Personality

The Indian Armed Forces require leaders who have Officer Like Qualities and can make important decisions.

Such qualities are tested and expected out of a candidate looking to join the army as an Officer.

One of the best practices to improve these qualities is reading some of the best personality books to boost your confidence and bring out the best in you.

Such personalities can be accessed by your interviewing officer from the time you write your PIQ form to the last day of your conference.

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Procedure for TES 49 Application Form 2023

1. Straightforward online submission method on the official website given below

2. Read instructions carefully for your benefit to avoid mistakes.

3. You are allowed to apply only one in your name. Hence, fill in the details very correctly while entering personal particulars.

4. “Submit” application only when you are fully confident that your use is correct with your original of your education and address

5. Application form & roll No will be kept with you for future reference & identification at the SSB centre at the interview time

6. The exact two decimals of class 12th percentage marks must be filled in the application.

How Should Candidates Prepare for TES Entry 2023?

Unlike other entry schemes, the 10+2 TES entry Scheme 2023 is solemnly determined by performance at the Service selection board and the various test performed during the procedure.

As a candidate, you should be well aware of the SSB procedures and do everyday practice to crack your screening test.

You can check out our recommended books to help you clear your SSB test and get an edge for getting selected.

SSB Procedure for Indian Army Technical Entry Scheme 2023 Candidates

1. The Selection center will call shortlisted candidates through your email, and messages well in advance.

2. After which you will be directed to one of The Service Selection Centres of the Army situated across India

3. Cutoff percentage marks of each course or entry are different depending on the overall application received.

(In a general rule, above 70% of marks scored in PCM will be called for an interview until or unless the application is rejected due to incomplete data of information.)

4. Service Selection Board(SSB) center will intimate your date of reporting for the interview.

You will intimate your willingness along with course No & date of SSB to attend the meeting through feedback/query module or telephone in advance.

5. Covid-19 advisory issued by the Government of India applies to the candidates who are attending SSB until the situation improves.

6. Medical Certificate for Covid-19 Free/Asymptomatic signed by a Registered Medical Doctor with signature (Name and seal of the doctor) is mandatory.

7. Personal items including light bedding for four-five days and ensure a safe journey From home town & back by either Fight/train/hired car/own car keeping because of Covid-19.

8. Carry all original certificates or Certificate

Preparation for SSB Interview While At Home

1. Go for a run, do some regular physical exercise, and once in a while play with your friends, if possible.

2. Physical activities, Yoga and mind relaxation exercise & concentration & meditation exercise.

3. Check your physical stamina with short and speedy training.

4. Develop your confidence level by doing a mock interview with your peer groups.

5. Identify your strong and weak points and discuss with close friends for improvement, if required.

6. Read reading of daily newspapers like Hindu & Times of India, Competition Success Review(CSR), or other study materials in the online or Marksheet.

7. Note down significant local, National & International developments, including recent events such as COVID-19, Economic decline, India-China border issues, etc.

8. Develop a hobby and make a note of it. Play, Participate & Organise a game for you & friends.

9. Remember, your physical, mental & Medically sound health is the necessary foundation of the selection of the Army.


How to Get Ready For SSB Interview

1. All Personal documents(including passport photographs) in safe custody along with one set of photocopies separately.

2. Make advance train/flight booking and confirm.

3. Intimate Service Selection Board(SSB) about your arrival as directed by Call Up Letter.

4. Understanding the procedure of SSB (stages I & II).

5. Practice for each test, including the time plan for your story writing.

6. Try to write & speak your own words.

7. Obtain Medical Certificate, including COVID-19 government orders.

Actions at SSB

1. Timely reporting & carrying your light bedding.

2. Verification of all your academic documents & Proof of Identity.

3. Mental Preparation to participate in stage I test.

4. Plan “B” for screen out & return

5. Objective to stay there for attending the full interview procedure

SSB Interview

>> Psychology tests

(All of them are on writing checks only)- Timely completion should be your motto.

Write a brief with your thought process. Don’t copy from others.

Types of tests are the:

  • Thematic Apperception Test(TAT),
  • Word Association Test(WAT),
  • Situation Reaction Test(SRT),
  • Self Description, etc.

>> Ground Testing Officer(GTO)

A senior Army Officer(GTO) will test you in various methods such as Lectratee, group plan, group discussion, Group Obstacle exercise, etc

>> The Interviewing officer

will speak to you with multiple aspects of your early childhood, education, family background, and basic knowledge of local, national & international awareness.

He will certainly ask about your sports, interests, hobby, activities such as NCC, etc.

He will ask very genuine questions affecting your family & school surroundings and your relationship & responsibilities among your siblings.

cds apply online

Tips for your SSB

1. Be calm, keep a happy mind, and try to be relaxed and friendly

2. There is no fixed answer and nobody is perfect. So speak out with polite words. Don’t miss out to say such as thank you, sorry, I don’t know

3. Be natural, punctual, open & sincere

4. Small activities and sports & hobbies are essential. So explain it with courage, and passion whenever someone asked the same during SSB

5. Do not be over-smart/overconfident because the officers of SSB are very experienced. Most of them might have children of the same age group

6. Don’t panic when you meet a highly qualified peer group. You show your worth whenever & wherever asked

7. Answer all questions in a very simple and straightway manner, with confidence

8. Your interview will provide an enjoyable environment, hence try to make the most of the situation.

9. You get a chance to mix with different individuals who bring different perspectives and views to the table.

Looking To Clear SSB In First Attempt?

Get The Best Guidance for your SSB under retired SSB officers who have been part of the Service Selection Board during their tenure. Click Here To Know More Details

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What is PCM Entry in the Army?

A) PCM means Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics studied candidates who can join the Army after the 10+2 standard from the State or Central Board of Examination.

PCM Entry is also called a Technical Entry Scheme(TES). It is one of the best Entries for those who completed the XIIth (12th/+2) standard with a minimum of 70% aggregate marks in three principal subjects Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics.

The following advantages of this Entry are as under:

– No UPSC Examination or merit list by UPSC
– Direct Interview by Service Selection Centre
– The entire process of the selection is near about six months only
– Cut off marks for a call-up for interview based on your 12th standard — Marks percentage on aggregate in PCM only.
– Enough time for preparation for SSB interview after submission of application.
– One-year basic Military Training in Officers Training Academy, Gaya(Bihar).
– Three years of Engineering & its  First Part will be done at MCEME or MCTE  or CEME.
– Passing out Parade & commissioning as Lieutenant on completion of three years of Engineering.
– Rs 51,600/- fixed Stipend for four years, and the same will be paid on completion of training.
– All pay & allowance will start from last year of Engineering.
– The PCM entry officer (after passing Engineer Degree) will join in his choice of Regiment in 2nd year of commissioning.

Q2. Can I Join Army Aviation through TES Entry?

A) You may be permitted to opt for the choice of Arms based on the overall performance and vacancy of the particular arms and service of the Indian Army.

The Army Aviation officer is responsible for the helicopters & flying service. During the completion of training, the gentlemen candidates will place their choice of service he would like to join

Depending on the vacancy and the gentleman, Army will allow you to join a Regiment or Corps including Army Aviation Corps.

how to join nda

Q3. What is the TES Entry of the Army?

A) Technical Entry Scheme (TES) allows students who have completed 10+2(XIIth standard) in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics(PCM) with a minimum of 70% aggregate marks to apply for a direct interview of SSB and become an Indian Army Officer.
The cutoff marks of 10+2 Marks percentage will decide by every year depending on the vacancy of the particular course & year as per notification.

The selected candidates will undergo four years of Engineering Degree from an Army College of Engineering situated in Mhow, Secunderabad & Pune.

Officers Training Academy(OTA), Gaya(Bihar) will be responsible to conduct the first year of practice on Military Basic Training such as weapon training, Physical Training, Drills, and Military Tactics.

Q4. Can TES Entry cadets join IMA to become an officer in any other branch of the Indian Army(like Army Aviation, Infantry)?

A) TES Entry cadets will undergo one year of Military Basic Training such as Physical fitness, Drill, Weapon Training & Military studies.

The purpose of the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun & Officers Training Academy, Gaya are the same, including all training schedules. 

Joining Arms and service of the Indian Army is depend on the overall performance of the cadets at the time of their passing out. The TES Entry officers can opt for any arms and services.

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Q5. Which is a better entry, NDA & TES? How would you compare the level of training OTA, CEME, MCTE, MCEME with NDA- IMA?

A) The candidate who clears the UPSC NDA examination and SSB(after any stream of 12th standard) will join NDA for three years of training.

During this period, he will study Bsc or BA at Jawahar Lal Nehru University. In the fourth year, he will join IMA for military training and become an Army officer on successful preparation.

At the same time, a TES Entry candidate can directly appear SSB, if he obtained more than 70% aggregate marks in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics(PCM)in the XII Standard Examination.

The selected candidates will undergo one-year Military Basic Training at Officers Training Academy, Gaya(Bihar).

In the next four years, he will study Engineering, and he becomes an officer of the Indian Army in the 3rd year of Engineering.

The TES Entry is a better NDA  because he will get an Engineering Degree on completion of training and a wider choice of join in the different groups & Regiments of the Indian Army.

Q6. How to apply TES Entry Scheme? 

A) You can apply for the TES Entry via the official Indian army website when the notification is announced.

Q7. What are the cut-off marks for TES Entry?

A) In the general term and the last few years, the cutoff marks are always above 70% aggregate marks in PCM.

However, it will decide to depend on the application of received at Army Headquarters online & vacancy that exists in a particular course or year. The ideal cutoff marks may also always be above 75-80% marks.

upsc cds apply online

Q8. What is the salary TES Entry Officer?

A) Rs 56,100/- will be given (fixed Stipend) for the fourth year of training excluding expenditure on food, accommodation & studies. The same amount will get in a lump sum at the end of the fourth year or quarterly basis.

On commission(the beginning of the fourth year of Engineering degree or beginning of the fifth year of training), he will get full salary & allowance as same as the Army Officer commissioned from IMA or OTA(Chennai).

Q9. What is the eligibility for Army TES 49(2023)?

A9) The essential conditions for TES Entry -Course No 49, commencing from Jan 2023 are as follows:

(a) Age Limit: Age between 16 and a half years to 19 and a half years (The candidate should not be born before 02 January 2004 and not after 01 January 2007 (both days inclusive)).

(b) Education qualifications: 10+2 examination passed with a minimum aggregate of 60% marks in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics from recognized by State or Central board.

(c) Nationality: Indian, Nepal origin or nationality relaxation or Certificate issued by the Government of India. 

(d) Physical and Medical standard: As specified by the Army for all Entries of selection. 

(e) Candidates should have appeared for JEE Mains 2022

Q10. How many vacancies are released for TES 49 and How can I apply?

A) Total vacancy for this course TES 49 is 90 (tentative) and can be applied online via the Join Indian Army Official Website

indian army officer

Q11. What documents are required to carry to SSB on reporting?

A) The following original documents are required to carry to SSB Centre for verification are as under:

(a) Class Xth Mark sheet & Certificate showing Date of Birth

(b) Class XIIth certificate & JEE Main score sheet

(c) ID Proof (Aadhaar Card)

(d) Twenty copies of Passport copies

(e) Self-certification for each Tattoo, if applicable

(f) Medical Certificate on COVID-19 Free/Asymptomatic from Registered Medical Practioner with Name and Appointment

(g) No-Risk Certificate

(h) Undertaking certificate by candidate travelling under own arrangements (travel journey details)

(j) Certificate for having duplicate profiles/Registration IDs

(k) Certificate for candidates who have submitted their original
documents and Mark sheets for pursuing higher studies

(m) Details of previous SSBs Interviews/Attempts

(n) Travelling allowance form & application for change of address(If applicable)

Q12. How can a cadet in TES (10+2) choose their favourite service arms (engineers, signals, EME) in the Indian Army?

A) Based on the first-year performance and individual aptitude, the Engineering stream will be allotted to the cadet, and accordingly he will join MCETE, Mhow, CME, Pune, MEME, Secunderabad.

All those interested/allotted cadets to pursue Mechanical & Electrical Engineering will join EME.

The telecommunication & Computer Engineer cadets will join in Signals & Civil, and other subjects studied cadets will join Military Engineering.

The cadets will get an option to join other arms including Infantry & Armed.  Their request for joining other arms instead of EME, Engineers, or Signals will decide by the Army Headquarters.

Q13. Are the TES army cadets given military training even after their one year at OTA Gaya?

A) Military training is consists of physical, and mental exercise, and various war-related training activities which are continued and constant in the service. 

The intensity may differ to one place or one year may change. Otherwise, defence force personnel will carry out regular training, including military aspects.

The focus of academic studies at Technical College may have a little less military training to some extent.  However, TES Entry cadets have also a curriculum of Military Training during their Engineering studies.


Q14. Why do cadets resign within a month from Officers Training Academy Gaya for TES?

A) It is an individual decision to leave the training institution within a month as it rarely happens.

It is purely due to domestic or personal reasons only, and the same is in a standard case with the consent of the parents of cadets.

The present cost of training is Rs 8785/- per week(can be changed) will pay back and relief from the institution.

Q15. How is seniority decided between IMA and OTA GAYA (TES 10+2) cadets if they are getting commissioned at the same time? 

A) The seniority will be given on the overall order of merit of the three Technical Institutions(CEME, MCTE, MCCME).

In case the date of commission falls on the same day of passing out Parade (Which very rarely happens), they will be placed en-block junior to IMA(NDA/ACC/DE course) but above TGC/UES course.

Q16 Is it true that TES entry cadets get a Stipend for four years of training, as it is “pre-commission training”?

A) The first four years of TES Entry(one year in OTA, Gaya & three years of Engineering at Military Technical Institutes(CEME, MCTE, MCCME) are treated as ‘Pre-commissioned Training’

A fixed Stipend at a rate of Rs 56100/- per month will be given to the cadets during their fourth year (Third of the year of Engineering) (ie one year).  He will become an officer on completion of the 4th year of training or third year of Engineering)

The fifth year or last year of the Engineering period will consider as post-commission and entitled to get salary and other allowance entitled to the Lieutenant of Indian Army.

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Technical Entry Scheme (TES Entry) gives PCM students the to apply in the army as Technical Officers.

One of the major advantages is avoiding any kind of written test and getting an opportunity to go for the SSB test.

The above article gives you an insight into why you should join the TES Entry, different procedures, TES 49 eligibility, and tips to help you get selected.

Don’t be disheartened because most of the time a candidate fails due to the inability of answering the asked questions.

You will get a chance again during the same year or the coming year in the same or different entry in the Army or Navy/Airforce.

So remember to Enjoy and spend these days making new friends & visiting the places.

The selected candidates will be called for training at OTA, Gaya, in the first week of July 2023 based on their overall merit.

Finally, taking firm and focused decisions in your mind will decide whether you can be selected.

All the best. Jai Hind.

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