How To Prepare For JAG Entry 2023 (A Complete Guide)


Know All about the Indian Army JAG Entry Scheme 2023 (32nd Course – April 2024)

How To Prepare For JAG Entry 2023 and Details of the Short Service Commission(NT)(Men and Women)

Know about the Selection Procedure, JAG Exam 2023 Application Form, and More

What is JAG in Indian Army?

One of the professions that ages like fine wine, is of a lawyer. The more experience one gain, the more valuable you are to the organization.

Retirement is just the beginning of a new dynamic career in this profession.

Indian Army JAG Exam 2021 Application Form
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Such is the case of officers of the Indian Army JAG(Judge Advocate General)Entry, who are most sought after their retirement or resignation.

The officers of the JAG Branch are responsible for dealing with legal matters related to uniform personnel serving and retired.

However, gaining a reputed & respected position in this profession as a Lawyer may take a longer time compared to any other job like that of a Doctor or Engineer due to a lack of opportunity and guidance from senior advocates.

Thus, the Indian Army’s JAG(Judge Advocate General) Entry Scheme handouts out a golden opportunity to those Men & Women who believe in achieving professional competency through hard work and determination.

Advantages Of Joining Indian Army as a Lawyer

Few short and long-term advantages to those interested to join the Indian Army as a Lawyer as enumerated below:-

Adequate professional exposure while interpreting the Military Law in conjunction with the Indian constitutional & legal system.

Professional advisors to the higher ranking military official regarding legal issues connected with defence force personnel’s rights & obligations.

No internal and external pressure to deviate from professional ethics

Army service is the most respected career in the world because of its commitment and dedication.

You are made into a capable human, who can shoulder immense responsibilities and respect as an officer in the Indian Army.

Last but not least, the Indian Army is one of the organizations that always treat and offer sufficient opportunities to grow professionally irrespective of which entry you are.

Think it over,

indian army officer

JAG Entry Eligibility Criteria

>> Who can Apply?

Unmarried Male and Unmarried Female LAW GRADUATES can apply for this entry

>> Age Limit

21 to 27 years as on 01 Jan 2024 (Born not earlier than 02 Jan 1997 and not later than 01 Jan 2003; both dates inclusive)

>> Education Qualification

  • Minimum 55% aggregate marks in LLB Degree (three years professional after graduation or five years after 10+2 examination).
  • CLAT PG Score of the preceding year is mandatory for all candidates (including LLM qualified and LLM appearing candidates) who apply for courses starting in a particular year
  • The candidates should be eligible for registration as an advocate with Bar Council of India/State.
  • Candidate should be from a College/University recognized by Bar Council of India

>> JAG Indian Army Physical Requirements

Height & Weight

MeasurementsFor MenFor Women
HeightMinimum 157.5 cm Minimum 157.5 cm
WeightCorrelated weight Minimum 42 kg
  • In the case of candidates belonging to the North East and hilly areas like Gorkhas, Nepalese, Assamese, and Garhwalis, the height is relaxed by 5 cms and weight commensurate with reduced height.
  • In the case of candidates from Lakshadweep, the minimum acceptable height is reduced by 2 cm

Visual Standards

For MenCriteria
Distance (Corrected) Better Eye 6/6 and Worse Eye 6/18
Myopia Should not be more than 3.51
Hypermetropia Not more than 3.5D including Astigmatism
For WomenCriteria
Distance (Corrected) Better Eye 6/6 and Worse Eye 6/18
Myopia Should not be more than 5.5 including Astigmatism
  • Internal examination of the eye will be done by means of an ophthalmoscope to rule out any disease of the eye.
  • A candidate must have good binocular vision.
  • The colour vision standard will be CP-111 (Defective safe) A candidate should be able to recognize red and green colours.
  • Candidates who have undergone or have evidence of having undergone Radial Keratotomy to improve the visual acuity will be permanently rejected.

Now that you are familiar with the eligibility, you have an opportunity to submit an online application for JAG Entry Scheme 32nd Course (April 2023 batch) as a Short Service Officer in the Indian Army.

JAG Entry 32nd Course Official Notification

Apply For JAG Exam 2023 Application Form

1. Visit website

2. Click on ‘Officer Entry Appln/Login’ and then click ‘Registration’ (Registrations not required, if already registered on

3. Fill out the online registration form after reading the instructions carefully.

4. After getting registered, click on ‘Apply Online’ under Dashboard.

5. A page ‘Officers Selection – ‘Eligibility’ will open.

6. Then click ‘Apply’ shown against Short Service Commission JAG Entry Course.

7. A page ‘Application Form’ will open. Read the instructions carefully and click ‘Continue’ to fill in details as required under various segments.

8. Personal information, Communication details, Education details, and details of previous SSB. ‘Save & Continue’ each time before you go to the next segment.

9. After filling in details on the last segment, you will move to a page ‘Summary of your information’ wherein you can check and edit the entries already made. Only after ascertaining the correctness of all your details, click on ‘Submit’.

10. Candidates must click on ‘Submit’ each time they open the application for editing any details.

11. The candidates are required to take out two copies of their application having Roll Number, 30 minutes after final closure of online application on last day

Starts: Online Application registration from 22nd June 2023

Last Date to Register: 21 July 2023 till 3 PM (1500hours)

Indian Army JAG Entry Vacancies

Following are the number of vacancies available for JAG entry for the given course:

For JAG 32nd Course ( April 2024)

For MenFor Women
05 Vacancy02 Vacancy

For JAG 30th Course ( April 2023)

For MenFor Women
05 Vacancy02 Vacancy

For JAG 29th Course ( October 2022)

For MenFor Women
06 Vacancy03 Vacancy

For JAG 28th Course ( April 2022)

For MenFor Women
05 Vacancy02 Vacancy

For JAG 27th Course ( October 2021)

For MenFor Women
06 Vacancy02 Vacancy

Career Prospects To Join Indian Army JAG as a Law Graduate

>> Terms and conditions

It is a short service commission for a minimum of ten years of compulsory service, excluding a training period of 49 weeks at OTA, Chennai

All Gentlemen/lady cadets who successfully complete Pre-commission training at Officers Training Academy, Chennai will be awarded a “Post Graduate Diploma in Defence Management and Strategic Studies” by the University of Madras.

The Short Service Officer on commission will liable to serve for ten years.

The interested individual can extend further for Four more years and switch over to the civil as a proficient and experienced lawyer.

Permanent commission till retirement same as an infantry officer can be opted based on individual and organizational requirements by passing requisite promotion examination during service.

>> (JAG)Judge Advocate General Salary in Indian Army

Rs 56,100/- per month as Stipend for the duration of the training at OTA, Chennai.

The Rank of Lieutenant has been bestowed after successful training with a starting pay of approximately 10 lacs per year.

The chances of promotion are faster than other arms in the Indian Army.

Therefore the chances to become a Brigadier with a salary of approximately 30 lacs per year is easily possible(it will change depending on pay commissions in the future).

Military Service Pay and other field allowance are entitled throughout the service like an Infantry Officer of the Indian Army.

Indian Army JAG Entry Scheme 2023 Training Period And Professional Career

indian army training

1. Selected candidates(both Men & Women) must undergo pre-commission training for 49 weeks at OTA Chennai.

2. This training will facilitate bringing gentleman/lady cadets into an efficient, capable, physically fit, and mentally strong Indian Army Officer along with an Infantry Officer.

3. Physical fitness, and basic military subjects, including extracurricular activities, are the main curriculum in the OTA, Chennai.

4. Orientation courses, including professional studies related to Military Law, will start from OTA and continue after commissioning.

5. It is a transferable job & highly demanding job, and therefore the officer will be posted from all important Military Headquarters starting from Srinagar to Chennai.

6. The officer will have more stability in the posting location because of the professional requirement, as compared with an Infantry officer.

Most of the posting is in India’s big cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, etc

7. All the facilities and entitlements, including the breeze of Army Cantonment and a secure lifestyle with your near one, are always available.

Best Books for JAG Exam

Despite the fact that JAG Entry is a direct SSB selection entry, its important to note that you need to build Officer Like Qualities from Day 1

In this journey, it’s important for you to build your personality by reading some good books, and below are some recommended books for JAG Exam:

1. Best Book on SSB Interview

best book for ssb preparation

This is written by (Retd.) Commander RS Rathore who gives a complete in-depth overview of the 5 Days SSB Interview Process. Read a full review here

2. Attitude Is Everything: Change Your Attitude … Change Your Life!

best personal development books

The writer of “Attitude Is Everything” had an inspiring experience that led him to share his useful thoughts as he went from being a lawyer to a motivational speaker, Read a quick review here.

3. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

best books of all time personal development

Although you have got changed or transformed your attitude & Winning spirit, there is a requirement of transforming and developing habits to sustain your positive energy throughout your attempt to become an officer. Read a quick review here


SSB requires Candidates to have a Good Personality. Build an Officer Like Personality from Day 1

best personal development books

This is a motivational book which is one of the best books of all time personal development. It is packed with brief and easy tips to change your wrong habits. Read a Short Review Here

For More, Check the Officers Recommended Personal Development Books

Quick Tips to Develop Physical Fitness Before Your SSB

  • The Army needs a physically fit and mentally strong officer to deal with daily organizational needs as well as to take care of its primary aim to safeguard Indian Sovereignty.

    Hence, you need to develop stamina before attending SSB with small daily routine activities.
  • Most of you are from urban and semi-urban backgrounds. Hence, you are generally familiar with sports and game activities in college.

    You can continue to with it as per choice wherever you may be and participate in daily sports and games(indoor or outdoor) in either morning or evening at least two days a week.
  • You can start working out in the gym or home gym(without equipment) at least twice a week to increase your stamina.
  • Endurance and strength are two sides of the coin. Hence it would help if you start an exercise or at least go running.
  • It would better to spend at least 45 – 60 minutes daily to improve your physical resistance by burning calories with some available bodyweight exercise.

Note: Tips to transform yourself into physically fit within a few weeks are available here


JAG Army Entry Documents required at SSB Centre

1. Copy of printout of the application generated duly self-attested.

2. All education qualification certificates & Marksheets in original(Matriculation & Secondary School Examination)

3. LLB Degree/Provisional Certificate

4. Marks sheet of all years/semesters.

5. Registration with Bar council of India/State or certificate from college/university that the Bar Council of India recognizes the LLB course in the said institution.

6. Aadhar Card & No Objection certificate from the present employer, if any.

7. 10 passport size photographs, photo identity proof, and address proof.

8. Tattoo Certificate(if any)

9. Your NCC “C” certificate, or any outstanding academic & sports or any other eventful certificate, should keep for first-day verification on reporting at Reception at SSB.

Note: You are advised to keep your original and photocopies separately in different files/folders to save your time in SSB’s initial registration procedure on reporting.

Also, You should enter the Centre with complete peace of mind with cent percent alertness to face SSB.

Covid 19 Advisory

Carry an adequate number of personal face masks, face shields, gloves, hand sanitizer, and water bottles.

Carry Light Bedding, No-Risk certificate, COVID -19 free/asymptomatic certificate.

All items/certificates as specified by the SSB center.

army dental jobs

How To Prepare For JAG Entry 2023

how to prepare for jag entry

As JAG Entry is a Direct SSB Entry, you will be required to face and pass the Army JAG Entry SSB Center Activities which are divided into 2 stages.

Successful completion of SSB will give you chance to make it to the final merit list and join the Indian Army as an Officer. Here are complete details on how to prepare for JAG Entry:

>> Stage -1 (Screening)

1. Officer Intelligence Rating(OIR) Test

  • This test will determine the candidate’s intelligence and competence level.
  • It is an objective type of question without negative marking.
  • It is verbal & Non-verbal of two sets of questions with multiple-choice & No Negativetive marking.
  • It is easy, simple, but some kind of practice is needed because of the time limit.
  • Listen carefully to the briefing of the officer-in-charge before starting writing

2. Picture Perception & Description Test(PP&DT).

It is the second test as part of the screening test in the SSB. Candidates will show a picture for the observation to recognize the character.

  • Observe the body movements, feeling like happy, sad, or anxious.
  • The candidate will write about the background of the situation as an introduction and present the situation in which the role of character/characters.
  • In conclusion, the candidates will write what will be the impact on the environment after the active participation of each character.
  • Most of the pictures are related to our daily routine actions or incidents. Hence, you will lead the main character role and write the way you are really participating in.
  • Write in a simple language and clear your thought process.

3. Narration & Group Discussion

  • Speak loudly, whatever you have written in the story with an audible passion & confidence.
  • Participate and discuss with group members regarding your story or other group members’ stories in an accommodative and acceptable way.
  • The observation & listening skills are the keys to success for this discussion.
  • You will be under the observant eye of a panel of SSB team(Psychologist, Group Testing Officer(GTO), Interviewing Officer(IO).
  • Be calm, clear, and attentive to involve discussion.

    You will not try to the superhero & get unwanted attention.

    However, be a constructive involvement/participating in group discussion & talk your point of view in a gentle, respectful & educative approach.

Few Points for Those Who Screen Out

  • Your return plan to the home town is ready through reservation or local visit program in hand.
  • Take stock of your performance during QIR and subsequent SSB tests & note them down for future reference.

    It is vital for the next SSB for your self-evaluation in case you intend to attend 2nd time.
  • Self Evaluation is an essential requirement to get success next time. Most of the potential candidates will generally take less importance on this fact.

    Hence, most of them are facing the same fate as early as they received it.
  • Not be disheartened, and in fact, you should be happy to get another opportunity to face SSB better prepared than today.
army camp fire

>> Stage -2 (SSB Activities)

The next four days will be hectic to undergo, riddled with several tests under Psychologist, GTO, and interview officer independently.

1. Psychological Test

Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), Word Association Test(WAT), Situation Reaction Test (SRT) & Self Description Test (SDT).


The Psychological Test requires a good amount of preparation to crack various SSB test

best book for ssb interview

Breaking the Code will help you prepare for all your Psychological tests with preparation for the Following personality tests conducted during your SSB: TAT, WAT, SRT, SD. Read a Short Review Here

For More, Check the Best SSB Book You Need to Crack SSB in First Attempt

2. GTO

Group Discussion (GD), Group Planning Exercise(GPE), Progressive Group Task (PGT), Half Group Test (HGT), Individual Obstacle Test (OT), Command Task (CT), Group Obstacle Race(GOR), Lecturette, Final Group Task (FGT)

3. Personal Interview

( Based on your submitted Personal details at the time of reporting at SSB- be truthful and frank- the way you are …face and enjoy the interview) by Interviewing Officer (IO)- 15 – 45 mins interaction.

The essential points to face these days are as follows:

  • What’s all in your possession? (Family background, awareness of National & International)
  • The factors in your bucket(Skills, Passion, Likes, hobbies, etc.)
  • Value of Communication & Educational Background.
  • Your educational achievements.
  • Adequate life experience(Good & Bad life experience).
  • An aim in life & future outlook
  • Your strengths & Weakness
  • Your reliable will power(Physical, Mental & Medical fitness)
  • Individual decision capacity and commitment

Looking To Clear SSB In First Attempt?

Get The Best Guidance for your SSB under retired SSB officers who have been part of the Service Selection Board during their tenure. Click Here To Know More Details

indian combat ssb coaching

How to be tested?

  • Your independent point of view of each aspect/question is put across you.
  • Your performance of academics.
  • Your point of view from local, national & international affairs affecting you.
  • Your plan in defence service includes your Plan “B” preparation for the future career related to the present job profile.
  • Your confidence, attitude, commitment, character, personality & Officer Like Qualities.

Outcome Of SSB

  • The selection team will expect you to contribute beyond your professional qualification in defence.
  • You will be much more motivated and gain a new perspective once you are through the interview.
  • You will be capable enough to face out-of-box challenges and make quick decisions in the future.
  • You will get a chance to interact with students/professionals who come from different ideologies, streams, and walks of life.
  • Finally, One should be satisfied despite the interview’s outcome, and it should not dishearten you from applying for any positions in Civil Stream in the future.
  • Please Understand, SSB never works with the vacancy of a particular course or year because the Army needs a team leader with commitment.

Medical test For JAG Entry Candidates

army dental corps india

The candidate who is sincerely and earnestly looking to join the defence forces must go for an extensive medical checkup before appearing at SSB.

This is to avoid disappointment or surprise when medical tests would be conducted by the board of officers of a medical board.

This self-confirmation will increase self-confidence and peace of mind.


In order to avoid permanent rejection from SSB, I suggest you read about the SSB Medical Test

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q) What is the salary of JAG in Indian Army?

A) The salary of Jag in Indian Army would be Rs 56,100/- per month as a stipend for the duration of the training at OTA, Chennai. After which the salary can vary between 61,300 – 1,93,900 according to your rank and incentives

Q) Is there any written exam for Jag?

A) No, there is no written exam for JAG entry. Candidates can apply for entry online. Upon shortlisted, you will be called for SSB directly which will assess you before you get selected to join OTA for training

Q) Can I join Army after LLB?

A) Candidates who have completed their LLB can apply for the JAG Entry in the Indian Army. It’s open to Men and Women and does not have any written exams. If shortlisted, you will face SSB directly.


Joining the Indian Army as a Law graduate and serving as a Judge Advocate General Branch will give you immense professional satisfaction and financial safety.

This opportunity will definitely enhance my professional knowledge to handle big constitutional responsibilities even after retirement.

The above article covers all the details on how to prepare for JAG Entry, the steps to apply online for JAG Entry Scheme, the benefits, procedures, and more.

Hence, you should endeavor to encash this opportunity by applying for the JAG Entry Scheme 32nd course(April 2023) Short Service Commission(NT) Course

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